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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/02/12

Welcome to the Free Comic Book Day-Eve edition of Moments of the Week! This week sees Superman vs. his creators (literally), Avengers vs. X-Men sees moles pop up and alliances broken, Venom has a toxic reveal, and DC's Earth 2 debuts to show off the multiverse. Hit the jump to see what catches your interest when you head by your local comic shop tomorrow to pick up the freebies!

Action Comics #9

They regret this. I'm kind of surprised how DC let this go when it is pretty much a direct response to DC's treatment of Siegel and Shuster and essentially other creators. With the company's thought powers overtaking the superman-trio, that universe's Superman becomes essentially a 90's anti-hero who kills other Supermen from the multiverse.

How does President Superman juggle his secret identity with the duties of a superhero? His captured Brainiac has cyborg presidents that act according to certain scenarios.

Lex takes on not only another version of most hated enemy, but I like the idea that it's basically what he sees his earth's Superman as. Funny thing about Luthor in this world is that everyone thinks he's a racist for fighting a black Superman, they don't realize he just hates aliens in general.

Amazing Spider-Man #685
Spidey goes hardcore, or at least plays bad cop a lot better, when he's in his spider-armor.

Could these hints over recent months finally be leading to the return of Peter and MJ together forever for always. Please please please?

Looks like Doc Ock was lying all along, he just has a petty way of wanting to take half the world with him when he dies. So the satellites trigger the flash burn over what seems to be Europe and Asia, as the group's location in Symkaria is being roasted.

Animal Man #9
Buddy's been possessed by one of the Rot, and that eats an innocent birdy.

Buddy's soul has been transported into the Red, where he's trying to get back to protect Maxine, but the Rot is seeping through in the real Red Sea.

Avengers Academy #29
Hercules must have his tickets to London and a bag all packed then, huh? I like the X-Kids using the mission statement of Avengers Academy to their defense, as they were just caught in the middle of this whole thing.

That's a cool moment, getting a chance to do something you just can't anymore. Why hasn't Pym developed a super magnetic surfboard or something for Mettle?

Sebastian Shaw looks to be back to his old ways, and uses the gift of books in his prison cell to his advantage.

Avengers vs. X-Men #3

And like that Scott's X-Men disappear to find Hope, but in an odd move he left his students with the Avengers. Hope created a device to make Cerebra register her at five locations: Wundagore Mountain, Tabula Rasa, Wakanda, Latveria, and the Savage Land (it all feels a bit like it was made for a videogame to have different levels), so the Avengers head off in teams.

Rachel is a good choice to be sympathetic to Scott's team, she's probably wondering what all the fuss is about the Phoenix coming back, she's lived with it for most of her life.

It seems no one is a big fan of Wolverine's "kill Hope" policy, so he becomes a solo act completely separate from Cap and Cyclops.

Daredevil #12
A flashback story, where we learn how Matt and Foggy became good friends. Foggy was accused of plagiarism by a teacher who had it in for him and coming from a rich family, claiming he stole his paper from one of his previous students. Matt knows the teacher is lying, so he stages a mock trial to find Foggy innocent.

If only Foggy slammed his hands on the projector, Phoenix Wright style.

Score one for the good guys. They've been BFF's ever since, save for the occasional Matt going crazy moments. A good rebound issue for the series after the disappointing Omega Effect.

Earth 2 #1

So this is how Earth 2 sets up: in a world where there was only Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (and Robin and Supergirl), Apokolips does bigger damage than what we saw in Justice League a few months back. Diana dies, Bruce dies, Superman is seemingly captured, and Helena and Karen fly into our universe. So no big heroes for this earth. By issue's end, it looks like Jay Garrick might be getting his speed powers from the god Mercury himself.

Swamp Thing #9
Alec planned ahead a few issues ago with some peaches. Abby is separated from the Rot, and uses he innate powers to kill off Sethe.

Aww, true love. As the story goes along, the flowers grow more and more each page in a nice subtle effect.

Ultimate Spider-Man #10

David Marquez again steps up nicely for the art duties, as Miles even pulls a little Batman with that last panel. This show of his powers impresses Aaron, who wants Miles to clean up the city for him to take over.

A warped use of the power and responsibility message, followed by straight up blackmail to tell Miles parents. Miles reluctantly accepts to go after the Scorpion.

Venom #17

Eddie Brock is brought back into the symbiote fold with Toxin. I hope it stays temporary, as the guy's gone through good character growth over the past seven or eight years.

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matthew. said...

How does he say the word "venom" without closing his mouth around his giant tongue? Ah, comics. How I love 'em

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Toxin a good guy 'cause the host's will was strong enough or something? I remember it being the only symbiote after Carnage I could stomach. (Venom 's offspring Carnage was really different, so I could dig Carnage having one if it was good enough, but many more and they lose their specialness)

Enigma_2099 said...

Oh, the Mary Jane panel? I think I can explain it. Apparently they've suffered another lapse in readership, and that was just a bone they threw them to draw them back. Means nothing. Cause if they REALLY cared, they'd go ahead and get them back together.

Brandon said...

Hey Enigma, stop crying like a spurned three year old. They are telling fun and exciting stories. Your welcome.

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