Monday, July 9, 2012

Moment of the Day - 90's Costume Week Part II: Wasp

Avengers #394, by Bob Harras, Terry Kavanagh, Ben Raab, and Mike Deodato

We're back with more 90's costumes to both marvel and dismay at! Today sees the Wasp actually turn into some weird human/insect......thing. This happened because of The Crossing, a Marvel story that was so bad it is up there with One More Day. Basically Iron Man turned evil and tried to blow up the Avengers, and he shot Jan as he left. Hank Pym did his best to keep her alive by using the same machine that gave her her powers in the first place, only turning up the power to 11. And then Jan was in a cocoon because she has the name of an insect, so of course it makes sense. This new look for Jan lasted about 8 issues, until the end of Onslaught. What's weird is how even in the cocoon Jan was able to have a thigh belt appear along with some arm bracelet.

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