Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cover of the Week - The Ultimates & The Punisher

Another week, another time to offer up the vaunted prize of Cover of the Week.  This time around we have some heroic oath giving and some less heroic oath breaking.  Hit the jump to check these out, along with the week's honourable mentions, after the jump!

Ken's Cover of the Week - The Ultimates #16 by Michael Kormack

Ken: President Cap takes the oath of office, or he's promising to be Batman's sidekick. Either one is extremely important. This is one of those ideas for a cover that hinges entirely on how well the artist can make it work, and Kormack does a really good job with the light and placement of Cap to give the cover a Norman Rockwell vibe, something from the 40's that Cap would have seen. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - The Punisher #16 by Marco Checchetto

Grant: It ain't no secret that I love Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto's take on Frank Castle.  It's simply too good, and this cover is a big example of that.  The image is both beautiful and rife with symbolism relevant to the story contained within, and the attention to detail is stunning.  I hadn't noticed until just now, but you can actually see Frank and Rachel reflected in the blood trail below.  I also gotta say that I love the background image of Frank's chest logo.  It's a good use of the image and a nice representation of how omnipresent the Punisher has been in Rucka and Checchetto's New York.

Runner-Ups:  Adventure Time #8, American Vampire #31, Wolverine and the X-Men #17

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