Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cover of the Week - Deadpool and Hawkeye

The week is winding up, which means it must be time for our Cover of the Week awards.  This time around, we have some shady supervillain social media use and some ace archery advice in art-form.  Hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions and something... else!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Deadpool #60 by Dave Johnson

Ken: It's something that is just right up a villain's alley, using Twitter (or in this case Twert) to troll heroes. And when you can let everyone know about the lack of a healing factor, you do it. And they would be desperate enough to plead a retweet. Poor Deadpool.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Hawkeye #2 by David Aja

Grant: I've been loving David Aja's covers for the new Hawkeye series.  They do a nice job of capturing a slightly more detailed version of the look of the interior of the comic.  It also helps that they look pretty cool, too.  The use of the stark white background makes the purple and black pop in a really eyecatching manner that I can't say no to.

Runner-Ups:  X-Factor 243, Creator Owned Heroes #4, Road to Oz #1
Dishounrable Mention: It's not our habit to point out covers that we don't like, and I don't plan to make it so, but I do need to speak out about the issue zero covers that DC is rolling out this month. They're awful. As great as the idea of "the characters breakthrough their issue #1 cover may have sounded on paper, the concept did not translate. Very few of these actually look all that interesting, and far too many are just bad. There, it's been said, and now we can all move on with our lives.

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Anonymous said...

I don't mind the DC covers that much. You gotta give DC credit for doing something line-wide and outside the box. Reminds me of when they did all those extreme facial close ups of all their characters back in the 90's. Don't doubt if Marvel steals this idea for a unified cover design in the future for all of their books for a month.

Lucky said...

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