Monday, March 5, 2012

Moment of the Day - '90s Costume Week: Captain America

Captain America #438, by Mark Gruenwald and Dave Hoover

This week I thought it'd be interesting to see some of the temporary costumes from our heroes during the '90s. To start it up, we have Captain America donning armor as the super soldier formula in his body was slowly paralyzing him and would stop his heart. Not only did Cap now have the ability to fly, he had a remote controlled shield plus a different version of repulsor blasts. This only lasted about 6 issues as Mark Gruenwald wrapped up one of the longest comic runs ever.

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Dr. OTR said...

He looks just like The Tick! (With red gloves and a shield.)

pendrake said...

Ah "Iron Cap"... What horrible memories from The Iron Age of Comics ;) . However, one minor angle I *did* enjoy for that short-lived story-arc was how Cap took on not just one, but *two* "apprentices" to train as potential successors (Free Spirit & Jack Flagg).

I thought Free Spirit had a lot of potential as a character, she definitely had the "padawan" feel to her as well as the youthful thirst to prove herself, but she was sadly lost in this horrible story-arc and wasted with a terrible, terrible costume.

Mike-El said...

This is an awesome idea for Moments of the Week.

matthew. said...

I thought the Gru was excellent at writing Cap's personality, but his plotting left a lot to be desired. Losing him was a tragedy

jacksyattering said...

Mark Greunwald is probably the first name to come to mind when I think of my childhood comics. His CAPTAIN AMERICA ( especially the Captain / John Walker stuff), QUASAR, and, one of my all time favorites, DP7, still hold up.

captain america costumes said...

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