Friday, May 25, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/23/12

Welcome to a Memorial Day edition of Moments of the Week! This week sees the return of Batman Inc., the Fantastic Four goes on a fantastic voyage was big, a rather big proposal is made in Astonishing X-Men, and the connection between Flash and talking gorillas is established. All this and more after the jump, so let the moments assemble!

Amazing Spider-Man #686
So the big ending from last issue turns out to be a ruse, as Symkaria really isn't burning. Yet. What to do about Mysterio and Chameleon though...

I mean, that's some good reasoning right there from Mysterio. I wonder if this springboards into Spider-Men later in the year as Mysterio is confirmed to show up there.

The new(er) Sinister Six arrives, hopefully Spidey has a special costume made just for this occasion.

Aquaman #9

POW's powers are an interesting one, being able to harness the skills of his squad as the situation demands it. Almost like a military version of Ragman.

The Others sure are a violent bunch. The guy did deserve it, but still.

Astonishing X-Men #50
Naturally, this leads to a new question, who wins in a fight: Shi'ar warriors or super spy SHIELD agents?

The moment that's been making the rounds in the media this week, as Northstar proposes to his longtime boyfriend Kyle. What you probably didn't see was Kyle's response...

So does everything get wrapped up nice and neat by the end of the next issue with the big wedding cover, or is Marvel attempting to have this spread out over a whole arc?

Batman Inc. #1
Bat-Cow already has his mask, the  pool of blood they're standing in is in the shape of a bat, it truly is destiny.

Batman's son telling him he should have stayed dead, the father/son relationship still needs some work. And don't forget Damian being able to make the batmobile fly on top of fixing the budget. Meanwhile in San Francisco, in a certain sex shop...

So some more confirmation that at least Morrison's previous Inc. stuff carries over, and the Outsiders still seem to have existed in some form or another, although it still brings the Stephanie Brown appearance into question.

Fantastic Four #606

Is it a trip into the Negative Zone? The cancerverse? Close, but think smaller.

The Fantastic Four, curing the cancer of their longtime mailman. This really should have been the .1 issue, as it's a done in one issue that features the real team.

Flash #9
Patricide was bad enough, but brain eating? Reminds me a bit of Manhattan Projects. Barry is having a memory problem from escaping from the speed force.

In this month's installment of lovely splash page by Manapul, we get the reason why Gorilla City reveres Flash so much. As always, the speed force comes into play.

Grodd really does seem a lot more violent than he was before. I mean, he did have the bloodlust but it seemed tame in comparison to recent issues.

Secret Avengers #27

Mar-Vell is back, but the reason Carol and Protector are helping him out seems to do with some kind of mind control that is being broadcast that affects only those with Kree genetics. Mar-Vell also destroys the Avengers ship, and the Phoenix is still coming to Hala, and this makes no sense syncing up with Avengers #26 and AvX #4.

 It's what Thor does best, Hank.

Man, what. You can't take a hammer to the face (that even has a Doom sound effect!) and then beat Thor with the lighting he cast down, rules are being broken.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #5

The comedy moment of the week, becoming an Autobot is like trying to pass the bar exam. Tailgate does have a good point that a simpler plan would really help out in gaining more members.

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maybetoby said...

Aren'ts appearance as Batgirl was explained, that issue was pre-52, even said so as an editorial note. Same with this weeks Secret Avengers, editorial note says it takes place prior to Avengers #26.

I'm just glad Batman Inc is back and got the same soft reboot treatment as Green Lantern.

maybetoby said...

I have no idea how "Steph's" got autocorrected into "Aren'ts"?

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