Friday, March 30, 2012

Moment of the Day - Come Home to Me

Amazing Spider-Man #50, by J Michael Straczynski & John Romita Jr.

One of the best Peter/MJ moment in Spider-Man history, bringing the two back together after a few years apart our time. That entire JMS & JR Jr. Amazing Spider-Man run is one of my personal favorites for any comic creative team ever.

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BDS said...

It was a great time for Spidey and MJ. This is what I liked and when the Devil Mephisto was used to wipe out the relationship and the marriage was when I left Marvel after being a loyal customer of their product for decades.

Anonymous said...

JMS gets a lot of flack for his Spidey run but the first two thirds of it was Spider-Man at his best. Editorial interference ruined the last few storylines. And JR JR draws Spidey like no other. Plus, unlike a lot of writers, JMS actually wrote some funny funny banter. Most writers makes Spidey come off as annoying rather than funny but JMS always had wrote him as very witty.

Klep said...

Yeah, I know JMS gets a lot of flack (rightfully so) for the Sins of the Past story arc, but so much of that run was just these incredible stories about how much these two love each other and why they need each other. One of my favorite story arcs in all of comics actually is The Other because of how Peter's impending demise brings out the best in the two of them. This is the kind of stuff that hasn't been seen since OMD/BND and is really what Spider-Man is all about for me.

mugiwara said...

Ugh... JMS'debut was brillant, but he made me drop ASM as soon as he reintroduced MJ in the comics. This couple was terrible.

Anonymous said...

The JMS/Romita Jr. run was mostly solid from what I've read...and then JMS moved to DC and went crazy.

David Charles Bitterbaum said...

JMS was always crazy, its just that sometimes he was able to use it to make something amazing like the early Supreme Power comics. Some of his Marvel stuff before he went to DC was iffy as it was, but at least The Twelve seems to be wrapping up nicely. I can't stand JMS's new stuff tho.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask the Marvel editor is Spider-man was still magic. This is just depressing. The fact that they wasted Spider-man's unmasking for story as well as profit potential and now Civil War doesn't make sense is bad enough, but this reminds me of how awful that separation was. Yes, it was the worst comic ever. If they wanted Spider-man single they should of done that in a coherent way that was simple and didn't offend people.

The character, the book is just in shambles no matter how much they try to put a shiny win on it. Look at DC's Batman. He's #2. He's also in the #1 book. They took away Spider-man, tore him to shreds with magic resurrections and forced ideas that had little thought put into him. They changed him into a guy with not much personality and put him half the books in the Marvel Universe cracking a stupid joke. Who like that guy who cracks jokes in the office every five minutes? Nobody. Not even himself.

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