Friday, March 23, 2012

Moment of the Day - Three

Drax the Destroyer #4, by Keith Giffen and Mitch Breitweiser

Forget the idea of the Phoenix or Jean or Captain Marvel coming back this summer in Avengers vs. X-Men, Drax would be the bigger draw, right?

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Anonymous said...

...What's Drax the Destroyer?

maybetoby said...

A classic Marvel cosmic character who was obsessed with destroying Thanos. He made a comeback in this mini, then went on to appear in the Annihilation crossover event, it's sequel Conquest, and then joined the Guardians of the Galaxy until he died during the Thanos Imperative. He was a pretty badass character

Steve said...

This miniseries was great. Drax's reinvention was kind of strange (I'm pretty sure he ate the engine from the crashed starship and gained increased intelligence and a completely different body type and power set), but it was a cool story with great art. It was a shame that the girl he "befriended" (I want to call her Cammi?) vanished after Annihilation.

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