Friday, June 15, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/13/12

It's a spider and bat centric edition of Moments of the Week, as we see Ends of the Earth come to a close, Spider-Men start up, Batman gets a big reveal to Bruce's history, and all the Robins get together to deal with the youngest troublemaker in Batman & Robin. We also have Avengers Assemble see some much missed friends return and an interesting way to fight in AvX Versus, plus much more after the jump, so let's get started!

Amazing Spider-Man #687
Peter thought he had a catch with Ock-possessed Thor not being worthy, but he forgot about that always there super strength.

And the end is your usual fare, Spidey stops Doc Ock and saved the world, but it looks like he couldn't keep his promise and Silver Sable dies. Of course, we never see the body so there's a few ways for Dan Slott to change this moment, maybe it ties into the Alpha thing promoted earlier this week.

Avengers #27

Poor Thor, always having to do the heavy lifting. Noh-Varr knocked everyone out and sent them towards the sun, and took that Phoenix fragment back to the Supreme Intelligence.

So Noh-Varr just isn't fitting in anywhere right now, and then the Avengers show up.

The Avengers seem to be a little to quick to kick Protector to the curb, but it looks like Noh-Varr's story is done with for the foreseeable future, at least until AvX is finished.

Avengers Assemble #4

Poor Helicarrier, another one bites the dust. At least Thanos is stopped for the moment with it's multi-billion dollar sacrifice.

Hello, old friends! And it looks like Drax got better too! Now all we need to see are the Annihilators again and it will be a real cosmic mixer.

AvX Versus #3

That's.... an interesting way to fight, I can only imagine Deadpool would even consider that technique. It doesn't help Ben though, as Colossus just drags the fight outside of the Blue Area of the Moon and with no oxygen is the easy victor.

A trip through Limbo is nothing for Illyana, as the Rasputin siblings are the Klitschkos of the super hero world, leveling the entire series score at three a piece for both sides.

Batman #10
Bruce got to the old house where he was locked up in issue #4 too late, as the Owls seemed to take their own lives after failing to bring down Gotham. After looking at a painting of his parents, Bruce puts all the pieces together and realizes the Court was poisoned, and heads to an orphanage to confront someone he thought died hours earlier.

It looks like the idea that the Court of Owls killed the Waynes might have just been a red herring for this brother angle, unless Scott Snyder decides to up the ante with the next issue.

Batman & Robin #10
Pets are family, there's no reason not to include Titus in the portrait. He just took Jason's spot, is all.

Even Jason, the black sheep of the family, can't get a grip at Damian's little plan. The whole meeting of the Robins was just for that moment, to have Damian say he's going to beat them all at something.

Damian's not done yet with his boasting, he lets Tim know he knows what happened over in Teen Titans recently.

Smug Damian is the best Damian, especially when he acts like a little Lex Luthor in his Dad's chair. Needless to say, this makes the two fight.

Such a pretty page, with a nice finish with the staff slam.

Fantastic Four #607

Inspired by real life events it seems, Wakanda takes a note from China and Japan's playbook and buys a bunch of US Debt.

Green Lantern #10

So the Indigo rings seem to actually do more than just brainwash the bearer, however little remorse or compassion exists. Hal has to promise that Sinestro will find compassion in his GL role in order to get him free of the Indigo Tribe.

That's how much Black Hand hated being an Indigo Lantern. Even worse, a little black ring shows up and brings Hand back to life.

Scarlet Spider #6
Now there will be no problem in figuring out the difference between Peter and Kaine.

I think Scarlet Spider still has a better ring to it than Dark Spider. It's all about the alliteration.

Aracely's powers are a weird one, but at least we have a starting point with her now.

Spider-Men #1
Well, here's another reason to hate Mysterio; after stumbling into his secret lair with a glowing pink light and picking a fight with the guy, Spider-Man winds up in the Ultimate Universe, but doesn't realize it's another world.

I like the continuation of the terrible taste when anyone wears the old Spider-outfit. Where is Miles in all this? Why, the last page of course.

 Way, Miles, way.

Uncanny X-Force #26

That might look gross, but Deadpool was a floor below Wolverine when he decided to cut out the poison. Fantomex was busy with other things, like talking with Betsy again.

The new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is making a play on all the members of X-Force, so of course Mystique would be involved with any Brotherhood plot. The real Betsy is being guilt tripped by Shadow King into thinking she needs to kill herself for everything she's done in the team so far.

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maybetoby said...

next issue of Avenging Spider-Man is supposed to wrap up what happened to Silver Sable.
Considering what Noh-Varr has done for the team in the past, and that him and Carol betrayed the team in Secret Avengers, the Avengers come off a lil harsh in this. I mean seriously, there are traitors all over the line-up these days.
I really am weary of Bendis messing with my Marvel Cosmic characters. Who's the new guy, a new Star Lord? And they better explain how Drax is back, or is Bendis oblivious to all the great work DnA did?
The Batman reveal is just awesome, I love the idea of taking long-forgotten Batman stories and using those concepts today. Morrison did it pretty well, so it's great to see Snyder continue the trend.
Love seeing all the Robins together, especially to see Jason interact with them all too.
The only thing just as cool as the Batman reveal was the Lantern reveal, wonder what'll happen with the Black Lanterns this time around?

Deebo305 said...

Well its offical I can now stop reading all AvX related material

jacksyattering said...

Moment of the Week has to be from LEGION LOST #10 when, in response to TIMBER WOLF's attempt to threaten him into action, TYROC responds, "Great pep talk, Timber Wolf. NOT!"

Apparently, Tyroc and Ton DeFalco are about 3,020 years behind on current slang.

And DC is scratching its head wondering why LEGION LOST isn't selling better.

Anonymous said...

Ok I missed something, I thought Mystique Was killed by Wolverine in "Get Mystique." Am I right? or should I just chalk it up to "Dead charactors dont stay dead in comics?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4 -
Jason Aaron, who wrote Get Mystique, brought her back in Wolverine's latest series a short time after.

Anonymous said...

It was hinted that Mystique was going to be revived by the Hand.

Nick said...

Since when is Peter blonde? That's not my Star Lord...I think Bendis hasn't read any of DnA's work. Oh god :(

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