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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/15/12

If you've got a hankering for some moments, then hop aboard today's version of Moments of the Week! As the first year of stories draws to a close for DC, we see some big revelations in Green Lantern and GLC, and even bigger revelations in Wonder Woman. Not to be outdone, Avengers vs. X-Men shows the sides lining up for the final battle, Amazing Spider-Man wraps up the Lizard story arc, and Saga shows even closer family ties. Much more, as always, after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man #691

Spidey makes the stab, but the Lizard says he failed in bringing Connors persona back. But after checking up with him in jail, it's not quite what it seems.

Looks like the Lizard is off the table for a bit as Connors accepts punishment for the pretty nasty things his other side did. As the issue ends, we get a revelation from back at the beginning of Big Time:

So Roderick looks to be heading back to NYC to clear up the whole Hobgoblin situation, Phil Urich's luck seems to be at an end.

Avengers vs. X-Men #10

That's a pretty big reveal in terms of having a powerhouse for the Avengers, yet the book never makes mention of it until now. Shao Lao is just a baby dragon at the moment, and Cyclops beats it up and even tries to kill it but is stopped. This issue cements the idea that Emma and Cyclops are bad guys, as Cyclops is willing to kill anything in his way to get to Hope, and Emma is forcing the X-Men on Utopia to worship her and think happy thoughts.

Hope's mimicking powers basically take up Shao Lao's powers and Wanda's, doing the most damage so far, sending Cyclops to the Moon. Instead of getting his bearings together in terms of being evil, Cyclops realizes he needs Emma's Phoenix power, and goes to find her. Meanwhile, Magneto looks to team up with Xavier and the other X-Men to stop Emma and Scott.

Bloodshot #2

The nanites, or "goldies" as the hallucinations call them, help push forward the exact extent of the powers they provide. But they can't fix everything without food, specifically protein.

Some of Bloodshot's other, much more reprehensible wetworks operations are revealed as Dr. Kuretich scans the memories he uploaded last issue. Bloodshot basically eradicated a small town of scientists and their families thinking they had a zombie virus.

Daredevil #17

It's a flashback issue as we go back to the first year of Nelson and Murdock, where Foggy was being threatened over a case involving scientific research. While Stilt-Man draws attention and ire from Daredevil for being a C-list villain, someone attempts to kill Foggy but is stopped, naturally. The reason Foggy hid this client from Matt was because the technology might be too good to be true:

Thanks to science, Matt was able to actually see for a bit the final fight of his Dad, awww.

DC Universe Presents #12

Bart's got to show off for the lady dinosaur hybrid, but there's an even more unstable dino out there. Along the way Bart runs into cops who note his felonious hijinks:

Sometimes Bart's pretty fast in making sure his butt isn't in trouble for the usual superhero fisticuffs. I kind of expect all heroes to do this in DCnU's hero skeptical world.

Green Lantern #12
Another bit of foreshadowing by the Guardians, who want to get rid of all Lanterns, not just their own Corps. They even plan on having Guy Gardner fall from grace and push John to madness over killing Mogo. These little guys are off their rocker even more than usual.

And just like that, no more zombies for the moment. Black Hand still lives, but the Book of Black has a rather startling revelation that probably ties into the Third Army:

Green Lantern Corps #12

Following what we saw up above, the Alpha Lanterns are taken off the table completely, as Varix puts a stop to their power corrupting ways and then takes his own life. Some big deck clearing stuff is being set up for the Third Army.

Saga #6

The deadpan deliveries in this book are among the best in the industry, almost worth the price of admission alone. As for Marko and Alana, they get a spaceship made out of wood to fly and escape, but in doing so Marko has to break his sword as a sacrifice for having the ship. This bring out a big and hilarious scene:

You couldn't do any better if you had a laughtrack set up to this moment, that's how you do cliffhangers.

Uncanny X-Force #29

Betsy is pretty resilient for someone trying to kill herself, and both present and future selfs can't really stop her for the moment.

Future Betsy puts her to sleep and makes her think of Warren while she is healed, and the two sides basically talk about stuff, leading to some top shelf Deadpool pontificating:

Someone had to call Kurt on his opining of the Age of Apocalypse.

Wonder Woman #12

Boom, super reversal, as the bracelets were the thing holding Diana back, her own kryptonite. Apollo agrees to let Zola go and not harass her, less Diana come and kill him, which would fulfill the prophecy of being killed by Zeus' child. Meanwhile Zola delivers the demi-god child back on earth to a shocker:

Hermes always seemed a little shady, but that's not the big twist:

This is either foreshadowing that Zeus' child will be Orion with a clever play on words, or simply showing another pantheon of gods out there arriving into the picture. Either way, this was one of the biggest issue #12 reveals from DC yet.

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MCPhatman said...

Wonder Woman's baby storyline conclusion reminded me of Noble Causes...

cubic_balloon said...

Marko's folks talk in Esperanto!

Saga is fantastic as always.

Anonymous said...

The lizard's skin looks like its made of lettuce.

maybetoby said...

That Wonder Woman reveal is pretty cool. Darksied did like being a thorn in her side in the pre-52 DC. Makes sense that the New Gods would show up here.

Anonymous said...

Why does Marvel allow Rick Remender to write anything??? The guy is a no talent hack pervert who can't writer one character correctly...

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