Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cover of the Week - He-Man and Spawn

You've got weeks and we've got covers, so why don't we put those two together to get ourselves some Covers of the Week!  Should you dare look behind the cut, you'll see yourself a manly man and some progeny pretending to be way older than it is.  If that doesn't make any sense to you, you should probably check the other side and see what I'm going on about!

Ken's Cover of the Week - He-Man #1 by Philip Tan

Ken: It might be the idea of being a kid in the 80's again, but this cover really stands out to me. The classic He-Man pose and the red and blue outline caused by the lightning and fire make it very clear what the book is about. If only the interior of the issue had more He-Man stuff than a few panels.  

Grant's Cover of the Week - Spawn #221 by Todd McFarlane

Grant: I don't read the book, but I can definitely enjoy how it looks.  While re-imagined covers are pretty much a dime a dozen, I nonetheless have a hard time not enjoying them.  I suppose that's part of the appeal, after all.  Anyways, Todd McFarlane's appropriation of the classic Amazing Fantasy #15 image for the latest issue of the 20th year anniversary of Spawn tickles me in just the right spot.

Runner-Ups:  Popeye #3, Orchid #8, Punisher #13

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