Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cover of the Week - Blue Beetle and Batwoman

Never fear, our look at the Covers of the Week is here!  I hope you have your art supplies ready, because we have a cornucopia of colours in our first insect-themed entry and some rather fine looking lines in our  second, slightly battier pick.  And, as always, we have some honourable mentions, so hit the jump to give it all a gander!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Blue Beetle #9 by Paul Renaud

Ken: It's a veritable component cable cover, as you have the blue for Jaime be the most dominant o the cover since it's his book, added with the Green Lantern green with a nice translucent look to Kyle's ring construct. Then you add in Bleez just to offer some contrast and it's a simple three color cover that stands out.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Batwoman #9 by Ben Oliver

Grant: Oh, Ben Oliver, how I miss your work in the monthly pages of Batwing.  However, if I can't have you working on the interiors on one Batbook, I suppose the next best thing is to get your art on the cover of another.  Fortunately, that's exactly what we're getting here, as Oliver delivers are rather pretty rendition of our feminine fiery-haired Bat-theme hero (and I'm not referring to Babs here).  It could be a little more relevant to the actual story of the comic, but I'm willing to overlook that oversight due to how nice the whole piece is.

Runner-Ups:  The Manhattan Projects #3, Fury Max: Cold Warrior #2, Conan the Barbarian #4

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Ryan said...

Can't say I like the Blue Beetle cover. Seems like way too much '90's. On the other hand the Runner-Ups speak on so many levels.

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