Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Carnahan's Daredevil Reel and the Future of the Cinematic Property

Ever since 2002, the next step in a Daredevil cinematic masterpiece has been a hesitant proposition. Fox owns the rights to the character and after their first foray flopped they've seemed reticent to dip back into the murky waters of Hell's Kitchen. With the rights about to revert to Marvel if they didn't get any sort of project moving, they commissioned a script, hired on David Slade to direct, and looked to be making it happen. That all fell through and in the 11th hour Joe Carnahan stepped forward and threw his hat in the ring. It was, apparently, too late and so now the rights will revert to Marvel - to which a chorus of us Hornhead fans rejoice. And we also point to the man we want Marvel to look at for the project, none other than Joe Carnahan.

In what might be a shrewd piece of business, Carnahan got his name known as wanting the project, his pitch was a 70s style crime flick based around the 'Born Again' storyline, and now he's also released his 'sizzle reel,' a short trailer type experience that sells the tone and style of what he would want to bring to the project, and I must confess I think it is brilliant. Hit the jump to see for yourself.

Here's what Carnahan proposed as an NC-17 Daredevil flick.

And here's a PG-13 one, with a little less violence.

As you can see, Carnahan hasn't shot any new footage. What he does is take some existing footage from the original Daredevil movie and splice it with some great little moments found within the scenes of other flicks that help establish the tone of what he's going for. The outcome is a 'trailer' of sorts that really gets you in the mood in a minute and forty seconds.

I have to give a shout out to Carnahan for using what is easily one of my top three favourite Daredevil panels of all time at 1:26.

For those who don't know Joe Carnahan, he is very well known for directing the A-Team remake film, as well as The Grey, Narc, and Smokin' Aces. His style is bombastic and frenetic, to say the least.

In the past, Carnahan has been linked to or talked about his affinity for other Marvel properites such as Taskmaster and the Juggernaut. I'm sure I remember him being linked to a Juggernaut miniseries at one stage but my Google Fu comes up short on that one.

As the biggest Hornhead on this site, and most other places I go, I say Marvel should very seriously look at Carnahan now they have the rights back in their possession. I think Carnahan coming in at the last minute, and now releasing the sizzle reel is an incredibly smart move as he should have loads of street cred and support behind him.

Many are speculating Marvel won't go in this direction, as they will want all of their properites to be able to tie in and interrelate. To that, I have to say I hope not. I don't actually see Daredevil as best being served by fitting into the rest of the glossy Marvel flicks but then they could surprise me and make a gritty Daredevil flick that takes place in a corner of their shared Cinematic U.

I'd like to see a Daredevil flick made by Marvel spearhead a whole new street level section of movies. Keep the Avengers movies on one side and have a slew of hardcore grindhouse flicks on the other side for Daredevil, Iron Fist, Shang Chi, the Pubisher, Moon Knight, and a few other players who don't need to be fighting intergalactic invasions but rather mobsters and hardened criminals.

Basically, exactly what they've done in the comics so well.

For what it's worth, I argued my own ideas for a Daredevil film reboot years ago - check it.

What do you think of this whole mess? We've gone from a David Slade flick to no flick to maybe Carnahan to now nothing from Fox and eventually the open horizon at Daredevil. Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree, a street level Marvel shared U would be great. Eventually setting up a Daredevil/Punisher flick would be amazing. Heroes for Hire, Moon Knight, etc would all be good for that line. Pretty much a Marvel Knights Movie Universe.
Though a Daredevil TV series would have a lot of potential, especially since everyone loves legal shows.

Anonymous said...

On a sort of side note, that Born Again panel you picked is my FAVORITE panel of all time! I know it was part of the sizzle, but still...the composition, the dialogue, the placement of the speech bubbles and the lone caption, the emotion and story it conveys all in one shot! Damn, that's fine storytelling! It's even better seeing the original art in the IDW artist's edition!

arw1985 said...

That trailer was pretty awesome. I'd definitely would want to see something like that, TV or otherwise.

Keith said...

I've been reading this blog for a couple of years and this is the first time I've ever commented and I'm absolutely stoked to see Marvel get the rights back to this flick. I also agree that it should move away from the glamour of the Avengers and stay street level to eventually/maybe include all of the characters you mentioned with the addition of Luke Cage. Marvel could do well with this move with half the budget they used on Avengers.

Dave Sopko said...

"Keep the Avengers movies on one side and have a slew of hardcore grindhouse flicks on the other side for Daredevil, Iron Fist, Shang Chi, the Pubisher, Moon Knight, and a few other players who don't need to be fighting intergalactic invasions but rather mobsters and hardened criminals."

Personally, I really want to see a good Pubisher movie...

Anonymous said...

what issue is that picture from, where he screams who's gonna talk about matt murdock

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Dave - the Pubisher just sits at the pub. And drinks. It's going to be pretty darn rad in 2014 :)

Anon6 - that panel comes from the Miller/Mazzucchelli masterpiece Born Again. Check it out!

Keith - glad I finally lured you out of hiding :)

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