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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/26/2012

Welcome to the last September installment of Moments of the Week! It's the last week of the month, which means the end of DC's zero issues for another twenty years, Happy makes its much anticipated debut, Amazing Spider-Man resolves the Alpha problem, and Wolverine and the X-Men show why Doop is so important to the team. We also have flashbacks in Transformers and President Captain America does more in one day than every other President combined, so hit the jump for more!

Amazing Spider-Man #694

Terminus shows up, and the Avengers call for Alpha to help out. who promptly screws up surrounding planes with his energy blast. Spidey realizes Aunt May's plane is coming in around this time and goes to saver her, with some pretty impressive feats of strength:

That's a pretty cool moment, Slott's version of lifting the rubble to deliver the antidote. Terminus is defeated but his little energy wand seems to absorb Alpha's powers, so there's your way to stop him.

And that's it, Alpha is sidelined for the time being. This arc ends really weird, the main push of the story is Peter saving Aunt May. Alpha is depowered and sent back to his normal life in two pages. It just reads like Slott had to move on to the next arc and just waved Alpha away with some last minute plot device.

Aquaman #0

Arthur's origin starts six years ago with the death of his father, and in his travels in the water he saves a father and daughter from shipwreck. They point  Arthur in the direction of a man in Norway named Vulko, a refugee from Atlantis:

And then he returns to Atlantis to fix things, a year later he shows up in Justice League's first arc, and in between he was hanging out with The Others.

Batman Inc. #0

An issue that really doesn't feel like a zero issue, but rather what would have been the first issue of the new series. Lots of globe trotting, from Russia:

Back to Japan:

And recruiting some other friendly faces like Knight, Squire, and El Gaucho. But all of this pales in comparison to this scene:
Best panels of the week, probably month. What other non-meta hero could do stalactite pull ups, one handed even? It's the most Batman thing in years.

FF #22
Crisscrossing with Fantastic Four last week, we see that Val was the one who finally knocked out Wizard, not AIM. We also see the fallout from Bentley confronting his "Dad"

Reed is a good dad to everyone it seems. The issue closes off with what has been hinted at for issues:


Flash #0
Barry's bowtie seems to now go from being a result of being driven all the time to being a keepsake his mom provided him. This still has the Johns revision where Barry's mom was killed and his dad was framed, which led to Barry staying at the lab and getting hit by lighting. Remembering these events trigger Barry's first use of speedforce:

If you can't get halfway around the world on your first run, it's just not for you. As you can see running on your feet that fast isn't the best, so the origin of the speedsuit, DCnU style:

Gambit #3

Gambit borrows a bit from National Treasure as he and his female companion look for ancient ruins, fight past some booby trapped spots, and Remy gets stabbed in the back. You know, your usual treasure hunt story:

To be continued, of course. At first I thought maybe something to do with Fin Fang Foom, but they look to be a new bunch of dragons:

Happy #1
Say hello to Nick Sax, a former cop who is now a hitman and with a penchant for the f-bomb, who kills the last person alive who knows the password for a mafia family treasure. One he's in the ambulance and the morphine starts, he begins to see a happy blue friend:

A simple enough presence, a crime book with a comic relief character one person can only see. It's not really groundbreaking, but it is a nice detour from the usual Morrison story. And Robertson's art is always a treat, his Happy is pretty much ready to be a plush toy as is. Chalk up one more success for Image's recent waves of books.

Teen Titans #0
Tim wants the job, but Batman doesn't want him and tells him to continue to study. As seen in Batman #0, Tim is good with the hacking, so he puts into motion a plan that ultimately gets him his wish:

Yep, Penguin sends goons to kill Tim and his family, Batman saves them, and then still offers him the job:

It's kind of a weird setup. Despite the obvious idea of Tim being separated from his family he gets what he wants  in being Batman's sidekick; kind of a conflicting sense of what would really happen to someone who causes lives to be destroyed.

Could that newspaper headline look any more photoshopped? So Tim, now Tim Drake, gets his wish and becomes (Red) Robin. Both parents alive but....somewhere, yet he still lives in Gotham where it might be easy for people to realize teh star high school gymnast with the same haircut isn't there, but this brand new Robin popped up. At least the Joker didn't plan all this.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #9

It's mostly a flashback issue as the group aboard the Lost Light talks about stories from before the war that will no doubt come back to the future. Chromedome talks about Prowl always being intense, while Drift remembers when some thugs were beating him half to death and a long lost hero helps out:

Optimus (Orion Pax at the time) was the original Robocop.

Ultimates #16

Cap doesn't have the patience to sit down and delegate, he will unite the country the way only he can, by making North and South Carolina grow up:

But that's not all for the day, as just his presence brings back Michigan, fires Fury's successor Flumm with authority, and also stops a corrupt Senator:

He's doing all this while flying around in an F-22, he is basically Bill Pullman times a million. And it is awesome.

Wolverine and the X-Men #17
All the pleading for Doop to joing means nothing without severe violence. Doop might look like he does nothing in previous issues, but he's more street oriented, stopping threats before they occur (Doop Force?)

 Brilliant, just brilliant. That's not all Doop does!

Doop gets worn down more and more throughout the issue, until he just gets injured.

Toad makes a strong point, can't blame him for not seeing the green blob laying on a green background. If you love Doop but don't read this series, at least pick up this issue, easily the book's best issue by far.

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Naymlap said...

The League of Nazi Bowlers was the moment of the week. Wolverine and the X-Men is at its best when it focuses on the "mundane" workings of the Jean Grey school.
One thing I respect about Clay Mann's art on Gambit is that he's equally opportunity on cheesecake, showing off Gambit as much as the tattooed mystery chick. Everyone he draws looks hot, especially Rogue.

maybetoby said...

Loved Batman Incorporated, as always. Love how it still connects to pre-New 52. It's cool how they included Batman Moscow (who was killed by Nobody). I miss Mister Unknown's hat. Was wondering why we hadn't seen the Musketeer.

Love how they kept Tim's red/black Robin suit. Too bad his Red Robin suit sucks.

Transformers is always awesome, left out the cliffhanger at the end. This weeks annual also had an awesome flashback sequence drawn in classic Marvel-Transformers style.

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