Friday, April 27, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/25/12

The end of April sees some big fights and some even bigger explosions for today's Moments of the Week. Ultimates goes off the rails, AvX Versus sees the first two fights that were too big for Avengers vs. X-Men, Roger Langridge's Popeye debuts, and Secret Avengers has the team go up against a force of the universe. Much more after the jump, so let's get started!

Aquaman #8
Mera's quick to realize that in the meta world, that's pretty much the same thing. Cue flashback time!

On the trail of Black Manta, the Others recognize innocents can't die when they get caught in the crossfire. Arthur didn't really warm up to the selfless hero aspect in the beginning.

Prisoner of War shows off his powers, which seems to be something like Wonder Woman's bracelets only magnified. Not much else is given this issue, maybe he and his squad were prisoners to a greek god?

AvX: Versus #1
The first match, Iron Man vs. Magneto. In order to compete with Magneto, Tony piggybacks some magnetic power from Jupiter via satellites. Magneto responds in kind, but feeling a planet disappear in space due to the Phoenix allows Tony to get the win (they actually give a winner at the end of each fight). Kind of a cheap way to have the fight end; if this is the fight issue, let it be a fight and have no outside factors light years away interfere. At least with Marvel vs. DC back in the day there was fan voting to fall back on. What say you, guys and gals?

A much more grounded fight in terms of it all taking place around them, Thing uses one of Namor's fishy friends to pin the King to the sea floor. Winner: Thing, although Namor breaks free right away. 

Battle Scars #6

If you showed that last page unlettered to someone who only knows about the Avengers movie, they would probably think that's Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, and Maria Hill. But it's Coulson, Quake, and Nick Fury Jr., the Army Ranger formerly known as Marcus Johnson. 

Daredevil #11
Continuing from Punisher #10, Cole makes a dash with the Omega Drive, and even Frank didn't know about it. Frank's deadpan response about Matt's plan works so well with their relationship.
Matt lays the guilt trip on Cole pretty thick, and after some of the villain groups show up, she leaves without the device in the brawl, who might/might not meet up with Frank again.

And all the good things I thought about Punisher #10 kind of go away with this issue, as nothing is accomplished with this crossover, we are right back where we were with Daredevil #10. The only difference is that Cole isn't Punisher's apprentice for an issue or two, but DD and Spidey had no plot development. I expected more from Rucka and Waid to deliver some kind of resolution, but nope. To anyone who was trade waiting this story, I would have to recommend skipping it.

FF #17

Non-alcoholic, but probably infnite amounts of caffeine. It also looks like Johnny and MJ might have something going on together, uh oh......

That's how you do an out of the blue last page reveal. As down as Daredevil #11 was, this issue picked me right back up, easy contender for one of the best single issues of the year. A downtime issue done perfectly.

Flash #8
Another issue, another lovely Manapul splash page. Turbine is pretty much the DCnU version of the Top, and was the one causing all the vortexes in issues prior, as he's just trying to get back to 1944 when he sees Barry creating holes in the world. As for Iris and the other sucked in from last issue, they're still alive in this limbo.

Patricide, gorilla style. A brutal way to  kill someone too, a gorilla headbutt would be bad enough.

Popeye #1

Roger Langridge makes Popeye the comic feel exactly like Popeye the cartoon. No spinach, but lots of fun!

New Avengers #25

Ok, so retcon time; the Iron Fist is supposed to be trained to fight and destroy the Phoenix when it comes to Earth. And in dreams it's this rehead girl who will destroy the Phoenix. Decades ago there was a redhead girl in K'un Lun who was supposed to be the next Iron Fist, but something must have happened to her. So now, realizing what's happening between the X-Men and Avengers, the ancient city must tell Danny Rand about this untold history of the Iron Fist and try and have Hope realize she might be the one the prophecy mentions as the savior.

Secret Avengers #26

The team tries, but fails at containing the Phoenix Force. And Captain Britain's attempt to power the cage himself just destroys it, much to Hank's dismay. Why didn't the Phoenix Force finish them off? Because it was called to Hala by Kree fanatics who had a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal. 

And with that crystal, they also brought back the original Captain Marvel, and as you can see, he wants to kill the Avengers who coincidentally are on Hala to regroup and heal the wounded.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #4

In this IDW universe, Prowl saw Spike Witwicky work with the Decepticons and never trusted the Cybertronians in general. So it kind of made him become cold and calculating.

Bye bye Constructicons. Now that there is a world filled with thousands of his fellow people, Prowl is just going to destroy all the Decepticons because they're just going to foster more division among his people.

Ultimates #9

Thor fights dirty for a depowered god.

That's just cool, and really does some damage to the City, but the issue doesn't stop there....

In retaliation for the USA launching all their nukes at the city last issue, Reed teleports the City equivalent of a morlock into Washington and well, you see what happens. This issue alone looks at Ultimatum and says "I can top that damage in 19 pages."

X-Men Legacy #265

It's a last ditch plan, to have all the power swappers touch each other to try and diffuse the power buildup situation, but it looks like Weapon Omega drew the short straw.

Mimic, using Rachel's powers, puts Omega in a lobotomized coma to have him slowly trickle out energy. He's basically off the table for a bit. Mimic, however, is the newest teacher at the Jean Grey School.

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Naymlap said...

You can't unsee Annihilus dropping a duece in Peter Parker's bathroom. It just haunts you...

Klep said...

I wasn't terribly excited by AvX Vs. It was a pretty boring excuse to show two people beating on each other. I will not be buying further issues, but I'm glad they're farming that stuff out to a mini rather than clogging the main event book with it.

Anonymous said...

FF #17

Alright, I think I speak for everyone when I say "What the freakin' piss?!"

Peter F DiSilvio said...

FF #17 makes me yearn for a Johnny/Spidey book or at least a mini. I say Spider-Man/Human Torch: Black out about one hell of a weekend in Vegas.

Steve said...

I completely agree about your comments on Daredevil #11. The art was pretty, there were some nice character beats, but they really mishandled the ending.

Ivan said...

Man, could they make this black Nick Fury reveal even more contrived?

David said...
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