Friday, August 10, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/08/12

It's Friday, and to compliment the early shipping Weekly Crisis reviews I present your usual Moments of the Week! This week sees the launch of Gambit's solo series, Dinobots appear in Transformers, and the Illuminati gather for one more time in New Avengers. We also have Hickman winding down his Fantastic Four run and Rick Remender's final issue of Venom queued up, so hit the jump to find all these moments and more.

Atomic Robo: The Flying She-Devils Of The Pacific #2

Poor Robo and his intuition about being used as bomb bait. He did find what he was looking for, but didn't expect to get his jet dissected back at the She-Devils base.

Measurements are needed for Robo to get his very own super duper jetpack, and maybe a snazzy Rocketeer ensemble too. That would be pretty cool to see.

Avengers Assemble #6

You can't forget Drax, he also came from Earth. Killing Thanos should get some Raccoon respect. The two teams get intercepted by Badoon forces working on behalf of Thanos, and Iron Man comes up with a rather clever plan:

Pop Banner in the suit, and then you get a Hulk after you think you've beaten Iron Man. That's a nice trick.

A pretty big Hawkeye fail, as everyone gets sucked out into space.

Batman #12

This issue is all about Harper Row, the girl who shocked Batman back to life a few issues back. Here is Harper's first encounter with Batman, which occurred when she was protecting her brother from being bullied by the neighborhood punks. Harper is also an electrician who works on the Gotham power system below ground, and has set up some measures to help Batman out around Gotham. Harper doesn't look like she's going to go away anytime soon, hello new Robin?

Batman & Robin #12

We saw the Iron Batman Mark I in the Night of Owls story, now it looks like the Mark II has arrived, complete with batmobile wardrobe change.

If a Talon can get his own book, surely there can be a book out there just dealing with the Robins fighting crime, Tomasi makes it so appealing. As usual, the bat-family saves the day:

Another reason why Dick was such a good teacher for Damian, he knows when to put out the fuse on Damian's crazy little schemes.

Fantastic Four #609

Poor Spidey. Banner Jr. wanted to rejoin his Defenders teammates as they plan with Reed on how to get back home, and this is a simple misunderstanding. Reed's plan with Alyssa is to turn the dead Galactus body into a ship containing all the minds of Nu-World, and send it into space where time works it's magic:

So basically they'll be going so fast by the time they reach their original earth (which is ours in the future) it will actually be the correct time, so their Earth will now be clean and corrected and they'll be living with them. A different form of time travel from most comics, that's for sure.


Gambit #1

Let's see, treasure checklist: old sentinel, some Doombots, Amelia Earhart's plane that she was lost in, some nazi treasure, Doctor Who's TARDIS....

There's a fortune lost, as this sets off a domino effect that destroys everything in the vault except that little device, which had something alien in it. And it dug itself into Gambit's skin. Which was...unexpected.

New Avengers #29

In what takes place before Avengers vs. X-Men #7, Cap tries to call one last Illuminati meeting to get Namor to stop what they're doing. Xavier showed up but thought he was getting picked on, and then Reed shows up to say what side he falls on:

Reed makes the most sense, it's a shame everyone kind of brushes him off. Stubborn superheroes.

Tony's just jealous, it's all. Namor does arrive after everyone else left, and Cap gives it one more try:

Um, what? If only Namor could facepalm in that last panel or pull a Black Panther slap on Steve. I don't know if Captain America ever heard of Godwin's Law in all his time he's been unfrozen, but that's a pretty terrible comparison to use with the X-Men.

Scarlet Spider #8

Fifty-One seems to be a brand new character, and doesn't say anything in the whole issue, just doing alien things with no real gauge of his power set. Kaine and the Rangers cross paths again in Galveston, where they find out what Roxxon's been up to:

Mystic demon or alien possession using human trafficking, that's pretty low. I wonder if this connects back with Aracely.

Spider-Men #4

Peter and the kids talk about the usual superhero and alternate universe stuff, trying to not mention the big differences between the two worlds. Miles is pretty much nonexistant this issue, as it's all about Peter.

Aww, Peter and May get along no matter what universe they come from. Peter and Miles are picked up by SHIELD and find Mysterio's lair, and Peter doesn't get a chance to talk to Ultimate MJ because she ran away.

So who would win, Ultimate Fury or 616 Fury?

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #8

Dinobots are the original honeybadgers. Grimlock we saw in More Than Meets the Eye, and here the group helps Ironhide try and locate some Aerialbots who went missing. But something sneaks up on them in the middle of guard duty:

Swoop and Slag seemingly kill Ironhide (who thought he couldn't die because he saw the future), and take out Sludge and Snarl too. What is the meaning of this dastardly betrayal?

Venom #22

In an issue named Father's Day, Flash is hunting down Jack O' Lantern while we get flashbacks to when Flash's Dad was routinely nominated for worst father of the year.

Flash doesn't kill Jack O' Lantern, but takes him into custody. And that ends Rick Remender's run on Venom, providing a new life and direction to both the symbiote and Flash.

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Deebo305 said...

That would be the perfect meme, White Nick Fury.."Sorry to hear that" lol

maybetoby said...

Seeing all the Robins together was awesome. Love how Red Hood has been a reluctant ally to the Bat-family.

Bendis continues to disappoint me. Groot was not a little plant the last time we saw him in Annihilators - Earthfall #4. Star Lord's ship was destroyed a long time ago by the Fallen One (another Galactus Herald), and the Guardians have no need for a ship when they just use the Continuum Cortex of Knowhere to get wherever they need to go.

Reed actually said what I've been thinking during Avengers vs X-Men.

Kaine is just plain awesome in Scarlet Spider.

The Dinobots are my all-time favorite Transformers. Wonder where they're going with that cliffhanger.

Christian said...

Thats not a TARDIS, thats just a phone box.. but I assume Tardis was what they were going for and got the wrong image reference

Anonymous said...

Someone told me Avengers Assemble was not in continuity. Can anyone verify that for me? Because otherwise all the annihilators stuff was just shot down the toilet and no one seems to give a crap.

Anonymous said...

It may be Inspector Space-Time's Phonebox from Community, but Christian's right, it isn't the TARDIS.

Also, Cap's kind of really stupid. I'm kind of flummoxed that, it seems, he can't really make a sound argument, even when he's supposed to be right. I know editorial tries to argue its ambiguous, but they did that with Civil War as well. While there should be legitimate arguments on both sides, if I only read AvX I would have no idea that Reed Richards and Namor made good points to Cap only to get "You know who else I've fought? Nazis! Everyone who I fight is Nazis!" in return.

Ralph said...

I think Cap's comment makes sense. Over the decades there's been many times where Namor has commented on his perceived superiority to surface dwellers, with his fellow Atlanteans being included or not in that statement as the story demanded. Whenever Namor shows up to wreck shop on the surface it's up to the FF or the like to stop him. Now he's making over the surface world as he sees fit with his powers, and Cap is saying the game is the same no matter how the appearance of it changes on the pun intended.

maybetoby said...

Avengers Assemble being out of continuity would explain a lot, but then what's the f'n point?! Answer: to hype their movies. Lame, I'm gonna go cry in the corner and read DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Avengers Assemble is definitely considered in continuity in the same way Astonishing X-Men was. As for the seeming gaffes in continuity, he'll get to them when he gets to them. I guess.

sdelmonte said...

616 Nick Fury, because he's this old white dude who talks like your grandfather and wears a suit these days and is still cooler than anyone else. And also drives a flying classic car.

fodigg said...

Here's hoping VENOM keeps being awesome.

The Dangster said...

Godwin's Law doesn't apply here. Capt's analogy is actually relevant. Considering that Mutants were created with discrimination in mind as well as Captain being a WW2 era hero.

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