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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/22/12

Summer's winding down, school bells are about to ring again, but Moments of the Week is still here every Friday! Today sees Batman Inc. bring the return of Matches Malone and another bat-character, Ultimates gets political, Alpha makes his heroic debut in Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men reunites Sinister with the Phoenix, and Mark Waid and Chris Samnee debut the newest Rocketeer mini-series. Many more moments, as always, after the jump.

Amazing Spider-Man #692

Andy, bombarded with "Parker Particles" (that Reed Richards says he originally found), on a field trip to a science lab? The stars are aligning for deja vu. Andy, known as Alpha, also has the attitude of a kid who can do anything, so Spidey has to drop by and give the old power and responsibility speech:

Alpha shows up the FF and other heroes fighting your usual Mole Man creature, and makes it into the news, where someone enjoys his latest creation:

I'm too creeped out by the Jackal's spider-ladies to realize he's the one who created Alpha simply to be a mini Peter Parker with even bigger powers. 

Batman Inc. #3

Not only did Leviathan tie into the Bat-family but it's slowly infiltrated schools, courthouses, and the GCPD. Bruce tries to find more information as Matches but even most of the criminal element is part of the Talia's web. Good thing Damian never listens...

Redbird arrives on the scene, no longer in car form! Although I wonder if Tim ever had a car in the DCnU.

Flash #12

Golden Glider gets her revenge and also orchestrates the kidnapping of the monorail and it's power source. The super speed scenes of going black and white for everyone not at Barry's level is a nice, simple effect. Glider and the Rogues try to escape but run into a cold front:

To be concluded next week in the Flash annual!

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1

Cliff saves Sally and the aviation official with an attitude, who attempted to get fresh with Sally (his advances were unreciprocated) that nearly caused the plane to crash. This mini takes place two years after the events in the movie.

If only Cliff knew what he tried to pull with Sally, there would be much more punching. Sally was feeling down because of what happened, so the Rocketeer hopes to give her a person to talk to:

The issue feels like the first part of a movie, where nothing really action packed happens outside of a quick plane save to show the title's namesake, but it attempts to establish the characters and their motivations in a nice easy to follow way. If you liked the movie, I recommend you check this out. At the very least you get some lovely Samnee artwork.

TMNT #13
Casey's drunk father beat him again, and this time Raphael doesn't back off, and goes to settle the score:

I know that's probably a fake out for the next issue, but man that would be a change of pace to see a Splinter who really doesn't like those who abuse their children.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #8

Grimlock released and unleashed, and subsequently out of gas, as the DJD takes out the Dinobot and readies the Scavengers for execution:

Flywheels and Krok, we hardly knew ye (poor Krok with the face mask thing). After the DJD gets tired of fighting small fry and locate Overlord they leave, leaving the Scavengers to try and communicate with the groggy Dinobot:

That's a pretty smart plan to get in good graces at Cybertron.

Ultimates #14

The Ultimates arrive in Texas to stop their secession and destroy a nuke en route to the East Coast:

He's saying "Fraternity of Raptors" is the password (Ultimate Darkhawks not far behind?). Missile destroyed, crisis averted, but a twist!

Special election coming up, with Marvel teasing something game changing will show up in issue #16. President Steve Rogers, maybe?

Venom #23

Cullen Bunn takes over as writer for Venom, and brings back the Hellstrom plot that we saw in Circle of Four. Looks like he still hasn't gotten the evil out of his system yet, teaming up with the Department of Occult Armaments to create some demonic possessed nazis. And just to be a jerk he turns Venom into a demon.

Uncanny X-Men #17

Not only is this Emma talking to the Phoenix proper, it also feels like a callback to all those times the Phoenix has spoken to Emma over the years in panels during Matt Fraction's run. And of course the Phoenix helps out it's chosen few instead of the one who tries to control cosmic forces:

Cyclops makes a point of indicating that everything that is Sinister is cleansed from the earth, so there can be no surviving clone. But this is comics, of course, so we shall see how long Sinister stays gone.

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Anonymous said...

What movie?

Médard said...

That Red Bird costume looks good, altough I'm also sad to see the Robin costume go. For now, I mean, how long will the DC(n)U stay without a Robin?

Issue fourteen of the TMNT will probably be my last. It just doesn't click with me. The arts ok, but the story is to thin and a bit childish. The package isn't worth my $3.99.
Hopefully IDW will roll out some new and different TMNT books soon, because I really have a soft spot for the characters and that's why I've given this current book such a long chance to impress me.

maybetoby said...

I'm sure he'll be Robin again soon, since the other title is still called "Batman and Robin" and not "Batman and Redbird".

What do you mean the Son of Satan turned evil?

I hated seeing my favorite Dinobot run out of gas, poor Grimmy. But after his long absence after Maximum Dinobots, I'll take it.

I love the new status quo of the Ultimate universe, Tony just needs to change armors. This one just looks terrible.

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