Friday, June 22, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/20/12

It's a big week for the Moments of the Week as Marvel decides to drop tons of Avengers Vs. X-Men stories on us, Wonder Woman is about to get married, Daredevil visits Europe again, and a special look at a Grim Leaper moment that was written by someone from this very site! Much more after the jump, so let's take a look!

Avengers Academy #32
It's shown in AvX #6, but Emma's current MO with her new powers is to destroy all the Sentinels around the world, which she does except for Juston's robot. Naturally, conflict arises between the god and the school.

Compromise rejected, the Sentinel goes into attack mode and Emma tells Hank to move the kids away while she prepares to destroy it, but X-23 sees too much of her previous programming being reflected on what she sees.

And with that, the Academy stands against Emma, to be concluded next issue.

Avengers vs. X-Men #6 

With the powers of the Phoenix, the X-Men are truly changing the world for the better, providing free energy and clean water, more crops for the hungry, even resolving fights with words instead of fists. Granted they are also destroying all forms of weapons to establish world peace but those are the tradeoffs. The Avengers still plan to stop them, but there is some friction in the team, most notably Beast, who seems to quit when the Avengers start to develop plans to possibly kill Scott's team. The Avengers carry on, planning to kidnap Hope from Utopia so they can understand her energy powers to develop anti-Phoenix measures.

Thor, was that really necessary? You need to pick on someone your own power level....

That chaos is Wanda, who showed up to save the Avengers and take Hope with her. When Cyclops touched her to make her stop, he was burned, feeling pain for the first time since getting the power upgrade. So Hope goes with the Avengers wherever, leading Cyclops to make this point.

And there we go, the push into Act 2 of the story. Cyclops makes an interesting point about the people hiding their actions behind the heroes, as a way to protect their actions from truly getting retribution. It's a bit like Magneto, but not to the point of killing every human, just wanting accountability for their actions. This is the best issue of AvX so far, and feels like it actually has a genuine story to tell, I recommend it if you've been checking in on the sidelines.

Baltimore: Dr. Leskovar's Remedy #1
Lord Baltimore comes across a small village where people are forced to be subjected to anti-vampire formulas in an attempt to save the world. The clever catch is those who are doing the kidnapping are actually the first volunteers who want a cure to their disease, and are keeping Dr. Leskovar as a hostage until he develops a cure.

I liked that, it brings back a Castlevania vibe using the cross as a weapon like that.

Birds of Prey #10

Move over Banshee and Siryn, Black Canary decides to not hold back anymore with her power and it looks like she can now harness her scream to develop short term flight.

Daredevil #14

Last we saw Daredevil, he was teleported from NYC to Latveria where he was to pay for his crimes of messing up Latveria's money laundering scheme issues earlier. The catch is that the gas is actually filled with nano machines that are destroying Matt's senses.

If Doom was still around in this universe, the poor shopowner might be hanged or simply sent to the gulags for helping a superhero. Nevertheless, Matt makes a run for the border....

Poor Matt, he got all the way to the one-yard line, but he thinks he scored a touchdown.

Dark Avengers#176

Man, talk about an out of the blue moment. The team travelled all the way back to when Earth was nothing but primordial ooze, which allowed Man-Thing to be reborn and speak in a way that reflects the listener. So Boomerang seems to be a gangsta, who'd have thunk it? Also on this trip the team rescues Doctor Doom from when he was fighting his Master during Mark Millar's FF run, in a nice time travel connection to a previous story.

Grim Leaper #2

In a backup story written by our very own Ryan K. Lindsay, we see a short tale of revenge being plotted by a man who associated love with food. I can't think of a story that had this type of plan in motion, so kudos to Ryan for a gross, novel way to get revenge!

New Avengers #27

Following the events of AvX #6, Hope is now in K'un L'un for hte time being, and it looks like she's going to have a new teammate to help her develop her powers.

Spidey pulls out his usual "with great power comes great responsibility" routine and gets Hope to give him a chance to be her mentor.

Secret Avengers #28

Even Carol's short return to being Binary doesn't stop the Phoenix, good thing Brian gets some confidence again:

 And Captain Marvel dies, again, but the Phoenix moves on past Hala to Earth.

Wonder Woman #10
If there was any doubt, Diana is able to escape from her wedding hanging.

This was my moment o the week, as the art really does the job of showing Lennox really making use of his heritage against a hellhound.

An interesting play on the power of Eros' guns, as Hades allows everyone to leave the underworld, but not without a gift from Diana.

Man, that's the kind of line and delivery you storyboard for the end of an action movie, and it looks like Hades might fall in love with himself after looking in the mirror. Just a cool scene.

Uncanny X-Men #14

Moloids, always getting their home taken over or destroyed. New London is Sinister's world where he's anyone and everyone in a constant push to become perfect.

Something about Gambit having become the punching bag over recent years, particularly with his accent, it's amusing, I wonder what James Asmus will do with the character in a few weeks.

Last time there was a Madelyne Pryor out there, she got some Phoenix power herself, I wonder if that will come into play with six more clones over the next few issues.

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maybetoby said...

So sick of the Avengers finding a way to justify going into a sovereign nation. Twice. Way to make my heroes look like mutant oppressors.

Anonymous said...

Uncanny X-Men was soooooo twisted! I love it! It seems like Gillen is more himself when Greg Land isn't drawing. It's not just the artwork either; I feel like the stories are so bland when Land is drawing.

I didn't like the retcon of Iron Fist, but I'm just glad he's getting some air time. It seems like he's going to have a major role later in AvX.

Anonymous said...

This week's last page of The Darkness has got to be the Oh Sh*t Moment of the Year! If you've been reading the last arc anyway. Otherwise, it won't make that much sense.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the avengers justification?

maybetoby said...

@ anon #4, that's a good question. Cuz I don't know either...

Klep said...

@anon#4 I don't think they have a great idea either. They just know that Hope was the Phoenix's original target, so they're hoping that if they have her they'll be able to do.....something. They don't know what yet.

Anonymous said...

Man black canary flying is dumb. She was my favorite charecter pre 52. Doesn't even make sense. Know what's cooler than flying? A motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

@Klep I wasn't questioning their plan , I'm questioning their justification to stop cyclops and the others can anyone tell me?

Anonymous said...

Wait, Emma Frost saw Iron Giant?

Klep said...

@anon8 Their justification, I believe, is that Cyclops et. al. are toying with powers they can't hope to control and that it will inevitably blow up in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix guys imposing their vision, their will, damn Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme to see how this will end. Unoriginal.

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