Friday, April 6, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/04/12

It's a Good Friday indeed for this edition of Moments of the Week, so get ready to enjoy the conclusion to Morrison's Superman origin story in Action Comics, the kids get rowdy in Wolverine & the X-Men, Avengers vs. X-Men starts off proper, along with the digital only experiment of AvX Infinite. Much more after the jump, from timestream meets to punching politicians, so hop to it!  

Action Comics #8

Miniature rocket power saves the day, and it looks like Clark even gets Brainiac's ship to use as his new Fortress of Solitude.

Interesting reveal with the Icarus identity from the first issue, Luthor would kill himself if he knew he was helping out the alien.

A smiling Clark, I think that brings the total Superman smile count to about 10 for the entire DCnU.

Age of Apocalypse #2

 It looks like in the AoA world, Gyrich takes John Walker's spot as the bad ass wheelchair guy.

The resurrection reveal ties back to the Celestials. Our universe should be looking for these seeds instead of fighting over the Phoenix.

Amazing Spider-Man #683

Puny Parker Punches Previous Politician!

.....oh. Oh. Pretty sneaky, Chameleon.

That's actually makes a lot of sense, and goes so seamless with Rhino's costume.

Animal Man #8

So Maxine was killed by the Rot's animals, but was able to jump bodies and be all better. That is just creepy, even more so with Maxine acting like it's no big deal.

That's the moment of the week right there, I have to think it was done to sync up with Easter, too.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1

And so Cyclops fires first, on top of being really out of character the whole issue. Despite what Marvel has said, Scott really comes across as the bad guy this issue, and even bullies Hope in a way he hasn't done to anyone else for the past twenty years or so. 

Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite #1

Marvel's new digital comic takes shape, and this is what you get, panel layouts that show the dialogue click by click. I've posted the completed panels here just to get the story across, which adds new information about how heroes like Nova can fly super fast through the galaxy. It isn't mentioned in this story, but it does look like this new Nova is Sam Alexander, from the new Spider cartoon.

Red is always universal for stop, and then everything syncs up with Avengers vs. X-Men #1.

Daredevil #10.1

You know Daredevil's skills, why would you pick a fight with him in close range?

When the guy you're trying to kill is so frustrated with how you're progressing, it really is a sign you're being bad villains.

Swamp Thing #8

This book has as many splash pages as Batwoman usually does each month, many of them showing Swamp Thing being a literal eco-warrior, all with the detail you see above.

Thunderbolts #172

Time travel always has a way of screwing you over, a funny moment that I'm surprised hasn't happened in other time travel stories.

That's a good matchup to watch during this story, the two heavies with anger problems.

Ultimate Spider-Man #9
Prowler uses the better Tinkerer tech to stop Scorpion's unplanned visit to New York, but even the Vulture/Archangel blades don't seem to really phase the guy.

"Bore the roommate away from the truth" can only work for so long. The interesting thing about this moment? That's not Pichelli's art, it's David Marquez, who does a really good job matching and making the book go effortlessly from artist to artist.

Venom #15
Symbiote transfer via earpiece? Add to it Flash's growing dependency on the suit, I don't know about that.

That actually wouldn't be a bad pairing, since it looks like things with Betty are over.

Eddie Brock starts his symbiote killing with Scream, who I don't think I've seen since the mid-90's.

Wolverine & the X-Men #8
Whatever Wolverine was hit with last issue broke even his adamantium bones, and he's too proud to ask Magneto to help out. So Warren tried to help in his new weird way. Since that fails, the kids all go back to the casino to get that device.

Kid Gladiator and Genesis, kind of the opposite sides of the Superman spectrum. One shows the idea of all that power kind of corrupting his actions and attitude, the other is such a good guy he doesn't like people making fun of his home state.

Looks like the kids are good enough to fight sometimes, you know? Wolverine and Cyclops should apologize.

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mugiwara said...

Avengers vs X-Men Infinite:
Ha! So this guy was created for the cartoon!
I love how Marvel keeps creating new teen characters (new White Tiger, Reptil...) or deaging adult characters (Cage & IF, Iron Man) for their cartoons instead of using the dozens of teen characters they already have. Shows how little faith they have in them.

Thunderbolts: nice Boomerang moment

USM: Wow, I would have sworn it was Pichelli! Impressive! Kudos to inker and colorist, too.

So, even in a few pages showing the JGI kids fighting aliens, Aaron won't let one single character from New X-Men appear.
Oh wait, is that Santo's fist I see here? >>
I guess I should be glad that Hellion or Mercury weren't hiding behind Idie, crying and screaming.

David said...

good point mugiwara.

maybetoby said...

where's Sabretooth's return, isn't that a big moment?

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