Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cover of the Week - Avengers Vs X-Men, FF & All-Star Western

As per the norm, we have some awful purty Covers of the Week for your viewing pleasure.  We have some conflict between Marvel's mainstay superhero teams, a rather high-level game of chess among Marvel's first family, and some good ol' fashioned cowboy-era brawling.  What's not to love?  Hit the jump to see!

Ryan's Cover of the Week - Avengers Vs X-Men #0 by Frank Cho

Ryan: This isn't going to win cover of the year but I wanted to highlight all the same. This cover is gorgeous. Sure, it's simple, and it works hard to not include feet, but stylistically it's like a John Woo movie set out on glossy cover stock. This is my pick this week because of the beauty and that's all. Hope and Wanda are amazingly good looking right here, and their poses (cape/robe included) are brilliant. There's something about Hope holding those guns up that's been luring me in for weeks now. It's eye-catching and pretty with just a hint of violence to come. That swishing almost-floral design on the red material is also something else indeed. Hell, I don't even mind the title dress across the top, it's functional and only helps to accentuate the centre stage more. As far as mainstream hero comics go, this is a massive win.

Ken's Cover of the Week - FF #16 by Mike Choi

Ken: FF has had some good covers in recent months, and this is another to add to the list. Franklin can't win against Val in chess, so let's distract her with some reality altering and make the pieces look the part. Val's slightly "seen it all" face, along with the bag of chips and juice boxes just make it a fun cover.

Grant's Cover of the Week - All-Star Western #7 by José Ladrönn

Grant: I haven't been reading All-Star Western #1 since that first issue I went through all the way back in September, but covers like these make me feel like dropping this book might not have been my best choice.  It's a simple fight scene, but it's rather beautifully done, capturing a great moment between the two combatants.  The whole thing makes me want to know what's going on inside, which is exactly what a cover should do.

Runner-Ups:  Unwritten #35.5, Daredevil #10, Flash #7

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maybetoby said...

plus Cho draws great women

SannioFortunae said...

I really like that the positioning of their arms are making an A and an X.

matthew. said...

How in the world did the Daredevil cover not deserve the title? That cover should be in the MOMA

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