Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moment of the Day - '90s Costume Week: Superman

Superman #123, by Dan Jurgens and Ron Frenz

Probably the most controversial costume change ever, and one that certainly got media attention, Clark was developing weird electrical powers after visiting Kandor that were making him phase in and out of this world. But thanks to a snazzy new blue suit, he was able to control his powers and, as you can see above, switch instantly from Superman to Clark Kent. Later on thanks to Cyborg Superman, Supes would be split into Superman Red and Superman Blue, who both thought they were the real deal. After a year and much derision, everything went back to normal, and the classic suit reappeared. A largely forgotten era in Superman, it probably gets more recognition because the costume change was shown early on in Morrison's JLA run.

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Enigma_2099 said...

Love it or hate it, I thought it was a cool look.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

I have to agree. You may not have been the biggest fan of this being for Superman but I will always like that costume. It's much better than most of the 90's garbage we got.

Anonymous said...

Peter David described it best with just three little words: "Needs ice skates."

Ivan said...

I remember loving this costume and powers as a kid. I also remember this period having some increasingly terrible stories towards the end.

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