Friday, June 29, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 06/27/12

Welcome to the last Moments of the Week afor June, wehre origins appear in Aquaman, Justice League, and Batman Inc., the X-Men hunt the Avengers, and Manhattan Projects pushes science to new levels. Also on tap are Spider-Men fighting amongst each other, the Ultimates wraps up its big arc, and Atomic Robo launches a new mini-series. All that and more, as always, after the jump. 

Amazing Spider-Man #688
Mary Jane is the jackpot, open your eyes Peter. Upon hearing about the spider-girlfriend support group, Carlie tells Peter someone dug up the grave of Billy Connors, and it points to Morbius. Shocking, but he says it's for a good cause:

So with that new cure, the whole science team heads into the sewers for a lizard hunt.

Success? Not quite, as even in human form the Lizard portion is still in control, but Spidey and the others don't know that. Uh oh.....

Aquaman #10

Another member of the Others, we run into The Operative this issue, who seems to be a super spy from the JSA era, if they still existed. He's got a luxurious cargo plane for a hideout, that's a lot of extra cool points, too.

Flashback time, as we find out why Arthur and Black Manta hate each other. Arthur simply got revenge on the wrong person, making this a never ending feud between the two.

Atomic Robo: The Flying She-Devils Of The Pacific #1

The year: 1951
The place: the Pacific (duh)
The story: Robo is fighting rogue Japanese nationalists, and is saved by ladies with jetpacks.

Not only do they have a flying carrier, they have their own island!

Jetpacks made from improvisation, that's how you make some super cool lemonade out of lemons.

Batman Inc. #2

Thirty years of history are made to fit twenty pages of story, as Talia's slightly revised DCnU origin is revealed as she lays out her plans to her father. I really dig the Bat silhouettes in Ra's eyes when crazy Batman busts into the tent.

FF #19

Nothing like having a field trip in Wakanda by taking a dip in the national reservoir. The kids later run into the dead body of one of the Hyena Clan, a roaming bunch of marauders.

Bentley will always push the button when you say "do not push." Their guide who said not to touch the body, Onome, becomes the newest member of the FF by the end of the issue. Just an ever growing collection of baby geniuses.

Flash #10

Marcus To steps in this issue to continue the mandatory lovely splash page quota, followed by the fastest foot paddle to shore yet.

Justice League #10

It's still weird to see Superman brooding in the shadows and floating off the ground, while Batman seems more open to the League. It's like the opposite of Morrison's JLA where Batman would sit in the rafters to spook everyone.

Barry's right, as it marks the appearance of David Graves in his new monster form.

David Graves origin of his powers is somewhat revealed, as it seems to have something to do with his family members' spirit merging with him. Spectre-vibes, maybe?

Manhattan Projects #4
Roswell, New Mexico, in what would be Hickman's swing at humanity meeting with aliens. Who seem to eat the losers of former empires. This isn't going to work out well, is it?

FDR-bot, as I like to think of him, was on to something, as the Einstein we've seen so far appears to have actually been from a parallel universe. When the switch was made is unknown, but it did happen while Albert was part of the Project. Our Einstein created a portal where he was instantly greeted by his alternate self:

Our Einstein will find a way out, believe in him! This is just a great book, I cannot recommend it enough.

Spider-Men #2

Note to self: remember to do a "best pages of the year" post, where this page is currently sitting at #1. Such a cool use of time and motion.

 Spider-Armor, Pete. This is a sign to bring it back.

Miles beats Peter, and takes him to the only person who could help, Nick Fury.

The great thing about Ultimate Nick Fury is that he believes everything Peter said, which is refreshing.

TMNT #11

Mikey has his priorities straight, but this is actually the Purple Dragons gang, led by Angel, someone who Casey knows.

See, there are now so many mutant animals and reptiles out there now they're causing trouble, and leading to where Splinter is being held. Time for a temporary truce!

Strike a pose, team.

Ultimates #12
How is Reed shunned on by his people? Tony's tumor. No really, Tony's tumor is able to mess with all kinds of machinery when Reed sticks a needle into him, even making a super giant Iron Man, to which Reed responds with a giant Hulk.

See, it was the truth. It's almost like the Ultimate version of Extremis or something. While Tony messes with the City, Sue and Thor show up to help out.

 And down goes the big man, one eye out of commission.

And there we go, craziest man on the planet is captured, the City seems to be left alone and leaves the world alone, and the stage is set for Cap's return next issue.

Wolverine & The X-Men #12
Cap really needs to chill with the guilt trips, he probably didn't even know who Rachel was before this. As for Kid Gladiator, he pretty much steals every page he's on.

 Kid Gladiator is the most worthy of all of Wolverine's students, come on Odin!

This doesn't really jive with Avengers vs. X-Men #6, where Hank very clearly walks away from what the Avengers are doing, even though this issue is clearly written to take place after that issue.

Bobby's right, that is pretty messed up. But then Bobby could have just made an iceman in Hank's stomach.

I've been waiting to see a Namor insult post Phoenix, and we get a good one.

X-Men Legacy #269

A normal Rogue/Ms. Marvel brawl, but beautifully drawn by David Baldeon. Rogue finally beats Carol, when Magik shows up to take the prisoner to a tougher jail than Utopia.

That's a pretty easy way to highlight ominous, isn't it? And Illyana was already a little amoral before getting Phoenix powers.

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Steve said...

I'm a huge Mike Carey fan, and I was a bit nervous when Christos Gage took over X-Men Legacy. He's done a largely terrific job with the AvX issues; the two-part brawl was one of the better fight comics I've ever seen, and last issue's Frenzy-centric story was great. This issue left me a little flat. I enjoyed the idea that the other X-Men are playing an instrumental role in the Phoenix Five's "improvement" of the planet, but Rogue's aggression seemed a bit hasty and the issue just didn't have enough substance for me. Baldeon killed it, though.

Speaking of artists killing it: Gsbriel Hernandez Walta. I can't think of too many artists who could have done those scenes justice. I'm trade-waiting on FF, but these pages are testing my resolve. I've only seen his work on his intermittent X-Book assignments, but I've loved his nontraditional style. I want to see more of him. Whoever the editor was that lined him up for this issue deserves kudos. I wonder if he's quick enough for a regular monthly book...

Sara Pichelli's art on Spider-Men is just stupid good. It's just not fair.

Manhattan Projects is pretty much just everything Jonathan Hickman is good at writing. I love it. I only wish Secret was as exciting so far...

I had to force myself to skip right over those Atomic Robo pages. That's another series I get in trades, and I can't spoil it for myself. This book is just too good.

Man, I love comics.

Deebo305 said...

Pheonix X-Men almost make me want to jump back on AvX, sadly I can predict how this event will end based on Magiks actions

maybetoby said...

what, no love for Transformers: More Than Meets They Eye #6? That one had full of great moments, especially if you enjoyed Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Anonymous said...

@Deebo305 What are you talking about?

Deebo305 said...

Basically that everyone will eventually see the Pheonix X-Men as evil for some reason and both the Avengers and Regular X-men will team up to free them from the Pheonix's influence. Just seems a Tad predictable

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