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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/18/12

It's event week for this installment of Moments of the Week, as Avengers vs. X-Men begins with the punching, Batman sees the Night of the Owls take flight, Amazing Spider-Man shows how to fight the earth, and Punisher continues the Omega Effect crossover. Are we done? Of course not, as you also have a hardcore Einstein acting like a grizzled cop and TMNT's Leonardo runs into an old friend. More, as always, after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man #684

See, Pink Hippo not only makes you think of things when you're flashed an image, it helps locate the master grain of sand that controls all the others. Pretty handy when you're fighting a guy who literally has home field advantage.

Spider-Man's been hanging around Wolverine too much these days, fighting dirty like that. It got the job done though.

Avengers vs. X-Men #2
Wealthy socialites fighting in the trenches, a good response to the end of this event would be the loser having to pay for all the damage.

That's a pretty interesting fight to expand upon in the Vs. mini, but for some reason it's going to be Black Widow vs. Magik.

Hope realizes she's pretty important if Cyclops is going to fight the Avengers over her, so she takes out the Five Lights and a stab happy Wolverine and Spider-Man and goes on the run. I have to wonder why Wolverine thought killing Hope would fix everything. We've seen the Phoenix around quite a bit without a host, I don't think it would stop destroying stuff out there.

Batman #8

Bruce has a bat-slide in the mansion! How awesome is that?

That might be my moment of the week, because not only does Alfred get a catchy one-liner while helping out, Bruce is smiling and not letting the zombie ninja assassins really get to him.

In case of Talons, break out the bat-armor. Jean Paul would be jealous.

Justice League #8
All Ollie wants to do is help, arriving at all the hotspots, and that's how they treat him. Come on, guys.

Apparently the League didn't get along well with J'onn, their first new recruit, and that's why they're reluctant to have Ollie join. We find out at the end of the issue J'onn that apparently thinks the League's not prepared to have his help at the moment.

Worst character in the DCnU so far? Billy Batson, who goes from being a nice kid with Superman level morals and convictions to a punk kid who makes his foster sister cry. What a jerk.

Manhattan Projects #2

Now I can't unsee Einstein being this grizzled old scientist one day away from retirement. Adding some laws of physics while talking to the Buddhist? This is great stuff, and you even have half robot nazi scientists and flaming skull scientists later in the issue!

Nightwing #8
Not only are the Talons resurrected, they can fix their injuries rather simply. The way the other bat-books connect to the story is that the Talons aren't just going after Bruce, but every other power player in Gotham, and Dick is trying to save the mayor at the moment.

Nightwing takes out that Talon, but then runs into William Cobb, the one who was pestering Bruce in past months.

Punisher #10

They could call her Matilda too, since Daredevil's secret identity is pretty much out there all the time.

That's one way to throw Spidey off his guard, just completely ignore him.

Thunderbolts #173
Troll crying makes me sad, even though it's not the current Songbird saying those mean things.

Thunderbolts can't fight each other all the time, so the two unite to raid Doom's currently abandoned castle post-Onlsaught, to use his time machine and pilfer a few things. Cool things on this page: Troll wanting to drink the alcohol, and Ghost has a party hat on.

Yep, Norbert does kill himself, which is just going to wreak havoc with the timeline. Or branch it off or something.

TMNT: Leonardo

Only fitting that Leonardo's one shot would have the first appearance of Shredder in this new universe, or rather first reincarnated appearance of Shredder.

Uncanny X-Force #24

 Excellent pacing for the often used "Wolverine takes a beating" scene.

AoA Kurt finishes the job on traitor Iceman. I need to put pen to paper on this, but I think there's been about 10 character deaths in the series so far, which is under a death every three issues.

Wonder Woman #8

 Time in the Underworld moves a lot faster than on Earth, so that explains Zola's baby bump.

 Uh oh, Diana's hit with a love bullet. And Hades always wanted a queen....

Wolverine & the X-Men #9

Toad saves the day, and he might get the girl too! It's always nice to see those kind of relationships, where it's less the pretty people mutants in one group and the borderline morlocks in another.

Don't take any hygiene jabs from Wolverine of all people, Hank!

This is a clever tie-in to previous issues, where casino planet Sin is opening up bets on the next planet the Phoenix will destroy. Let's prove them wrong.

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David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I thought Venom had an interesting moment this week. Somewhat predictable but satisfying nontheless.

Ivan said...

C'mon people, the new Billy Batson is obviously undergoing development. Plus, you left you a crucial scene that shows he's not THAT much of an asshole.

Ivan said... left OUT a crucial scene...

Paul said...

I have to say, this column gets me through the week...

I try really hard not to spoil the books I'll likely be being eventually (like all the new Batman stuff), but it's hard!

Brandon said...

Hey, can we stop that asshat David from stopping by every week and shilling his crap site?

Otherwise, I really enjoy the moments of the week and think it has improved greatly lately.


matthew. said...

I couldn't have expressed my dislike of the DCnU more than with the appearance of asshole Billy Batson. Who out there was clamoring for an edgy dark version of Shazam? Whomever this hypothetical person be, they deserve a punch in the face.

Ivan said...

What was so edgy and dark about it? Billy Batson is an asshole, that's about it. The other characters might have dramatic pasts, but they seem pretty happy.

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