Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cover of the Week - Wonder Woman and Captain Atom

Come get your Cover of the Week while they're still hot!  On the other side we have a lion-hearted lady atop her seat of power and an officer of the basic unit of life.  So I'd suggest you hit the jump to check those out, along with our honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Wonder Woman #11 by Cliff Chiang

Ken: Like the series itself, we have a modern take on an old idea, this time the hero sitting regally. Diana sits like she belongs, which is nothing new, but Zola gets to flaunt her shotgun while being pregnant, it's just the right amount of over the top to compliment the series. A fun cover with some nice coloring, nice job. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - Captain Atom #11 by Freddie E Williams II

Grant: While I didn't read this captain's exploits this week, I must say that this cover kind of makes me wish I had.  Captain Atom's positioning appears quite simple, but I find that it ends up conveying a heck of a lot.  I also really admire the colouring job on this, as the limited palette does a superb job of emphasizing how bright and powerful the orb that he's holding is.  I don't quite know what to make of the orb being the planet Earth, but it makes for a cool visual.

Runner-Ups:  Saga #5, B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Devil's Engine #3, Captain Marvel #1

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FierceFeline said...

I really cannot fathom the fuss about Wonder Woman that's going around. I've read the 1st TPB and the whole thing, while interesting, comes across as a pretty depressing read. Chiang's art, is different and nice to look at I gotta admit. But the above cover? I dunno, kinda reminds me of Vertigo's Preacher.. I hate the New 52.

Dustin said...

I always enjoy seeing the Covers of the Week. I think I'm going to take a page from your book (er, blog) and find some of my favorite covers I own. Mind if I link here so anyone who happens to see my (older) covers can get a glimpse of current releases?

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