Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Weekly Crisis vs. Solicits for May 2012

The solicits have all trickled out now, which means it's time for us here at the Weekly Crisis to offer our solicitation picks for May. Hit the jump to see what the crew recommends, what's grinding our gears, or is just something neat to be on the look out for that doesn't get a lot of notice.

Grant's Thoughts

The Best Thing in May

Batwoman Doing Her Own Thing

While all the Bat-titles are getting caught up in the "Court of Owls" crossover storyline, I'm glad to see that at least one of them can maintain their independence.  It's especially gratifying to see that the lone title is perhaps the best one happening right now, Batwoman.  When you think about it, it's kind of ridiculous that a book starring such an incredibly derivative character is this good, but if that's the case, it's better to not think about it and just roll with it.  And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

The Worst Things in May

Owlin' for You (Batman)

I'm not a big fan of crossover storylines.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty close to despising them.  The act of connecting the one or two titles I actually follow to the plethora that I've already decided aren't worth my comic buying dollars is really frustrating to me and feels like an attack on my intelligence.  If you want me to buy your comic books, make them good, don't make them gimmicky.  Another big strike against this is that I'm still not sold on the whole "inserting an evil and arcane secret society that's existed forever but somehow Batman's never found out about them until now".  Even granted that we're in the new 52, it really feels like it's throwing Batman under the bus to put over how great these new bad guys are, which doesn't sit right with me.

The Dubious Double-Ship

Marvel is double shipping all of their books and this type of business plan infuriates me.  I like it with Amazing Spider-Man because of the type of book it is.  I do not want this to happen with every single book I follow.  Unlike what the people at Marvel seem to think, I am not made of money, and I cannot follow a gazillion series that ship twice a month.  With all the wacky stuff they pull, I'm sometimes at a loss for why their books sell so much better than DC's.

Are Zombies Still Cool?

Marvel Zombies was fun and all, but do we really need another one of these guys?  What is this, the zillionth Marvel Zombies series?  Haven't they killed everyone off yet?  Aren't people tired of this concept?  Do I have anything to offer but cynicism and questions?  WHO KNOWS?!

The Coolest Things in May

Avenging Spider-Man?!

I'm not following this book at all, but the promise of Kathryn and Stuart Immonen teaming up for a big ol' smashfest with Spider-Man and She-Hulk is more than enough to lure me in.  I love one-shots as much as the next guy (okay, probably more), and this one sounds like music to my ears.  Even the solicitation sounds great - "All the thwipping and quipping and none of the calories!".  I know I'm usually pretty down on Marvel's (often terrible) solicits, but that's awesome.

Batman Incorporated is Back!

I'm terribly excited to have Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's Batman Inc. back in my monthly rotation.  I will admit to being a little apprehensive about it being set in the DCnU (can't you just give them their own universe to play in?), but if anyone can make this work, Morrison can.  His Batman epic is too great to be thrown off by something as insignificant as rebooting an entire universe, right?  (it does make you wonder where characters like Stephanie are going to fit in though...)

Comic Book History of Comics

Okay, I did not read the original run of Fred van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey's Comic Book Comics, but this sounds pretty amazing.  What more could a guy want than a comic book retelling of the history of comic books?  It's a concept that is both so simple and complex that thinking about it too hard is making my head hurt, but I'm excited as hell nonetheless.

Ryan's Thoughts

The Best Things In May

David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again: Artist's Edition

Hot damn, this thing will be worth every penny. I'm a Daredevil completist, I hate to admit at times, but this one is just a no brainer. This one will be mine. I own all the original issues of Born Again and so displaying them next to this mammoth compilation of all the original art should be fun. I've seen the other Artist's Editions come and go and knew I could not afford them. Now, it's my turn. I really cannot wait - this is some of the best news of the year.

Chris Samnee Draws Daredevil

I surely don't even need to explain this one, right? I'm looking forward to Daredevil continuing to be one of the prettiest titles on the stands.

New Image Titles To Crush

Man, Image just won't give it up. Here they lay out a new slew of titles we all want to read. Jum McCann's Mind the Gap looks and sounds pretty damn cool. Dancer from Nathan Edmondson and Nic Klein is also going to be a must buy, and then there's Grim Leaper (which we all know I'm going to be invested in ) and I really think (hell, I've read the first issue, I know) this is Wiebe's next big thing. I loved Green Wake and this is going to be the book that stands behind it in quality.

The Coolest Things In May

Swierczynski To Write Godzilla

Another goddamn Godzilla comic. Man, who needs....---...wait, Duane Swierczynski is writing it. SOLD. Man, this is a crazy idea and it just might work. I'm on, so hard.

The Cape TPB

No, not the show. This is the mini I kept telling you all about all this past year. Based on a story by Joe Hill, written by Jason Ciaramella, drawn by Zack Howard, this book is phenomenal. If you missed the issues then you MUST get this trade. It's hyper-golddust.


The very original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books are being rerelased and now in colour. This would be in the Best section were it not for the $3.99 price tag. I could have gone for something cheaper, more attainable for the entry level kids in the room.

Justin Jordan on Hack/Slash

This just looks like fun. A damn good writer on a very quirky title for a guest one-shot. Yeah, comics needs more of this.

Dial H #1

I think I might just pick this one up...what do you think?

Ken's Thoughts

The Best Things in May

Batman Inc. Returns

Or would it be better to brand the book Batman Inc. Rises? Part of me wonders how the book will work in the DCnU, if it works well or if a square peg gets mashed into a round hole, but Chris Burnham returns to deliver the art, so we've got a lot of good things going with the book, to the point that we might have a legitimate contender to Snyder and Capullo's dominance of the Bat-family for the past 9 months.

The Worst Things in May


Howard Mackie has had a very rough career in terms of quality stories, much of it deserved. So it really was a shock to realize he has returned to write a Teen Titans spinoff. Well, the Harras connection is the obvious point, but being dragged down in this story is Ian Churchill, an artist who I like and has to carry on the extreme 90's feel the cover implies. Even worse, Churchill's lovely new style that we saw in Marineman seems to be gone.

Double the Double-Ship Discussion

A topic so important I'll double ship my disappointment along with Grant. Double shipping works when spread out over the year on a title. Avengers double ships one month, New Avengers the next, Secret Avengers the next, etc. That's a nice gradual way to increase books and not be a burden to the customer. I can't shake the feeling that because of all these double ships, the books will simply be one half of a normal story, and be filler just to get another four dollars out of us during AvX. At the very least, if Marvel was insisting on double shipping so much, they could have lowered the price for the books down to three bucks, and buy a bit of goodwill.

The Coolest Things in May

Superman Family Adventures

The Tiny Titans creative team working on an all ages book that stars the Superman family of characters, including the super pets? That is exactly what I want to read, and can only hope it has a feeling of being an 80's family sitcom along the way.

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Devin said...

Wow surprised no one here is pumped for the court of owls. I truly don't believe you have to buy all of the titles. it's just a small cross-over.

Anonymous said...

No, the "Court of Owls" tie ins are all supposed to be self contained, more or less. Still, I don't get why Detective Comics is tying into it, we don't need TWO issues focusing on Batman.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to collect every title of Night of the Owls; the guy writing Batman and DC said dozens of times it's all self-contained and that he was writing it for Batman, saw that others could tie it, and told them they could be part of it if they WANTED to be. At first most turned him down (Detective, Dark Knight). Then a few of them that did came up with ideas and then decided to do something with it. Dark Knight doing a Tim Drake story during it, Batman and Robin focusing on Robin.

The guy literally just had a neat idea and asked others if they wanted to be part of it. Batwoman's writer didn't, for example.

Jon said...

I for one LOVE the court of owls. I disagree that they are throwing Batman under the bus, I see it as making the court SO good that even Batman couldn't find them, so that makes them pretty cool in my book.

maybetoby said...

Batman Inc., woooooooooo!!!

The Dangster said...

I feel like they're putting batman over with how powerful and ancient the court is.

Does anyone know if Batman Inc will be 12 more issues or a real on-going?

Gosh, just when I peg Ian Churchill's style.... well, I just hope he does what he's most comfortable with.

maybetoby said...

I think Inc. is 12 issues, after that who knows what Grant has in store. I've loved Morrison's Batman work, so I hope he stays with the character.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Court of Owls crossover is so bogus!

So how many books tie into Avengers VS XMen?

CombatSpoon86 said...

Not following AvX thank goodness. The main book (twice a month), the Vs book, Avengers tie in, New Avengers tie in, Secret Avengers tie in, Avengers Academy tie in, Uncanny X-men tie, Wolverine and the X-men tie in, X-men Legacy tie in and Marvel double shipping half or most of their popular books twice every other month. No thank you, I'm not made of money.

Court of Owls is nothing to fear. You only have to read the main Batman book. All the other books are tie ins if you are curious what happens to all your other favorite bat characters during Court of Owls.
Its following the R.I.P format where you just have to follow the main Batman book and all the rest are tie ins that are not necessary. Don't force yourself to buy everything just because it has the Court of Owls banner and it ties in. It's not that essential to following this Bat-event.

Finally Morrison can finish his last 12 issues. Been invested for 6 yrs not to know how it's gonna end.

Chris Samnee on DD. Another one of my favorites. Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, and now Chris Samnee on DD. Thank you!!!

Grant McLaughlin said...

I appreciate where you are all coming from, and while my weekly pull list might lead you to think otherwise, I do understand that I don't have to buy every issue a company puts out just because it's a tie-in. My beef with comic book crossovers is the implication on the company's part that the consumer will be willing to pick up the tie-in issues simply because they relate to the main title that people are already buying. I think that's insulting to readers' intelligence, and the practice doesn't sit well with me. As I said above, if you want me to buy your comic, make a good comic. It's as simple as that.

Don't get me wrong; I'm still going to be buying Batman. But as you've seen here and in my reviews, I've yet to be completely won over by the Court of Owls storyline.

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