Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cover of the Week - FF & All-Star Western

Cover of the Week, here!  Come get your Cover of the Week!  We have kid-friendly safari adventures and some bar room blitzes to share with you all.  What could be finer?  Seeing as the answer is clearly "nothing", you should hit the jump to ogle those as well as our honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - FF #19 by Mike Choi

Ken: It seems like I've chosen a few FF covers over the past few months, but they really do stand out compared to other covers on the stands. It's the Richards kids on a kid rhino, to which Franklin could care less because he's a little mini-god. The book is fun, so the cover is also fun, everybody wins.

Grant's Cover of the Week - All-Star Western #10 by José Ladrönn

Grant: I love what this cover says.  Our defenestrated damsel looks to be in a world of hurt due to her (presumed) card cheating.  I make that assumption based on the fact that we can see six cards flying out the window with her.  Some fine attention to detail, that.  I also appreciate the many shards of glass and broken wood flying out alongside our dame.  Some excellent framing going here by José Ladrönn, as well.  And let's not forget Jonah Hex's look of shock and horror, which adds a lot to this image as a whole.  Brilliant stuff.

Runner-Ups:  Hit-Girl #1, Spider-Men #2, X-Men Legacy #269

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