Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/11/12

It's San Diego Comic-Con weekend, and Moments of the Week will gladly oblige with the pop culture spotlight! Batman sees the end of Scott Snyder's year long story, Bloodshot debuts, death knocks on both Venom and Uncanny X-Force's job, and we might even have something about a crazy robot chicken, too. Much more after the jump, so let's get started as you head into your weekend.

Avenging Spider-Man #9

Carol Danvers appears in her new Captain Marvel role before her series debuts, and teams up with Spidey to stop some hired security force from taking down a juvenile bank robber. It looks like Carol has borrowed a bit of personality from She-Hulk.

The right response, who can hate blondes? Robyn Hood, as the bank robber wants to be known now, has some kind of power where she absorbs energy and grows to Giant Man levels. It's not quite clear how, that will probably appear next issue.

AvX: Vs. #4

Emma Frost takes full advantage of her new powers to literally rain down on Thor, and is the victor. Kaare Andrews always does something new with his style, and this has a certain look that's both minimalist and focuses on panel layout, I'm having a hard time thinking of who it reminds me of. If he wanted to keep this style for future use, I'd be all for it. As for the Psylocke/Daredevil fight, it's made to be a draw, which defeats the whole purpose of this series. Thumbs down for that decision, Marvel.

Batman #11

Thomas/Lincoln basically gives you his origin, right before the fight is taken to new heights. It does seem to be what really happened, having been injured badly because of a premature birth. Records showed that Thomas Wayne did live for 12 hours before being declared dead, but after that it's he said/ she said in terms of whether the child did die, or if Martha sent him away to the orphanage in secret. Of course March could be just a random orphan made to believe this by the Court of Owls.

Brothers battle at thirty thousand feet, which culminates in the currently under construction Wayne Tower being destroyed, and March disappearing. Thus ends the first year of DCnU Batman.

Batman & Robin #11

As seen last issue, a bunch of baddies who want revenge on Batman strike out at the people of Gotham, branding them with the bat symbol. This really makes Batman even angrier than he usually is.

Panel of the week? I think so, we need to have more Damian/Gordon interaction in this book, he could be the replacement for Stephanie Brown as the one to slap him upside the head.

It's not just the people who are branded, the city gets it's fair share of the damage. And to say it matches the images and trailers for Dark Knight Rises would be a understatment.

Bloodshot #1

Ray's gonna need a few more steak dinners to make up for that. After being taken out by terrorists as he attempts to rescue his military friend, Bloodshot is able to heal himself thanks to the nanites in his body. From there, he goes into Rambo mode.

It's a trap, as a certain Rebel Alliance Admiral would say. Turns out the whole hostage situation was a plan to capture Bloodshot and download the nanite data in his body, from one of the very people who helped create Bloodshot to begin with. And then the reveal to set the series plot into motion:

Fake memories used to keep Bloodshot compliant. And when Bloodshot escapes his memory gets wiped and remade by his allies. So you have the reader knowing what's happening, but whether Bloodshot will figure it out is up in the air (so far).

Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1
Poyo! The six trillion dollar bird teams up with his English allies to find out where Regen-Bogen is, a man who has developed a ray to make it rain animals upon innocent towns and cities unless he gets his ransom.

Poyo! More powerful than the Sentry and Superman combined! Even if you don't read Chew, this is definitely a fun one-shot for you to enjoy. Where else can a rooster beat up the devil?

Dark Avengers #177

Doom even programmed his doombots to be rude to women, he truly is a supervillain.

This page is just heartbreaking, because now that Man-Thing can talk in his universal way, the revelation that he has also lost his ability to control time and space makes those red eyes always look sad.

If anyone could send Doom back to hell, it's the devil's daughter. A nice effect to show Doom's spiritual skin self to be black.

New Avengers #28

Danger pulls a Dallas on the captured Avengers, as their escape is all a dream to keep them complacent. Alarm bells should have been ringing when Luke Cage is able to take on Phoenix-Colossus without being knocked across the country.

Scarlet Spider #7

Kaine saves a lady from falling out of the Roxxon building after a rocket hits it, and in a move that shows he's still new to the superhero thing, sleeps with her. And then he finds out she's the one who fired the rocket. Poor Kaine. He tries to get some answers by heading back to Roxxon, because it's pretty much synonymous with bad stuff in the Marvel Universe.

The evil CEO's rebellious daughter, Kaine, you really hit the home run for screwing up this month.

Spider-Men #3
Boom goes the robot, as Mysterio pulls the plug on his avatar, and seems to strand Peter in the Ultimate Universe.

On top of getting some technical exposition, Tony's ego can't allow someone to be above his intellect in technology, just merely to the side. Peter is trying to get his bearings, heading to where his apartment would be in the 616 Universe, but it's a mini mart instead.

Pete finds out about his other self dying, and then heads over to the old house for a moment everyone was waiting for.....

Should be some nice pages in the next issue, unless this makes May get another heart attack.

Venom #20

This is something Flash should incorporate into the suit more, just a bunch of knives to flail around and cut up everyone in his way, like Wolverine on steroids.

Death Adder lives up to his name, but it's unfortunate that Flash had to kill him in front of an innocent woman and child. Meanwhile, Crime Master's identity is revealed to Betty:

Yep, Betty's brother Bennett is the Crime-Master.

Uncanny X-Force #27

Fantomex goes down like a trooper, saving Betsy before losing his heart. This isn't a misdirection as Fantomex was poisoned by Mystique, but the guy has cloned Apocalypse, who's to say he doesn't have some clones of himself somewhere?

Wolverine & The X-Men #13
Bobby is the ladies man, even wooing his temporary enemies.

Gladiator learns the hard way to not pick a fight with people who control omnipotent power, getting nearly beat to death. Cyclops even gave him the chance to stop fighting, but Gladiator kept going. Just remember the Shi'ar recently attempted to kill Hope, and in the past even killed off all of Jean Grey's family because of the Phoenix, so they shouldn't get a lot of sympathy here.

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Anonymous said...

Skinless man is such a jerk, whats his prob?

Cory Rushton said...

Emma Frost really went full-on kink there, didn't she?

Rocker69 said...

Ken I wished you could have said more about the Wolverine X-Men issue as it was probably one of the best of the week, telling the sad sad story of Warbird. It was gut-wrenching. The Gladiator thing was the least interesting aspect of the whole issue.

I recommend everyone to check it out.

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