Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cover of the Week - Fantastic Four & Hoax Hunters

Let's cap off the week with our much sought after Covers of the Week, shall we?  This time around, we have a member of a quixotic quartet quarreling with a creepy creature and a cosmonaut being crowed by crows.  If that doesn't get you interested in what's behind the cut, I don't know what will.  See you on the other side!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Fantastic Four #609 by Ryan Stegman

Ken: Ryan Stegman hops aboard FF from Scarlet Spider and really fits right in, and the cover shows his versatility. It's exaggerated just slightly to show another instance of the Thing having to punch a Hulk, and the perspective an symmetry works perfectly. Add to it the action lines in the background and you have an over the top fight cover that hasn't shown up in FF in a while.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Hoax Hunters #2 by Tristan Jones

Grant: The series isn't really for me, but I must admit that Hoax Hunters has some really great covers. The image that Tristan Jones comes up with here for the second issue is hauntingly beautiful. The strange, almost dreamlike, combination of an fully decked-out astronaut walking through a forest followed by a murder of crows is fantastic. I also really appreciate the washed out colouring and graininess the image has, as if it was taken by an old, unreliable camera. A nice touch.

Runner-Ups:  Resurrection Man #12, Batman #12, Conan the Barbarian #7

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Anonymous said...

That hoax hunters cover is based on the famous Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot footage. The pose is the same and that's why it looks grainy, to emulate old footage.

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