Friday, May 11, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/09/12

It's a Freaky Friday indeed for today's Moments of the Week, as cats pounce in Avenging Spider-Man, dinosaurs help out Batman, Frankenstein runs in the Rot, Avengers and X-Men can't get along in X-Men Legacy, and Deadpool is just.......really, really fat in Uncanny X-Force. More as always after the jump, so let's take one giant leap for comic kind!

Avenging Spider-Man #7

She-Hulk's lack of patience will have even bigger consequences further down the page in X-Men Legacy. Right now, she's helping Spidey stop an Egyptian statue from being stolen.

Cat She-Hulk can work, it's only three syllables. I love Spidey's cute face.

Batman #9

A giant penny, robot dinosaur, and Iron Man-esque bat-armor, the Batcave has everything. The temperature drops and Bruce is able to go out and try and help others who are marked for death, which is how Bruce showed up in Detective Comics last week. He then heads to mayoral candidate March's office.

And March dies, unless Snyder pulls a twist. I actually think after this even we might see Bruce himself run for mayor as he sees March's genuine altruism inspire him to help out the city during the day and night. Thoughts?

Batman & Robin #9
Commander Damian gets results, but the squad runs out of ammo.

That is a nice scene playing on the whole owl motif.

And Damian saves the General, and gets some catharsis with his mother issues.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #9

He may be Frankenstein, but the Rot can't die, even after using fire on them, which Frank hates, so the Ant Farm drops a Blackbomb in the area, which wipes out everything in the area.


Sad to confused to smiling Frank, awwww. And that concludes Lemire's run on the book.

Green Lantern #9

A big bunch of knowledge is brought to light before Third Army begins. The Indigo Tribe being bad guys has been foreshadowed, but since Abin Sur is dead Natromo destroys the Indigo battery, which means everyone goes back to their evil ways, including Black Hand.

New Avengers #26
Of course Leonardo would help out with the Phoenix years ago, the guy held a baby Celestial in his hands.

The mystery thickens as to why we never heard about this Iron Fist yet....

Scarlet Spider #5
The Watchdogs have a nuclear bomb set to go off in Houston, and Iron Man and SHIELD would get there too late to help. That's the trouble with all the heroes being on either coasts.

Kaine does not like anything related to the Clone Saga.

There we go, put those powers to good use. Kaine actually uses all his Other powers this issue.

The only thing that could make that better was a bwa-ha-ha.

Ultimates #10
A quick Wikipedia check shows that Secretary Howard was the 15th person in line to become President.

Sue also doesn't take the news well that Reed is the one responsible for the world falling apart.No sign of Ben yet and his reaction.

 A callback to the first arc, looks like Modi was worthy and the gods still live.

Uncanny X-Force #25
Ok, so, go with me on this, Wade was hired to find a mother's fat son who went missing at a fat camp months earlier. Inside he runs into a really fat goth vampire lady who makes him think he's too fat, and gets trapdoor'd into eating....

Vampire diet shakes made from fat people, I just, I mean.....

I.....I don't know how to respond to this, it's like Squirrel Girl winning against Doctor Doom.

Wolverine & the X-Men #10

Emma has Queen Bee tendencies no matter where she goes. Cyclops doesn't win over Wolverine, of course, but as you'll see below he gets some extra help.

Headmistress trash talk, that quiz bowl could actually be a good stand alone issue after this event as a way to break bread between the two sides.

It's good that Rachel gets to at least mention that she's hosted the Phoenix and didn't destroy everything, if only it could get into the main AvX series.

X-Men Legacy #266
So basically no one else can help Cyclops (this issue plays a little loose with the teachers choosing sides like you saw a page above). It sure seems like the Avengers aren't as peaceful as they try to make themselves out to be. Kitty lets them stay on campus but they have to be 100 yards from the school, Frenzy even draws a line in the sand to try and goad them into crossing it.

Rafa Sandoval should be drawing Avengers or something else that's really high profile, how about the next Marvel event?

Not cool Jen. And with that, Rogue joins the fight, and we all know what she did to the Avengers last time she fought them.

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Anonymous said...

The Other powers? When did Kaine get those? Not that I don't like it, it's great, but if I remember correctly during Spider-Island, Madame Web sort of hinted that there was more to Kaine than just a clone...Could Kaine be the backdoor for a pre-OMD return?

In any case, although the last few pages were a little confusing, Scarlet Spider's one of my favorites out there right now!

Naymlap said...

Anonymous, I doubt it. The Other is still (unfortunately) cannon, even after One More Day. He probably got his powers from his resurrection after the Grim Hunt. That plot did use some elements from The Other. He did have the stabby powers on Spider-Island, which is how he killed the queen.

maybetoby said...

other than the political stuff (don't read comics for politics, I read comics to escape it lol), I LOVE Scarlet Spider. He really showed up the Avengers this week. I also loved the whole "I'm being punished" since they call him Scarlet Spider. I didn't mind The Other, so I'm glad to see those powers being used by Kaine.

fodigg said...

Well, I did NOT love THE OTHER, but I'm glad to see that Scarlet Spider isn't an exact clone (no pun intended) of Spider-Man. It's more interesting that all the Spider-Men have different power sets now, including Ultimate Spidey. I've always liked it when derivative characters are notably different takes on existing characters (e.g., Spidey 2099, Superboy) and not just perfect copies (e.g., Ben Reilly, Red She-Hulk). Kane is extremely different in both personality and powers, so it's a good take.

Enigma_2099 said...

Wow... they're really stretching for justification for Avengers vs X-Men infighting, arent't they? Trash talking and a misunderstanding.

And guess what? If I looked over myshoulder and saw something like that coming at me, I'd defend myself too. Plus I like how Rogue gets angry enough to start fighting on the spot, but hasn't even bothered to check on the kids.

MattS said...

In New Aveng 26, except for the first page you posted, I cant see the other 2 pages you posted re going into the dragons cave and coming out as iron fist in my own copy. Were these pages def from this issue? At first I thought I must have some pages missing in my copy but that doesn't seem to be the case. Where do these pages come in the sorry in this issue? Can you help a confused brother out? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Haha That sounds about right for Wade.

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