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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/25/12

While the world watches medals be given out in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, here at the Moments of the Week we aim to give medals of Adamantium, Vibranium, and Nth! This week sees Green Lantern set up Black Hand's goal, Manhattan Projects boldly goes where no man has gone before, and Ultimates sees the big three reunite once again. You also have a dino-rific reveal in Transformers, a blistering revision of a Rogue in Flash, and Remender shows X-Force the future. Much more after the longjump, so let's get started!

Amazing Spider-Man #690

Evil Connors cuts off an arm because it's no big deal, whatever Morbius created merged the DNA and keeps regrowing Connors' arm.

Avengers Card saves the day, Spidey's probably been wanting to  use that for a while. Meanwhile, Connors keeps turning scientists into lizards.

Busted! Quick, distraction time:

Lizards everywhere!


Aquaman #11
Flashback time, as the origin of the trident and the Others weapons are revealed. Back to the present, where Vostok reunites with the others after being on the Moon for two years:

That's a weird origin, and the guy must have some other genetic change to him to be able to stay on the Moon for two years, unless the Justice League sends him food or something. After everyone meets up the reveal about Black Manta's goal is revealed:

Almost like a fusion between Atlantis and Lord of the Rings, the big finale next month.

Dark Avengers #178

A gun that works like Mjolnir, that's pretty cool. Even more of a twist, this Judge Dredd styled cop seems to actually be Luke Cage, or a future relative.

FF #20
A Mini-Marvels Moloid kids backup, what better time than to show up for the Marvel NOW relaunches? The thing blocking out the stars is actually the Inhumans city returning back to Earth.

Someone had to do it, might as well be your future self. Meanwhile Future Franklin takes Franklin back to his regular school, where fond memories are recalled:

Awesome sandwich, possible future girlfriend, things are looking up for the omnipotent kid.

Flash #11

Heatwave makes his DCnU debut, and of course picks a fight with the cold guy. Looks like Heatwave's obsession with fire shows, with his skin being burned all over. Flash doesn't have time for this:

Two birds with one vortex, Marcus To's a good rotating artist to keep on this book, I think.

Green Lantern #11

So with Hand being brought back to life again, Black Lanterns aren't going to show up, but rather more regular zombies. Hand even bought his dead family Chinese food to have dinner again. Meanwhile Sinestro shows off his secret lair to check out the Book of Black:

Secret lairs shouldn't be just for Superman and Batman, every hero should have one. Get cracking, Hal.

Hint dropping time. Guy in jail, Kyle getting his own taste of Red Lantern power, Manhunters return, and the new GL from the free comic book day issue.

The Manhattan Projects #5
Oppenheimer kills the alien ambassadors from last issue, leading to General Groves being the only other remaining survivor, and he finds out Oppenheimer's weird ways:

When someone asks how "nom nom nom" became a thing, you can actually say it was an old saying by one of the guys who created the Atomic Bomb. With the alien knowledge and how they take over planets, the team sends Dr. Weiss, Harry Daghlian, and Enrico Fermi to delegate on behalf of humanity via a portal that the Earth is in possession of:

Dr. Weiss' suit broke in teleporting, but he still sacrifices himself to take out all the other aliens with Daghlian's radiation. Every alien save one is killed at this council:

And that's why we probably still keep to ourselves in the universe. I feel like a broken record, but there's no better book on the stands at the moment, why trade wait?

TMNT #12
Turtle Power activates, as the four team up to take down their father's assailant:

That's a flashback line to the Leonardo one-shot. The turtles fall back with Splinter in tow, and April finally meets her old lab friend:


Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #7

Members of the DJD, the Decepticon Justice Division (basically bad cops), reminisce with an old ally who was offline for quite a bit. A nice touch of having the big two resort to just being data feeds because the war was so big in scale. Later on the group finds an old decepticon ship, and longtime Transformers fans will like what they see:

Grimlock! One of the best robots in any medium looks to do some damage in issue #8.

Ultimates #13

I would gladly welcome Thor going from hippy to 80's rock fan. Tony's on his way to New Mexico because Cap just showed up there to stop bandits from attacking innocent people:

I think there's room in that lie there to do a flashback story about Cap fighting a nazi robot in WWII. Iron Man arrives to take care of the Nimrod, and Thor also shows up:

The Big Three, back together again. Thoughts on Tony's new armor? It looks like he's got hair on the sides.

Venom #21

Rick Remender really is cleaning house in his books, as it looks like Eddie might be killed. He's probably just badly burned. Flash finds Betty, but Crime Master has his own sonic gun to take care of Venom:

Betty saves Flash by killing her brother, and forgives him for how he acted leading up to this, but she doesn't want to see him anymore.

Uncanny X-Force #28

The team escapes death last issue by teleporting thirty years into the future where they find Deathlok who tells them how their future selves are actually hunting him down and have turned the world into a Big Brother world. Wolverine still thinks he's doing the right thing, leading Deathlok to switch into his kill mode to change the future:

I kind of feel for Deadpool now, because he no longer has his healing factor due to events in his own book. Those cuts and robot fists to the face are going to take a while to heal. Deathlok is killed by future version of Cable, Hope, and Punisher, who work with Betsy to keep the peace. Still reeling from last issue, Betsy decides to change the future the only way she knows:

Wolverine & the X-Men #14

Toad, you're no longer the sad guy in the group. No wonder everyone picks on you.
Iceman takes out an Avenger, but thinks the Phoenix Five are going too far into playing god, so he and Angel head back to the school. Meanwhile, Colossus and Kitty's date ends on a bad note when Kitty won't give up working at the school. Colossus arrives to destroy it, because he's shown as being more possesed than simply having great power:

And like that, the school seems like a sanctuary again, and Kitty continues the romantic flirtations with Bobby.

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maybetoby said...

Reed really needs to keep an eye on his daughter.

The bit with Connors cutting off the wrong arm was hilarious.

The Decepticons gathered around the campfire arent the DJD. They're just regular Cons. The leader of the DJD is the one threatening them with the hologram message at the end. They hunt down those that betray Megatron's ideals, so someone in that group must've done something big to get their attention.

I'm guessing you weren't able to get a Batman Inc issue. Some retailers sold this weeks issue anyway, despite DC's request.

sdelmonte said...

Wow, what a pack of creepy. Manhattan Projects, GL and Spidey. Gotta say, the stuff I've been seeing online about the current Lizard arc is more offputting than engaging. I just don't like what Slott and friends have made him into. This might an arc I skip altogether.

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