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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/04/12

A star-spangled smattering for today's Moments of the Week await you, as July sees the start of He-Man and Lookouts, Ultimate Spider-Man has a big time payoff for Miles' first big arc, and Earth 2 continues to distance itself from the normal DC Universe. More after the jump as always, like the Avengers still fighting the X-Men, so let us begin!

Action Comics #11

Clark Kent's new job as a firefighter sees him don the Johnny Clark persona. When it comes to new personae it doesn't have the flair of Matches Malone, but it's a lot better than Mike Murdock. This new persona predicament sees the first timeline appearance of the World's Finest getting together away from the Justice League:

I'd like to think that any new Batman gadgets in the DCnU, like a Bat spaceship, would come from Bruce just trying to show Clark he can do anything.

Amazing Spider-Man #689
Connors, still with the Lizard persona, needs to get back to his old self, and decides to make Morbius his distraction.

Blood vented through the air ducts makes Morbius really hungry, and Spidey is just tired of it always getting out of hand, cue the chase and fight:

 UV Light garlic gun, a gift from Uatu, the little vampire slayer from a few issues back.

So while Lizard looks to get back to his more reptilian state, why not make Max a lizard too?

Avengers vs. X-Men #7
Poor Clint, getting killed a few times by Wanda, now burned alive by Emma. But it's ok, Phoenixes can fix everything:

Only one issue into the paradise angle before we start to see cracks forming. It seems like Scott and Peter are pretty good at containing the power, and Scott clearly wants to focus on fixing the world and just arresting the Avengers, but Emma and Namor are getting a little out of hand. And Illyana is running demon prisons in Russia. So it's kind of a toss-up right now as to whether the power is corrupting or if it just brings out your characteristics in an amplified manner. 

Panel of the issue, as T'Challa won't stand for Tony quitting the Phoenix challenge by sacrificing himself. If Tony lost his beard and mustache somewhere along the way, can someone point it out for me? It just makes him look a lot younger than he normally does.

Wanda is the only one who can do damage, and we see that she is still into making people shatter into little pieces. Only this time they don't die. That's still a whole bunch of formerly crazy power being left unchecked.

That's just not nice, Emma. When gods cheat on other gods, things don't go so well. But with this information Namor launches an attack on Wakanda, to be seen next issue.

Earth 2 #3

Green Lantern appears, and he is basically the Earth 2 protector of the Green, like Swamp Thing is for the regular universe. A pretty original way to go, I wasn't really expecting it.

Another change to the origin of the lantern ring, using it to remember the death of Sam. That's a really good way to justify using a ring as opposed to a sword or shield, even for something symbolic to generate constructs. And since Alan Scott is the protector of the Green, Solomon Grundy is now the avatar of the Grey, which is Earth 2's version of the Rot.

He-Man #1
Adam is a quiet woodsman, living in a small village taking care of his ailing father, but keeps having the dreams of being He-Man. One day he decides to leave the forest to see whats up with these dreams, but runs across Beast Man who attempts to stop him from leaving. A fight ensues:

He's not in his He-Man persona yet, but Adam clearly has some skills that go beyond a simple woodsman. What is the meaning of this?

A reveal that makes it seem like a cross betwee the Truman Show and Bourne Identity, Skeletor seems to know what Adam can be, and has been trying to keep him in the forest. So no He-Man scenes this issue outside of some dreams, maybe next issue has the power.

Lookouts #1

See, the innocence of a child can be the most destructive thing for a family. Penny Arcade's Lookouts makes the jump to the regular comic issue, and is available digitally a few weeks ahead of the print version. And it's 99 cents for a full issue, if that peaks your interest.

The logic by Samson here is sound, along with adding to that role-playing element of leveling up before the boss fight.

Popeye #3
Poor Wimpy, it's like when Homer Simpson fought Drederick Tatum.

Wait, a horseshoe, that's cheating!

With this revelation, and assuming having a horse box is within the rules, would it make the horseshoe legal? 

Transformers Robots In Disguise #7
Turmoil's a bad, bad guy, but Drift, seen over in More Than Meets The Eye, seems to have his own skeletons.

Even if you don't follow Transformers, you have to love the image of a bass playing Autobot and a singing Decepticon shark. It's the musical equivalent of Ebony and Ivory.

Everyone's freaking out about Turmoil appearing, leading Wheeljack to investigate his recently arrived spaceship.

It's ok, folks! It's just a robot flesh wound, as Metalhawk arrives to help out. The revelation of a slave built time machine seems to be calling back to the first issues of both series, with some big catastrophic thing coming down the pike.

Ultimate Spider-Man #12

Miles had enough of Uncle Aaron blackmailing him, so it leads to a rooftop, bus top, and street battle where Aaron is wearing some stolen villain Shocker gauntlets.

It looks like this might really be Miles' Uncle Ben moment, as Aaron seems to die in the explosion. It's not really Miles' fault since he was protecting the innocents on the street, but he did stop from telling his parents about his powers at the last minute, which led to this fight.

Uncanny X-Men #15

Poor Colossus, he can't even get things to go right when he has godlike power. I do like how Cytorrak easily justifies keeping Peter as his servant, because heroes really do attract damage and destruction.

And find Sinister they do, underneath Alaska, because Sinister is always trolling Cyclops.

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Randallw said...

I've liked Earth-2, and will stick with it but this infatuation with the Green, Rot and whatever that DC has in the New 52 is what finally turned me off Animal Man when I realised it wasn't going away.

Anonymous said...

You know, the Moments of the Week has been full of a lot more pages than usual these last few months. It always takes me half an hour to read through them now.

Deebo305 said...

Another Lizard huh? That exactly what ASM needed....anyway good to see Peter isn't going crazy with power like Emma, Manor, and Matilda but in Manors case that actually does all seem like stuff he'd do normally lol

maybetoby said...

nothing from JLI taking out the bad guys in issue #11. Also Drift's skeletons were revealed in the beautifully illustrated Transformers: Drift 4-issue mini-series.

Klep said...

So now Peter Parker is the kind of person who goes off the handle and delivers savage beatings to people who are trying to talk to him. I don't know this man.

maybetoby said...

hey, I just realized you didn't cover Batman: Earth One at all. What gives?

jacksyattering said...


Did anyone else notice that BATMAN totally vanished from the story between the end of JLI #10 and the beginnig of #11?

Ken Boehm said...

Maybeoby: Since it was only released in comic shops this week and not bookstores (ie cheap on Amazon), it will either show up next week or it will get it's own standalone review.

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