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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/16/12

Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week, where today we see first act nearing its end in Avengers vs. X-Men, Thunderbolts says goodbye to a longtime character, Wonder Woman gets ready for her wedding and Manhattan Projects shows how World War II ended in 100% accurate fashion, seriously. Don't forget the nazi Reed Richards and Team Fortress teaming up with Atomic Robo, plus much more, after the jump!

Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #2
 The Yonkers Devil returns, and it looks like he brought some special videogame friends with him.

Aghast, it was the Spy all along!

Avengers #26

So this moment, which does it's best to show the heroes aren't completely neutered against the Phoenix and can at least do some damage, seems to take place between Secret Avengers #26 and AvX #4, but it still doesn't really sync up. Which really shouldn't happen since Bendis is brainstorming AvX.

Avengers Academy #30

Shaw takes apart the instructors one by one, his reason for all this choas seems to be simply to kill the X-Men kids because that will hurt Emma the most. Poor Hercules, he needs his strength back.

The one thing the young X-Men did not want to see shows up, and it has some trouble with its words too.

Avengers vs. X-Men #4
This is actually one of the more sound plans to date. To even make it easier, Hope wants to go someplace relatively safer for this experiment...

Wolverine, you're a jerk. What about all that time Jean had the Phoenix and didn't go crazy? It can happen, you've got a former Phoenix host as a teacher at you're school too. But the rumble on the moon is avoided until at least next issue because...

And there we go, Phoenix has arrived rather early in the event. Again, I don't know how this syncs up with Secret Avengers and Avengers, especially with Thor earlier in this same issue.

AvX: Versus #2

Cap wins, of course. It would have been nice to have Gambit get some actual good punches in other than just destroying a costume, he's not a complete pushover.

This was possibly the weakest fight of the four so far for the series. Spidey just runs away at the end, and doesn't really get beat up that much. A really unsatisfying fight.

Daredevil #13

 Those dastardly Black Spectres, after them Matt!

Matt calls in a favor with the Avengers, probably for saving Jessica and Squirrel Girl during Fear Itself. So it looks like the Omega Drive story is settled....

....whah? Craziest thing? Matt's in Latveria. No, really.

Fantastic Four #605.1

A story telling of the Reed from the Council with the long beard, who originally came from a world where the Nazis won WWII and tried to conquer space. In case the page didn't make it apparent, Reed just stuck a portion of Doom's brain in his head. This makes Reed have telepathic/telekinetic powers instead of stretchy powers, which he uses to take power from.

With a universe destroyed, this Reed just builds the council world and recruits the other Reeds to help, which we saw in Hickman's first Fantastic Four story. A good tale, but one that really doesn't fit as a point one issue, since we don't see any of the real FF members.

Justice League #9

Barry tried his best, he really did. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with sticking to the classic formula. So Wonder Woman shows up with her lasso to get the truth out of Weapons Master.

And in the Shazam backup, Sivana gets a bit closer to his dreams, completely by accident.

The Manhattan Projects #3

Of all the things I expected to see in this series, this was not one of them.

Why is everyone not buying this book? The FDR Artificial Intelligence was good enough but the attitude the General gives President Truman, as though he's the most powerful person in the world, this is how you have fun with history!

Saga #3

Prince Robot IV does not mess around with interrogating.

Fiona Staples' art sells that scene with the eyes going from disbelief to "oh wow the ghost was right"

Thunderbolts #174
Moonstone does her best to make her life better, even though it goes against the time travel rules. Since Fixer killed himself last issue, it messes with the time stream really badly, so that only one solution is available.


Bye bye Fixer, you'll come back. Being a robot couldn't phase you, this time loop shouldn't bother you either. And now on to Dark Avengers.

Venom #18

Peter Parker's inventions really are everywhere these days.

One thing this moment makes me realize is that Eddie really does have a dependency issue with the symbiote, being so willing to go back to using "we/us."

Surprised Remender didn't go to this sooner, but hopefully Betty doesn't freak out even more.

Wonder Woman #9
Tony Akins does a good job on the art, notice not only the dress but how the hell hounds dresses cover all their teats. Of all the new books, this one has the best art/costume direction in terms of really standing out from everything else at DC right now, which just feels like the 90's part two.

Nice twist to this forced marriage. Can Diana beat her own lasso in this new universe?

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maybetoby said...

that's what is stupid about Avengers vs X-Men, everyone seems to forget that A) Jean had the Phoenix powers without going crazy (she saved the day in Planet X) and B) Rachel had the Phoenix for a pretty damn long time and again was a valuable asset because of it. This is just lazy story telling, they needed a reason for the two teams to fight so they pulled one out of their ass.

Klep said...

I suspect that Diana's way out here is that she actually already loves everybody, without reservation.

The Gaf said...

Ugh more Nazis. Love Hickman, but hated this plot, although it was well told.

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