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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/11/12

Welcome to a big version of Moments of the Week that hopefully won't frighten you on this Friday the 13th! This week sees the debut of America's Got Powers, Batman & Robin ends its first arc, Avenging Spider-Man starts off the Omega Effect crossover, and Uncanny X-Men ties up what it can before Avengers vs. X-Men starts up. All that and much more, like failed weddings and bros hanging out after the jump.

America's Got Powers #1
Right in the first issue, things don't go so well for this new season of America's Got Powers. In a world where all kids born on a certain day got powers due to an alien device going off in San Francisco, the kids participate in a reality show to be part of an official super team. This season, however, the people in charge decide they might as well just kill off the kids before they get older and riot like they did in the past, so the robots are extra anxious, to the point where they endanger innocent people in the stadium.

That's Tommy, and like the little box says, he has no powers despite being born on the same day as all the other kids participating. His brother also died the previous season fighting Quarterback, who just got knocked out. Quarterback's a jerk though.

And there's the hook of the story, the 0% power guy saves everyone somehow, and looks to be the favorite to join the official team.

Avenging Spider-Man #6

Manners, Frank. You act nice, then you blow a hole in a man's ceiling and try and take his hard drive containing all the data from multiple crime organizations? Very rude.

That's just in bad taste, Spidey. At the end of this crossover I wonder if Frank or Rachel will shoot Peter in the foot for that. Tune in next week for Punisher #10.

Avengers Assemble #2
There should be some unwritten rule among heroes, especially Avengers, to be nice to Jarvis and not scare him like that.

Ultimate Nullifier as a terrorist weapon, that's actually an interesting way to connect the cosmic to the modern world.

Batman & Robin #8

A good scene where Bruce doesn't get really upset or morally superior about Damian killing Nobody, and Damian's true guilt works well in showing how much he's softened from when we first saw him.

Nice way to end the arc, not overly sentimental and some nice father/son/dog time.

Demon Knights #8

Xanadu answers the group's question about the love triangle between her, Jason, and Etrigan. Basically, she tells it that she loved Jason, and the Demon kept trying to get in the way and mate with her. And as you can see, the wedding day didn't turn out the way Jason and Xanadu hoped. Later on, Etrigan appears, so the group ask him the same question....

...the way Xanadu acts sometimes, maybe Etrigan's telling the truth?

Fantastic Four #605

Ben's talking to the statues of the original F4, he doesn't die for another thousand year after that scene. A nice way to bring back the "Reed being guilty" angle without treading old water. Just like in Hickman's first arc, Reed realizes sometimes he needs to come back from his experiments and be with his family.

Bros forever.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #8

That's the event that split up Frank and his wife 50 years ago, as Frank didn't see their child but a monster attacking his wife. Turns out SHADE kept him alive, where he fled to old Castle Frankenstein.

And the cycle completes itself, as Lady Frank quits SHADE, realizing they go too far in some of their experiments.

Green Lantern #8

 Creepy, brainwashed compassion corpsmen can be played like a violin.

Indigo Sinestro. As you can see in the background, it looks like the true spirit of the Indigo Tribesmen is chained away.

New Avengers #24
Looks like the general gets a chance to act like one again for this event.

The bulk of the issue is Luke realizing he puts the Avengers pretty high up on his list of priorities, so that even when Jessica leaves to raise their kid he can't quit. How about some Thunderbolts love too, right?

Peter Panzerfaust #3

Of course Captain Hook would be a nazi in this story. That's Kapitan Haken, and it looks like he might not lose his hand in the traditional fairytale way, as Peter just cuts it open.

Scarlet Spider #4
That's a rather effective way to take out a gun-centric villain.

No mercy indeed, even with the little Grudge-inspired look alike assassin.

Secret Avengers #25
Venom arrives, and that's how you put the suit to good use. I like how the symbiote even has what looks like fingers on the extra guns.

Jim uses his status and grandfather of synthetics to good use, having the big Master Mold self destruct.

Jim lives, but he's basically in a life support machine for robots and the team is looking to upload his consciousness to another machine. And that Ant-Man from the previous issue looks to be an Adaptoid replica of Eric.

Uncanny X-Men #10

Lust to the max, they're taking off their clothes in snowy Canada. Turns out Unit just wanted to talk to Hope, and everyone kept getting in his way and wanting to fight.

The Cyclops/Brand dynamic is a highpoint of the series so far, as it's not based on being judgmental but knowing the capabilities of each other. Will SWORD come to the X-Men's aid during AvX?

And it looks like Peter realizes that it might be for the best to remain locked up until needed like his sister. And from previews for AvX, he's going to have lots of smashing to do.

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maybetoby said...

Again, Beast is a hypocrite because he too is on a secret assassination squad, and works with Wolverine who is still leading X-Force.

David said...

Additional images from the comics above here:

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