Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic-Con News Round Up - Day 1

As I'm sure you're all well aware, San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest annual event in comics, kicked off yesterday.  To help you keep track of some of the more noteworthy things going on this year, I've compiled a quick round-up of some of the more exciting revelations from Day 1.

DC Comics

Things were relatively quiet from the DC benches yesterday, mostly content to let a few choice bits of pieces come out through the numerous panels they hosted.

Among the few highlights of the Dark and Edge panel were that Timothy Hunter of the Books of Magic-fame will be coming back to the main-DC universe in the near future and that there are currently no plans to bring back Renee Montoya, along with some general chatter about Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder's Rotworld tie-in, which looks like it will be encompassing more books than simply Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

Over at the Batman panel, there was a lot of talk about which creators will be writing which books, including Ed Benes joining Gail Simone as the regular artist for Batgirl and Frazer Irving rejoining Grant Morrison to draw Batman Incorporated #0, among others.

However, the biggest news of the day was DC's disclosure that Neil Gaiman is coming back to write more Sandman!  This is pretty big news and, as far as I'm aware, a relatively big surprise as well.  So good on DC for both putting this together and not blabbing about it before Comic-Con got under way.  Yet to receive an official title, the Sandman mini-series will be drawn by J.H. Williams III, which is also great news.  Look for this sometime in 2013.

Marvel Comics

Like DC, Marvel played Day 1 relatively close to the chest, keeping any big news items they may have firmly under wraps.  Their Next Big Thing panel had a few interesting tidbits here and there.  While its initial focus was squarely on their previously announced Gambit ongoing series, they eventually moved to reveal a few things that wasn't previously known to the wider public.  Daniel Way announced that his run on Deadpool is coming to an end, but left what's next for him up in the air.  The biggest piece of news was probably that Jeff Parker's Hulk book would become Red She-Hulk with issue #58.

As I said, a bit of a slow first day from the House of Ideas.

Legendary Comics

I'd kind of forgotten that Legendary Pictures owned a comic book publishing division, but yesterday was a firm reminder that that is indeed the case, as they announced a slew of new creators and titles that they'll be releasing in the coming months.

Quite the crew!
First up was J. Michael Stazcynski coming over to Legendary to release a new graphic novel called The Majestic Files, which will apparently be "a retelling of the Roswell myth and the alien landing there.  Art will be done by Geoff Shaw and Matt Banning.

Legendary also announced Shadow Walk, which is a science fiction graphic novel written by Mark Waid and Max Brooks (of World War Z renown) and drawn by Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One).  As well, they have a third graphic novel by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley called The Tower Chronicles that stars a "supernatural bounty hunter with a grim and secretive past that haunts him".

Some impressive stuff that seems to signal that Legendary is getting at least a little more serious about their efforts in the comic book realm.  We'll see how these develop.


IDW announced quite a few new Artist's Edition titles, including their first entry from DC Comics (which will be a MAD Magazine book featuring art by Basil Wolverton, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, and Wally Wood).

However, IDW's biggest announcement of the day was definitely their plans to publish a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic book by Katie Cook and Andy Price.  Considering their large catalogue of licensed titles and the popularity of the show, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that they'd nab something like this, but I'm honestly a little surprised a company like BOOM! didn't scoop it up, as it seems to be more their style.  Either way, look for this book on comic book store shelves come November.


Speaking of BOOM!, while they did not get My Little Pony, they managed to snag themselves a different show to adapt into comic book form in Pendleton Ward's upcoming Bravest Warriors.  I'm not entirely certain why this is being hailed as new news, seeing as Comics Alliance kind of already mentioned this six-issue mini-series earlier in the month, but I'll take any excuse to hype up BOOM!'s recent habit of hiring prominent web comic creators for their books.  This time around it is Joey Comeau of A Softer World on writing duties, along with the ever talented and kind Mike Holmes on art.  I don't have strong feelings for the actual property, but I like both creators, and I'll be interested to see Comeau writing for a younger demographic considering his past projects.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse's main announcement yesterday was that Brian Wood will be writing a new Star Wars series in January 2013.  I don't quite know how they convinced Wood to do this, but I'll be really interested to see what he can bring to a Star Wars book.  Set firmly in the continuity of the original trilogy, with perhaps a little too much reverence for those original movies, it nonetheless looks like it will be a heck of a lot of fun.  With potential stories including "Princess Leia flying an X-Wing" and "Darth Vader getting chewed out for not destroying that single ship that blew up the Death Star", I'm pretty sure that I'll be buying this one come the new year.

Studio JMS / Joe's Comics

J. Michael Strazcynski wasn't only announcing books for Legendary Comics, as he also announced Studio JMS, a new venture to bring all of his projects from different media together under one overarching roof.  It sounds like there's a lot of stuff going on there, including web series, television programs, and four new comics.  That last part also ties in to the resurrection of Joe's Comics, which will be published through Image Comics.  JMS appears to have his fingers in a quite a few pots at the moment.

Dynamite Entertainment

While there were a lot of interesting things going on Thursday, one of the pieces of news that most grabbed my attention was technically announced Wednesday.  Dynamite Entertainment announced that Chris Roberson (formerly of DC and now of Monkeybrain Comics fame) will be teaming up with Alex Ross for a new comic book mini-series.  Titled Masks, the story looks like it will follow the exploits of a number of original masked pulp characters in one big ol' love in for action and adventure.  There isn't actually a ton of details associated with this project, but it is worth paying attention to because this will be the first time Alex Ross will be providing fully painted interiors for a comic book in quite some time, and more Alex Ross is a great news.  Also, just look at that cover.  How does that not excited you?

What do you think of Day 1 of SDCC?  Is there anything particular noteworthy that I glossed over?  What's getting you the most excited thus far?  Feel free to share in the comments and don't forget to check back tomorrow for an update on how Day 2 goes!

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Anonymous said...

Best news of the con for me (so far):

- Terry Moore's "Rachel Rising" is planned to be 30 to 40 issues long, that's still a couple of years of sheer goodness.

- The writer of my favourite series ever, and the artist who could make me buy a comic regardless of who is writing it, come together to work on Sandman. Instant buy.

- That I've started buying Justice League Dark after Lemire took over is turning out to have been a great decision.


Klep said...

The other big revelation out of DC came from the Superman panel, where the panelists refused to honestly address the issue of Stephanie Brown being yanked from the Smallville comic. Writer Brian Q. Miller gave an interview to TV Guide last month talking about her inclusion, but the panelists pretended they had never even heard a rumor to that effect. Miller, notably, was originally going to be on the panel but was yanked from it without explanation.

It's become abundantly clear that DC editorial hates Stephanie Brown for some reason and has it out for her, and they just won't be honest with the fanbase about it. It's truly childish and despicable behavior, but it's what I've come to expect from editorial at both houses. They aren't there to do good business or make their readers happy. They're there to shape the universes how THEY want them, everyone else be damned.

Grant McLaughlin said...

@Klep - I don't know if I'd take it quite as maliciously as that, but it is definitely unfortunate that DC doesn't have a better response to why Stephanie Brown is being left out of the New 52 than ignoring the question completely.

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