Friday, March 9, 2012

Moment of the Day - '90s Costume Week: War Machine

War Machine #20, by Dan Abnett and Fred Haynes

We end the week with a lesser known costume change, as Rhodey dons an alien symbiote-like (though not as evil) costume called war-wear. This came after Rhodey lost his classic War Machine armor traveling through time fighting nazis. This only lasted about 5 issues before the series was cancelled, and then Onslaught and Heroes Reborn/Return quietly hit the reset on Rhodey getting back his original armor. In many ways this costume was similar to what Tony has now, where it's a part of the wearer and appears out of nowhere and had new weapons.

So that's it for the first iteration of '90s costume week, I'll be looking at doing the '80s and the '00s down the road, or maybe come back with more '90s costumes.

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Anonymous said...

I sorta liked this outfit when it first appeared, but mostly because the 90's War Machine series was really such a waste from the moment not long after Len Kaminski introduced it into the Iron Man mythos. The idea of a "Predator"-style armor was interesting eye-candy, but shoehorning it into the schizophrenia that was 1990's Marvel continuity was an exercise in agony. (I call it schizo, because they pretended Tony Stark was dead, but couldn't even be bothered to keep up the pretense. After a handful of months, Tony was back, which gave Rhodey an excuse to be pissed at Tony and spin-off into a wholly unnecessary series.)

The new armor went away in that post-Onslaught one-shot, as it was downloaded into the computers of Stane-Fujikawa's systems, so as to keep Stark's designs from being retained by a company that had the likes of Wilson Fiske on the board of directors.

Jeff said...

Nobody stays dead that should in the Marvel Universe. Love to hear people talk about how bad that era was though

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