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Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 03/07/12

March is finally here, and with it comes the latest edition of the Post-Crisis Previews.  Like our new month, it looks like comics are coming in like a lion, with a heaping of good books on the docket.  There's lots to love here, including Animal Man #7Batwing #7, and Jonathan Hickman's new Manhattan Projects #1, so you should hit the jump and give it all a gander!

Written by Dan Slott & Chris Yost
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

• Spider-Man And The Human Torch Are Trapped On A Space Station Full Of Octo-Zombies Plummeting Toward The Earth! 
• This Best Buds Super Team-Up Is Running Out Of Air And Running Out Of Time!
• The Final Stage Of Doc Ock’s Master Plan Begins Here! 

Grant: Okay, I wasn't exactly sold on last week's issue.  Like the last two-parter before it, the execution didn't quite keep up with the high concept of "Spider-Man doing X" (in this case, being in space).  I love Spider-Man as much as the next guy, and I'm a pretty big fan of space, but Dan Slott's combination of the two left something to be desired in the first go around.  I'm clearly going to give the conclusion a shot, but I'm starting to ask myself if it's time for me to take a break from Amazing Spider-Man.  We shall see.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman & Steve Pugh

“Animal vs. Man” part 1! As the forces of the Rot continue to pursue The Bakers across the backwoods of America, Cliff and Buddy decide to get in some quality father-and-son time. Plus, Buddy has a terrifying vision of things to come! 

Grant: Animal Man, on the other hand, is something that I cannot wait to get my hands on.  Truth be told, I was starting to question how much I wanted to follow this series, but last issues pseudo-movie one-shot was amazingly good.  Jeff Lemire brought me back on board with ease with that issue, and now I cannot wait to see how the next arc plays out.  I'll also enjoy my Travel Foreman fix while it lasts.  I'll be sad to see him go after issue #9, but I totally understand his reasons.

Written by Judd Winick
Art by Dustin Nguyen & Derek Fridolfs

Batwing comes to Gotham City! Batwing and Batman race back to the city hoping to stop the killer Massacre from assassinating the last two members of Africa’s lost super-team, The Kingdom! Meanwhile, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin are already on the ground leading the search. Plus: The dark past of the Kingdom is revealed! 

Grant: Despite what the solicitations elsewhere may tell you, DC's The Source had the best news I could possibly imagine: Dustin Nguyen is filling in for two issues of Batwing, starting with this one here!  Technically, Derek Fridolfs is also filling in, but it's Nguyen's inclusion that is getting me excited.  I bought every issue of Batman: Streets of Gotham, continuing long after it stopped being good, solely because of how much I like Nguyen's art.  To be honest, he might be my favourite Bat-artist going right now, and anything that gets me more of his work is a welcome sight to me.  Oh, and it also helps that Judd Winick has been knocking this book out of the park.  Should be good.

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Pitarra & Cris Peter

What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs? What if the union of a generation's brightest minds was not a signal for optimism, but foreboding? What if everything… went wrong?
Welcome to THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the creators of THE RED WING. 
Brought to you by award-winning writer JONATHAN HICKMAN and possibly the best new talent of the year, NICK PITARRA, THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS is a look at history through a darker, much stranger, lens.

Grant: I'm not always sure how I feel about Jonathan Hickman and his various comic book creations, but I'm often willing to, at the very least, give them a shot.  My repeated purchases of FF should be a testament to this, and while I can't guarantee I'll be quite as patient with The Manhattan Projects, the story concept is more than enough to get me interested.  What's better than the creation of the atomic bomb?  If it's just the front for making even crazier stuff.  Works for me.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Jeff Lemire

When Jepperd wakes to find himself chained in a mysterious cabin in the woods and unable to get to the dam, it’s up to Gus to save the day. But he’ll have to get away from the increasingly fanatical Singh first. “Unnatural Habitats” nears its bloody conclusion! 

Grant: Last issue was absolutely insane.  Sweet Tooth is yet another amazing Vertigo series happening right now, and Jeff Lemire somehow seems to always find  a way to raise his game on this title.  I enjoy his writing in pretty much every form I find it, but I gotta say - as I have before - that his writing is so much better when coupled with his brilliant art.  No one else draws the way Lemire does, and there's something about his art that perfectly compliments his words.  Can't wait.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Butch Guice

• Winter Soldier Versus Doctor Doom. ‘Nuff Said!
• Brought To You By Eisner Award Winner Ed Brubaker And Superstar Artist Butch Guice! 

Grant: Oh, Marvel solicitations.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person reading these things.  I mean, it seems pretty clear that whoever's writing them isn't.  "Winter Soldier Versus Doctor Doom.  'Nuff Said!"?  First, why the hell do they insist on writing every wrod with a capital letter (this goes for you too up there, Amazing Spider-Man)?  Second, is that really "'nuff said"?  I mean, I can respect that you guys feel that this title is pretty swell, because it's been awesome thus far, but that single line doesn't sell me on why I should be picking this up.  I know that people are exponentially less likely to give a title a chance after the first issue, but maybe part of it is because you pull junk like this?  Anyways, my frustration with Marvel solicits aside, Winter Soldier is great.  You should be buying this, despite their lackluster attempts at convincing you.

Alright.  My (increasingly) routine bashing of Marvel's terrible solicitations aside, this looks like it'll be a dandy week.  Are you guys looking forward to any books in particular?  Will you be taking the plunge with Hickman's newest creation?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Ken Boehm said...

Manhattan Projects is something I've been waiting for because it just seems like a neat, novel idea. I hope it can hold onto it's charm after a few issues, unlike Morning Glories.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Animal Man, Fatale, Swamp Thing, Venom and Winter Soldier. Trying out Manhattan Projects (Nick Pitarra is signing and sketching at my LCS this weeknd in Houston) and Hell Yea. 3 image books, 2 Marvel and 2 DC not bad for this week. That's why I love the first of every month

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