Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic-Con News Round Up - Day 4

Welp, after some days filled with thrills and chills, San Diego Comic-Con went out with what could politely be referred to as a whimper.  Seeing as most everyone was heading home anyways, pretty much all the companies were certain to talk up their big news beforehand, with only a few small nuggets of news trickling out from the showroom floor.  Seeing as it won't take long to go through, I invite you to hit the jump and see what was what on Day 4.


DC had a Young Justice Panel to talk about all of their younger superhero books, and while they talked about a lot of stuff, there wasn't anything terribly exciting.  It really boiled down to teasing plots and characters that will be coming in future issues without revealing anything at all.  Their insisted emphasis on September's Zero issues continued.

Also, in case you were concerned, Tony Daniel has reportedly extended his exclusive contract with DC, so while he's off Detective Comics, he'll still be around to work on some book after his short stint on Justice League #13 and #14.


I guess he's small maybe?
Marvel's Spider-Man panel actually had some interesting tidbits and some of them were even related to Spider-Man!  The panel gave vague hints about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #700 issue, but nothing substantial.  A bit more time was given to talk about the upcoming Minimum Carnage storyline (which, while I recognized the allusion to the earlier storyline, is still kind of a stupid name).  It's going to be a six-issue crossover between Chris Yost's Scarlet Spider and Cullen Bunn's Venom.  It'll start in October with a one-shot called Minimum Carnage Alpha and end in November with another one-shot called Minimum Carnage Omega.  Lan Medina, Khoi Pharm, and Declan Shalvey are all attached to draw different parts.  Probably exciting news if you're a big symbiote fan.  Or if you miss the 90s.  Interview from Yost and Bunn here.

More interesting (to me, anyways) was the revelation that the upcoming Punisher: War Zone five-issue miniseries will wrap up Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto's run with Frank Castle.  The main series will be cancelled as of September and those five issues will let them finish everything up.  On the one hand, I'm disappointed to hear that my favourite Marvel book is getting canned, but on the other, I'm glad to it's benefited (more or less) from having the same creative team throughout and that that miniseries will hopefully let them finish the story their way.

Beyond those two items, Marvel had another announcement for people who miss the 90s, as well as people who like buying the same thing multiple times, as they unveiled the fact that Uncanny Avengers #1 will ship with 12 covers.  Thank goodness for that.


You may have already heard this news, but perhaps the sweetest moment of Sunday was Robert Downey Jr. unexpectedly showing up for a kids Iron Man costume contest to speak with the kids for a bit and take pictures.  That's pretty classy.

...and Going

Not sure if this will impact future Comic-Con's, but Bill Willingham announced during the Fables panel that this will be his last SDCC for the foreseeable future, as it just takes too much time to prepare for the whole thing.  And, you know, there's the fact that Fables is going to have its own convention, too.  On a similar bent, it's been reported that Mike Mignola won't be setting up a booth at future SDCCs either.

And that's pretty much a wrap on this year's Comic-Con.  Did I miss anything from that final day?  It's been an interesting weekend as all the companies came out with some major announcements up their sleeves to try to get fans excited.  Would you say they succeeded?  Is there anything that you're just dying to get your hands on now?

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Jon said...

Mimimum Carnage is a stupid name. A friend of mine told me about it this weekend and I honnestly thought he was kidding.

I groaned when I realized he wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Minimum carnage would only work as a name if it was an antman crossover.

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