Saturday, May 5, 2012

FCBD 2012 - Shout Outs

Free Comic Book Day is one of the best days in the comic year. You walk into a store and you can score free comics. Not enough entertainment mediums do this. This year seems to be just as big as ever so we here at TWC wanted to make it as much a positive experience as possible. This post is all about the love. Go to the comments and give a shout out about FCBD. You can comment on which shop you went to, or which comic you dug on, or anything else FCBD that's awesome and you want to share. Hit the jump to see my positive thoughts already -- Australia is just winding down on FCBD -- and then hit the comments to add your own.
Here are my positive thoughts for this FCBD of 2012.
  • I got to take my 18 month old son with me. He had a blast. It was his second FCBD.
  • I was at my LCS, the awesome and incomparable Impact Comics and so many staff members said g'day and were on hand, on call, and on a high.
  • My arms were full and I dropped my sunglasses. An employee picked them up for me instantly with a smile.
  • At some stage later (I don't even honestly know when), my son's shoe must have fallen off. As I was carrying him, and the nappy bag, and a handful of comics, whoever saw it happen knew I was out of my league and so just simply placed the errant shoe into the nappy bag for me to find later when we were outside. How nice!
  • Some lady dressed as some kind of Star Wars Imperial Trooper (I think...) smiled and talked with my boy. She also gave me the genius idea of fitting all kid's clothing with a massive back pouch just right for comics and iPads. I need to get on this, stat.
  • Another Star Wars cosplayer (this time a jedi) gave my son a FCBD sticker and a smile.
  • A massive thanks to Impact Comics for their displays around the counter. They got me to drop an extra $15 or so by having a cheap Avengers colouring in book where I could easily see it and a Vintage Pocket Book of Crime. Great salesmanship, well played.
  • Overall, the atmosphere of Impact Comics was fantastic with tables on clear display and plenty of books to go round for everyone. There were loads of those Archaia HCs.
  • Once outside, where I waded through my stash and fed my son, I saw another mother come out and go to another bench. She sat down with him and opened up the bags. She started reading the Archaia HC to him, including all the sound effects and silliness. It was unreal.
  • I later saw two kids walking across the open mall who saw Impact Comics was pretty packed. One yelled, "Quick, before they run out!" and they both started running in there. Golden.
  • I haven't read all the books but I really dug the 12 Gauge one, The Ride/Anti. The short story from Nathan Edmondson and Paul Azaceta for The Ride is insanely good. Brilliant, seriously, do not miss out on that book.
  • a
  • Oh, and the Archaia HC has a new short from the Return of the Dapper Men world. I didn't realise this before. I am so happy now.
Alright, that's my positivity of the day, what's yours.
I spent over $70 in my LCS on this 'free' day. Did you drop some extra money to support your local gang in the know?
Hit the comments and let the love flow!

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Randallw said...

I didn't think it would be worth going to my LCS today as I live in Tasmania and I didn't think it would be very big. However I didn't have anything to do this afternoon so I called and asked my friend there if there was much stuff left. He said they'd been busy all day and next year he's thinking they'll have to include Cos playing etc.

Grant McLaughlin said...

I'm always happy when Free Comic Book Day comes along. I went down with two friends of mine (one of which doesn't regularly buy comics) to see what we could see. We didn't have much time together (maybe an hour, tops), but it was nice to see them and chat comics for a bit.

I was also happy to take the opportunity to pick up Craig Thompson's Habibi. I'd been looking for an excuse to buy it, and FCBD is a mighty fine one in my opinion.

Ryan said...

I take my four children with me to FCBD! They had a blast this year. When we left Strange Adventures (Canada) the line to get in was down the block. World's Most Dangerous Animals made quite an impression on the kids and Valiant's offering was just what the doctor ordered for me.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Got a bunch of stuff with my brother and hit 3 shops. Got all the marvel and dc free books plus Dinosaur vs Aliens, Hypernaturals, Mouse guard, Image 20, Atomic Robo, Transformers and Megaman.

Phillyradiogeek said...

My family and I had to go to a friend's party today, so my kids and I were only able to spend a few minutes in the shop. But I did pick up one of almost every FCBD offering released this year, so I now have PLENTY of free reading to catch up on.

My kids were most excited to get the Yo Gabba Gabba offering from Oni Press. The only book I've read so far is the Top Shelf kids sampler. Finally, I was really impressed that Archaia went so far as to offer a hardcover book. Nice stuff!

Naymlap said...

Grant, my boss loaned me his copy of Habibi. It's a very unique book, the art is gorgeous and the calligraphy that he incorporates into it is something else. But it's a dreary read, and I'm not sure how feel about the end. But hope you enjoy it.

Oli said...

I took my 6 year old son with me and we hit up one comic shop and one bookshop that was participating. I only wanted the Archaia hardcover so he ended up with 6 or 7 comics and I let him buy some minimates which he has been having a great time with all day today. There was quite a lot of lining up but he had dressed up as a cop/Spider-man and had an awesome time playing with other kids in line. He'll be looking forward to it next year.

Kevin Tam said...

I went to Graham Crackers Comics In Chicago with a friend and my baby cousin. We were only allowed 3 free comics each so I made sure we got different ones. I also bought the issue of Action Comics that came out this week. And, just now I put some money down for a Hulk 100 project from the Hero Initiative and some pokemon manga from amazon. Free comic book day!

Ken Boehm said...

Atomic Robo always brings the best for FCBD.

I Got to pick up Tale of Sand, that's a nice hardcover.

Jon said...

I also went with two friends of mine (one of which doesn't buy comics regularly) and it was a good time. Also got to pick up Tale of Sand because my other friend was super nice and didn't buy instead of he knows my love of Henson. Thanks, friend!

brandon said...

My shop had a really long line to get IN to the store (50 deep or so)....after 30-45 minutes of standing and not really moving I had to bail with my five year old crying her eyes out. I have no idea what happened as to why the line wasn't moving. The store typically has signings but they hadn't even started yet.

On the one hand I am glad the shop was kicking ass but on the other hand I am pretty upset about the experience. I guess the long time, regular customer gives way to the potential newbie or once in a while customer.

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