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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/06/12

The first week of June is a boom for the Moments of the Week, as we see the first act come to a big close in Avengers vs. X-Men, Clark Kent is no more in Action Comics, Earth 2 sees the origin of their scarlet speedster, and Swamp Thing knows how to stay creepy. As always, more after the jump, so let's get started! 

Before we get started, one thing I'd like to mention is that I will not be covering any of the Before Watchmen issues for Moments of the Week. There's some good creators lined up, I just don't agree with the decision to make the books. That said, let's move on to the moments!

Action Comics #10

Action Comics is still taking place in the past, only this time right after the Justice League first formed. Here Superman, having just apprehended a child killer, talks about why the League doesn't go  bigger picture, almost like their previous universe counterparts.

It looks like this will be what shifts the current writers from the Daily Star to the Daily Planet, and Clark is seemingly killed in the blast. Of course Clark will be alive since this is still in the past, so he'll probably say he got amnesia or something.

Yes, Superman can withstand a rocket shell. A weird thing this issue sets up is that Superman wears the Kryptonian armor when fighting outside of Metropolis or hanging with the League, but keeps the shirts and jeans for city work. Business Professional vs. Business Casual I guess.

Animal Man #10
The foreshadowing in the annual looks to be starting immediately, as Rot Buddy tricks Cliff into going with him away from Mom and Sis. In the red however, we see how powerful Maxine is becoming.

Maxine seems to be getting to a godlike power level, maybe this will even connect with what was shown with the gods in the DC Free Comic Book Day issue.

A good daughter, standing up to the magic weirdos.

Avengers Academy #31
No one really wants to fight on either side, and Shaw isn't trying to kill anyone but simply help the kids, so for the sake of video evidence, a show must go on. Hercules kind of takes this too far.

And as the mighty Hercules is taken down by the likes of Wiz Kid, the X-Men leave the island. If you also are thinking of picking up Uncanny X-Men #13, read this issue first.

Avengers vs. X-Men #5

We've had Hulkbuster and even Thorbuster Iron Man armors, Phoenixbuster is the next leap in technology.

This got some media attention, as Iron Man's ray splits the Phoenix's powers among the five X-Men who were on the moon. Behold the PhoeniXmen.

And with that sense that the team isn't fully in control of their abilities, the five head back to Earth to start fixing the world.

Dark Avengers #175
With the original team still on the run, Cage and Pym try to continue the chase in the present. It would be nice to see Troll's dragon magically arrive in the present.

Cage isn't allowed by FACT to lead this new team, because of their recent history with the Avengers. So to fix this Cage brinks back Skaar to be his eyes and ears in the squad.

Earth 2 #2

 New Flash is born, and with a costume that looks a lot better than what the cover showed.

Another media moment for DC, as Alan Scott is the iconic superhero who is now gay. By issue's end it looks like Sam might not be around for much longer, if they follow Alan's original origin...

Apokorats? It has a better ring than Parademon, to be honest. Nicola Scott's speed panel really shines here, giving that start from any position vibe in the panel.

Mudman #4

I just like this scene, as a cool mudslide to save an innocent civilian is met with ridicule when you say your name.

Popeye #2

Now upgraded to an ongoing series, Popeye continues the cartoon show vibe, with nicely paced humor.

Swamp Thing #10

Ah jeez, a flashback to Abigail's childhood brings the shuddering. Art this issue is from Francesco Francavilla, seeing a re-team of the Detective Comics duo.

Ultimate Spider-Man #11

Miles' first punch also brings the return of the spider-eyes changing despite being part of the costume. I've always liked that liberty when taken by other artists, cool to see it here, I can't remember it appearing yet during Miles' run.

New Spider-Man, new Scorpion, same outcome. Only no clones with this one.

Uh oh. I have to think this all takes place before what has been happening in Ultimates with the world basically falling apart, as Tony will have bigger things on his mind.

Uncanny X-Men #13
Something about this scene is really nice, the soldiers toast the "survivors" on the moon, and talking about how all but three broke from the mutant family.

Similar to his work during Siege, here Kieron Gillen adds some extra story depth to the PhoeniXmen having existed before, and how Unit is responsible for stopping the real five lights from reuniting with Hope.

X-O Manowar #2
Aric loses a hand to his alien slavers, and works for years with his fellow Visigoths as slaves until they stage a revolt years later, where they run across a certain set of armor.

And the tides turn against the Vine.

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maybetoby said...

*obligatory Alan Scott wood-weakness joke*

Brandon said...

I don;t care about your ridiculous opinions of Alan Moore, DC, or Watchmen. Just post the damn comic book moments of the week like you're supposed to do.

This crap is why your site is down the drain.

JargonPhat said...

That's what's wrong with this world. A dude spends his own hard-earned money to make a website and highlight entertaining moments of a medium which we all enjoy on a weekly basis. We all come here, free of charge, and enjoy said moments. If dude wants to provide commentary with said moments, it's his right. Don't like it? Don't come. Don't be a dick about it, though.

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