Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cover of the Week - Hoax Hunters, Amazing Spider-Man & Heart

Welcome one and all to our Covers of the Week!  There's some thrilling covers behind the cut, including an astronaut in search of truth, an arachnid man, and the largest muscle in the human body!  So hit the jump already and give this stuff your undivided attention!

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Hoax Hunters #1 by Steve Seeley

Ryan: This is just flat out intriguing. Such a concept and so simply delivered. I can't really ask for anything more than that. It's cool line work mixed with a great logo. There is win all over this thing.

Ken's Cover of the Week - Amazing Spider-Man #682 by Stefano Caselli

Ken: Usually books seem to have too much copy on the cover, or too big of a header at the top promoting a new movie or crossover, but this is where big copy works really well to balance out the cover. Spidey is still the focal point of the cover, right below the title, and as your eyes go down the cover you finally have the name of this year's big Spidey event. It's a simply executed cover yet it works as the beginning of the story arc, a nice job. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - Heart #4 by Kevin Mellon

Grant: I really like this cover.  I think Kevin Mellon perfectly encapsulates what happens in this concluding chapter of his and Blair Butler's Heart miniseries, showing a bloodied Oren Redmond down and out.  It shows the brutality of the story and of the mixed martial arts that it revolves around, but it also reflects the positive ending of the book in a funny way.  By depicting a beaten Oren on the front cover - the first thing a reader will see - the creators manage to neatly demonstrate that losing isn't always the end.  Sometimes it can be the beginning of something beautiful.

Runner-Ups:  Legion of Super-Heroes #7, Wonder Woman #7, Rebel Blood #1

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