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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/18/12

Welcome one and all to another big installment of Moments of the Week! This week sees the Avengers beating up one X-Man, An X-Man beating up a robot, Carol Danvers gets another shot at a solo series with Captain Marvel, and Justice League sees friends talk with their fists instead of their words. We also see the first appearance of Blue & Gold in Blue Beetle and X-O Manowar sets up the twist to the first story arc. After the jump there's always more, so let's get started!

Avengers Academy #33

The team can't really stand up to Phoenix-Emma, and she explodes Juston's Sentinel, destroying it's CPU. Emma did dismantle it piece by piece so that it could be rebuilt, just without it's inherent mutant killing programming. With that, Emma leaves the Academy.

Like Quicksilver explained, he saved the original CPU, and with teamwork the Sentinel is brought back to  normal, now having overrided its original programming to only protect Juston. But then Tigra and Hank Pym shut down the Academy because it might be a future target for the Phoenix Five.

Avengers vs. X-Men #8

Tag-teaming Namor doesn't help as the Avengers get routed, and Red Hulk is in so much pain he's got the internet troll face going. So on to Plan W, Wanda.

And just like that, Wanda does......something that makes the Phoenix leave Namor, right before Cyclops and the other X-Men arrived to stop Namor's attack. But by then the Avengers skedaddle out of Wakanda.

Cyclops just can't get a break, as Captain America blames him for Namor's attack, and Xavier starts telling Cyclops he's gone too far as well. Unless I missed something, Cyclops is still protecting a world that fears and hates him, even trying to make it better for everyone. Is Xavier simply jealous now?

Blue Beetle #11

This is not how the first DCnU meeting of Blue & Gold is supposed to go! And it doesn't stop there, as the fight moves into the city.
So the bwa-ha-ha seems to be bwa-ha-nah for the time being, in a kind of an unnecessary catty way to the old fans of Beetle and Booster.

Jaime's grandmother steps in to stop the fight, knowing it's her grandson by intuition, to which Booster says he was just "testing" Beetle to see if he would be a candidate for the JLI. And with that the fight ends, Loosely translated, Conchi in that first panel was saying "stop it, whitey."

Captain Marvel #1

A few pages into the first issue, and the sash Carol wears shows it's just as important as Cap's shield for taking down bad guys.

The rest of the issue is Carol deciding whether or not to take up the Captain Marvel name or stick with Ms. Marvel, and then she takes a flight up to the edge of space thinking of her old idol, a female pilot from the space program.

And there we go, name now established, a new costume, time for some kind of conflict or direction for Carol to encounter.

Daredevil #15
It looks like Matt is trying to be Magneto there, but he's actually trying to use his powers to find the jamming device Doom set up on the castle. It seems that despite the nanobots taking away his senses, his body is trying to jump start his radar sense again because it's a natural reaction his body had to being deprived of sight all those years ago.

We've seen spider-fail, but this is just so down on your luck sad it needs to be kept for daredevil-fail.

Matt breaks the jammer, and Iron Man is able to respond and help out, but not before getting some revenge.

Tony was head of SHIELD, I wonder if he still gets diplomatic immunity. If not, Steve will just pull some strings and get it taken care of.

Fantastic Four #608

Black Panther takes on a whole new meaning as T'Challa takes the role as king of the dead for Wakanda's bravest. Shuri gets to stay regular Panther, but now T'Challa gets to be an even greater merging of ancient magic with his scientific acumen. Reed is also part of the process now, being somewhat bonded to T'Challa, so this might have some setup for the Fantastic Four in the future.

Justice League #11

Steve's kidnapped, Diana's beating herself up over it and how she's treated him, and now she's taking her anger out on Hal, who I'm surprised hasn't been getting into more fights with the team with the way he acts.

Diana's just on a tear, but cooler heads prevail and they head to where David Graves gained his powers, a place where the dead appear as spirits.

Is it a fake out, or would Geoff Johns really kill Steve off a few issues in to make a point that this is a whole new universe?

Wonder Woman #11
Apparently the gods can't take a joke when it comes to their relatives. While Zola is getting checked out by a doctor, Apollo and Artemis roll into town to take Zola back to Hera. Diana does not oblige.

Lennox's strength effect is pretty cool over the past few issues, he's basically being cracked up to look like The Thing. Needless to say, the two gods are taking care of Zola's defenders pretty fast.

Shotgun to the face can't even help, leading to Zola being kidnapped. Get ready for a rumble in Olympus in thirty days.

Uncanny X-Men #16
Krakoa gets cloned a lot these days, first the Hellfire Club, now by Sinister. But that's not the end of cloning run amok, behold secret mutant weapons:

Exploding Gambits, literal Cannoballs, and cows that go boom, that's not even counting the cloned ex-wives of Cyclops who take out half of Sinister's London. The Jackal is looking at all this and going "I thought I was pushing new ground with just a clone of Peter Parker."

X-O Manowar #3
Aric's hand, instant revival. The breakout continues, but everyone save Aric is killed.

Vengeance might be received for the slavers, but Aric returns home to Rome to find his wife. And he does get back to Rome, it's just....

Yep, he was gone for a few years his time, but it was actually a few thousand years. And when a Rome SWAT team arrives, Aric still remember what their ancestors did to him years ago.

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maybetoby said...

My fav moment was Cap's line in AVX where he says that the invasion of Wakanda proves Cyclops is the bad guy. Guess Cap forgot he's already invaded Utopia twice.

Ivan said...

"Gringo" doesn't really translate to "whitey". It's a slang term latin people use to refer to North Americans and Europeans in general. A black guy can be a "gringo".

Anonymous said...

Gotta love The Thing's punt kick at the end of the beatdown. I know about the whole don't kick a man when he's down, but that was funny as hell.

maybetoby said...

I don't like Carol's hair.

Naymlap said...

In Thing's defense, punting a guy isn't kicking him when he's down. He was picked up and then kicked, so it's totally ok.

Anonymous said...

We use gringo only for U.S.A. people, not Europeans.
I am mexican by the way :)

Ivan said...

@Anon: Really? Us Brazilians use it for Europeans as well.

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