Friday, May 11, 2012

Moment of the Day - Power Girl's Weird Pregnancy

Justice League International #64, by Gerard Jones and Chuck Wojtkiewicz

Did you know Power Girl had a kid? And that it was a mystic immaculate pregnancy caused by Arion, the ancient Atlantean magician who Kara was related to back when her origin was Atlantean? And that the baby even provided mystic powers like a shield to keep it safe from danger? And you thought Ms. Marvel had a ridiculous pregnancy that was never heard from again...

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sdelmonte said...

I somehow missed this one. Probably by deciding that Gerard Jones's scripts without Giffen's guiding hand were not that good, and dropping the book about a year after he took over. Also, wasn't this Justice League Europe?

I remember Ms Marvel's weird pregnancy, though. My first meeting with Kang/Immortus and his/their wacky family.

Anonymous said...

In other random pregnancy (though not comic related) related news; do you remember when Mae Young was pregnant with Mark Henry's baby in WWE and then gave birth to a hand?

Anonymous said...

I do remember it. I wrote a very long response and the Internet ate it. :(

Ken Boehm said...


Justice League Europe became Justice League International with issue #51. It's like How Justice League turned into JLI and then 30 issues later turned back into JLA.

Enigma_2099 said...

I'm not disappointed in the ridiculousness of this... I'm disappointed in the fact that Power Girl was pregnant once... and I wasn't responsible.

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Dustin Lesperance said...

Well, now if anyone asks why I haven't gotten into DC until recently, I can cite this as a reason why.


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