Friday, June 1, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 05/30/12

Fifth weeks are no problem for the Moments of the Week, as this week sees the start of the DCnU's return to annuals in Batman and Animal Man, Superman Family Adventures makes its debut, FF has the best moment of the month, and Ultimates has a betrayal that shocks the universe. Many more moments after the jump, so let's get started! 

Animal Man Annual #1

In a flashback story of 1800's Animal Man and Swamp Thing, the big thing to take away was this timestream foreshadowing of the possible future for Buddy and his family. The hints at what happens to Cliff doesn't look good at all.

Batman Annual #1

Mr. Freeze's origin is revealed in this issue, tying Fries into the Wayne family as Bruce pulls the plug on Wayne Labs funding cryogenics. As for his relationship to Nora, it also gets a change.

That's a pretty big change to the character. No longer is Freeze a character determined to bring his wife back by any means necessary, adding a human element, he's now in love with someone he's never really met, just a frozen body. That's not all...

That's a flashback to when Fries was a kid, and he kills his own mother after she suffered a mental breakdown falling in ice water when he was a kid. So you remove the wife element, add the killer kid angle, it just makes Freeze seem like most of the other villains out there these days. Your thoughts, readers?

FF #18
The Moloid kids could really work as a little backup comedy strip in both FF and Fantastic Four, just being above it all yet these kid geniuses kind of breaking the fourth wall in usual comic plots.

And after giving the people what they want, Johnny loses. But to who?

That's an out of the blue ending, and it looks like no recount will help the result. Poor Johnny, no apartment with Peter and no more universe to rule.

The Incredible Hulk #8
Hulk and Banner are merged now, but Banner is still trying to destroy Hulk when he has control of the body. So the Hulk is trying to stay in control by always being angry, while also trying to figure out what Banner has been scheming while he's in control, which the reader is also in the dark about. A team-up with the Punisher is one way to stay angry.

Planet of the Dogs, as Pit Bull, who is working with Banner and being chased by Punisher and Hulk, sticks it to the humans. Pit Bull's like a more vicious version of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

This is where teaming up with Frank helps out, he'll oblige to someone who wants to get shot.

Superman Family Adventures #1

Jimmy has a super-crush it seems.

Krypto saves the day, Superman's best friend! And on top of that, the origin of Fuzzy the super-mouse is established, as he turns on Luthor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10

April has an old second hand store she planned on renovating, but for now it becomes the Turtles' temporary lair.

So the resurrection angle applies to Shredder as well, and looks like it's a real thing and not just the musings of an old rat.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #5
Sky Bite seems to be the man on the street character for establishing how the Decepticons, NAILs, and Autobots act on Cybertron.

Starscream is basically Loki at this point, hatching a scheme while staying in plain sight with the Autobot higher ups.

Bumblebee allows the chips to be taken off the Decepticons, this isn't going to work out well for everyone involved.

Ultimates #11

Thor and Tony's meeting with the new President doesn't go the way they planned, even though a mega version of Iron Man might do the trick to save the world. Kid Tony there is a hallucination of Tony's as his tumors have returned.

Black Widow basically recreates Captain America vs. Hank Pym in the first Ultimates run, too bad we don't really see the fight.

That's going to be one of the shortest alliances ever, did the President not see what Reed did to Germany?

Wolverine & The X-Men #11

Shi'ar Death Commandos didn't put up much of a fight once Hope tapped into the Phoenix. But we also see that Hope was able to control it just fine, like Rachel did. Yet Wolverine sees this and still calls up Cap to let him know their location.

Next issue, Kid Gladiator vs. Red Hulk and others. It better be a real fight, as this issue had more of those "panels, not results" type fights that have peppered the event so far.

X-Men Legacy #267

A neat way of connecting the old Rogue to Moon Knight, tying into the multiple personalities established in his recent series. But Rogue's been through that before. Iron Man's auto pilot suit is taking out the others, so She-Hulk Rogue steps up to the plate.

Sandoval brings the pretty. While other tie-in issues have just panels of fights with no real outcome, this was a good fight issue that had a clear winning side, the school's X-Men. As for the Avengers, they're knocked out and put back on their Quinjet to autopilot back to Avengers Tower.

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maybetoby said...

the new Hulk looks like Drax the Destroyer, just without the red facepaint or whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

hm. that mr. freeze thing better not last (i doubt it will). that REALLY SUCKS. He used to be a wonderful villain. That's probably the worst thing Snyder has done at DC.

Klep said...

I'm also not a fan of the Freeze change. Before he was a devoted husband whose devotion just went too far and got twisted, but he and Nora genuinely loved each other. With this, well-written as it may be, he becomes just another psychotic Batman villain. It takes away what Heart of Ice made special about him, and he is diminished.

maybetoby said...

meh, I don't mind the Freeze change. Having his "poor wife" being an excuse for him to go on a rampage is a crutch that needed to go.

Anonymous said...

Im all for the change in Freeze. Gives him more edge.

enckboaz said...

so... the cut of theinteresting part of a villain (a cold man moved by a warm feeling) just to give us another psychotic-hearthless-muscular-generic. This new 52 DC is a real letdown

enckboaz said...


maybetoby said...

a sob story isn't a good excuse to be a villain, just like Spider-Man 3's Sandman. "Oh, I have a sick daughter, so it's ok for me to break the law." Freeze is no better, this version shows just how f***ed up in the head he really is and should be. Being infatuated with another woman you never knew or met. Blaming Bruce Wayne as the villain in your fantasy. I like this better, and it falls in line with how a lot of Batman villain see themselves as the victims, when they really aren't.

enckboaz said...

"Oh, my parents died so i dress up like a bat to fight evil"?

PS: Sandman is the only good thing in spiderman 3 just because he is so different fron a generic mad villain with generic motivations

Mike El said...

Victor's new origin reads like a fifteen year old boy's fan fiction. Did Snyder write that? That would be a shame, because I've been loving Snyder's stuff.

His new origin isn't edgy; it's bland, generic, and it feels like the writer is trying too hard. Kind of the like the Flash: Rebirth origin do-over, or the "John Stewart: Sniper" retcon, or the Billy Batson is a sociopath idea. I don't mind shaking things up, but as a DC fan this formulaic and predictable approach to trying to make their characters more marketable is embarrassing.

Victor was one of Bat's most original villians, and the traded that in for a cheap shock. It's heart breaking.

Pat said...

the killing of his mom and bruce wayne ties to his origin were unnecessary, but the whole Nora angle of her never being his actual wife i thought was awesome. Most if not all of Batmans rogues, including Batman himself belong in an asylum because they are nuts, and now Freeze actually has a reason to be in arkham. good stuff.

Ivan said...

Hated the change to Freeze. I'm glad I didn't buy this comic.

Eddie said...

I was a big fan of Freeze's old origin, but in fairness it was kind of unsustainable for more than an arc or two. They haven't known what to do with Nora in decades. Remember when she was reborn as a fire elemental? Wouldn't the end solution to the Freeze problem as simple as Bruce funding a lab for Freeze to work on curing Nora without having to steal stuff?

I would have preferred they went with the Animated Series solution though: he cures her, but his body was destroyed and between that and his murderous rampages, she didn't love him anymore and he was just bitter and vengeful.

Nick said...

I see it! The new Hulk does indeed look like Drax, that'd be an interesting fight if they bring back the big cosmic stories. I agree with the bulk of the comments, Freeze's new origin is terrible. My good friend whose read DC his whole life has actually stopped because of how bad the new 52 is. There are a few good stories but most are badly done. Bring back the Secret Six! Haha I don't think that'll even redeem DC at this point.

Anonymous said...

Rogue will always be the criminal she started out as. She's just afraid to admit.

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