Friday, October 5, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/03/12

October arrives but Avengers vs. X-Men ends in today's Moments of the Week! What awaits the Marvel Universe now? NOW! We also have a truly great story in Action Comics, John Layman takes over Detective Comics, and Daredevil: End of Days finally sees print. There's always more, so let's hit the jump, where we'll laugh, cry, play flag football and break the boundaries of the comic page!

Action Comics #13

Superman is trapped in the Phantom Zone while one of Jor-El's enemies Xa-Du escapes. But Superman gets help from the greatest superhero Krypto! Phantom Stranger is also showing up in the Zone, where we find out how much willpower Superman is capable of:

Superman rips Xa-Du back to the Phantom Zone, and in these moments, we see what true friendship is:

Good boy, you're finally reunited. The backup story shows how Krypto was always with Superman, from his days as a baby on Krypton even following the ship all the way to Earth:

Oh man, that onion chopping place across the street is starting up business again. And I just stubbed my toe and hammered my thumb. It's like these things only happen when I'm reading these pages,how weird is that? This is a great issue from start to finish, and pretty accessible to any new reader.

Amazing Spider-Man #695
Dueling face offs, who wins? Phil does, as the Kingpin gets Ty Stone to fire up his Spider-Sense machine that has a super effect on everyone in the Spider-family:

This is Marvel NOW!, now! Starting from the top left to right, we have All-New X-Men, the Lizard, Captain Marvel, Avengers Arena, FF, Hulk, looks like Paladin and I take it that's the dying Dock Ock in the bottom left corner?

Avengers Academy #38
Avengers Academy vs. Jean Grey School, in....flag football? With a limit on powers so you can't hurt anyone? What has this world come to? Hawkeye should be shooting at the other team, not at the flags!

Rockslide always wins because he just doesn't care, this is why you can't let him get inside your head.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12
Cyclops is in full crazy mode now, tearing up cities and no end is in sight until the Wonder Twins arrive. Seems that the Phoenix represents order, which tried to bring back balance when Wanda let chaos take over with no more mutants. The voodoo that they do so well weakens Scott, where we have this insight into what he's thinking:

Scott lets the Phoenix go, who then goes to Hope. Hope controls it now, going White Phoenix, and fixes the world from what Scott did, but Wanda tells her it's not her role to play a god:

So, no more Phoenix, but Chaos Magic still seems to be around. And the X-Gene is turned back on. So in the end Cyclops was right. He had no real evidence that it would work, but he was right. Cap has a hard time accepting he was wrong:

Come on Cap, that's the best you can offer? You didn't help mutants more? Anything more recent you want to apologize for? And you didn't really help mutants with Wanda walking around and facing no consequences for her actions, did you?

Did Cap really ever meet Xavier over the past fifty years? Saying that to the guy who was basically his son, that's a guilt trip won't really work. So there we go, Cyclops gets what he wanted, at the cost of being the pariah of the superhero world. Cap is a jerk. Wanda caused the whole thing but everyone looks the other way. Xavier is dead. Wolverine is now, for all intents and purposes, the leader of the X-Men. While not as bad as Secret Invasion in terms of being a summer event, and having a few bright spots over the thirteen issues, it was a book that never matched the writing and artistic talent attached to it, and the series always felt biased to the Avengers. At the very least NOW! does have some really good titles in the pipeline.

AVX: VS. #6
The final issue of the fight tie-in sees Hope and Wanda fighting a few days before the final battle, where Hope comes closest to actually making Wanda pay for M-Day.

Only a few million more punches and Wanda might be forgiven for what she did. That's not the highlight though, as we get a bunch of one page fights that should have been given more time in earlier issues:

I'd be lying if I said any of those three fights were not the best fights in the series.

Uncanny X-Men #19
I'm sure that was cathartic for Scott. This issue takes place during the final battle, where Cyclops is basically everywhere in time, and even comes to the white border of existence (pretty clever nod  by Gillen):

That's not cool Jean, no one called you an idiot when you were going crazy. Captured and depowered, we also get a scene that has Cyclops create the new mutant rallying gesture:

Take that, world!

Daredevil: End of Days #1

Years in the making, we finally get Daredevil's version of "The End." The issue opens with Matt being killed by Bullseye in front of a crowd of Hell's Kitchen citizens, with his billy club being jammed into the side of his head in a pretty graphic fashion. Ben Urich's final article for the dying Daily Bugle becomes a story of his friend, where he tries to interview people who saw the fight. We then flash back to when Matt took over as Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, and from there things go different than what we've seen:

They fight. For pages, almost like a more violent version of The Quiet Man.

That happens five years ago, and Daredevil isn't seen until the day he's killed by Bullseye. So what happened in that time, and who/what is Mapone?

Detective Comics #13

John Layman starts off his run on the series by making the Penguin think about his legacy, and how he gets no respect. So he'll buy out the naming of the new children's center, and also he planned on having Bruce Wayne murdered by ninjas. Typical Gotham gangster life.

The Penguin trolling Bruce Wayne for the respect of the city is a novel approach to the character, this should have some legs as a subplot.

Earth 2 #5
Wesley Dodds, Earth-2 style, and his "Sandmen" seem to be super spies/teleporters. He's also Canadian now.

Grundy can never die. They might not have had that rhyme because their world was being invaded, but everyone of the new wonders is trying to stop the threat, and the World Army calls in for help from the big enemy from the zero issue:

His response is to just nuke the city, that seems to be Sloan's go to plan. Meanwhile Alan tries to contact the Grey in the spirit world, leaving the others to hold the line until he arrives. The Grey's reason for fighting is pretty odd:

The Grey sure seems to be short on patience, any new life will probably take the same amount of time to get anywhere. As a bit of a bribe, the Grey offers Alan something to stop fighting:

And for the moment he accepts. Uh oh.

Harvest #3

Ben calls in his favor, and in doing so it's Matsuda's daughter who becomes his bodyguard, the same one he saved in the first issue.

Robin Hood, with organs? That's a new concept.

And that's where we saw the first issue's opening operation come into play. All those patients he cut open, he's going to absolve himself by taking the organs back.

Uncanny X-Force #32
Surprise surprise, Evan doesn't trust Wade and he gets captured. Meanwhile Mystique imitates the Summers family and runs into her son from another world:

This new Brotherhood are experts at smooth talking, aren't they?

This could be a last page cliffhanger leading into a reversal in the coming issue, but with the series coming to an end soon, they might go ahead and have AoA Kurt go down the same path Iceman did.

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Anonymous said...

You know something? You're a pessimistic jackass with a serious lack of good faith.

J.Lee said...

Oh man that last page of Action Comics hit close to home for me.

Ken Boehm said...

Anonymous: I'm sorry you didn't care for that opinion on Avengers Vs. X-Men, but it wasn't one of the better summer events in recent years. It showed promise but much like Civil War it didn't offer up an even take during the event, and one side was clearly supposed to be the winner. Tony and Cyclops were written very similar in that they were right, but they both become bad guys essentially in the end.

Radlum said...

Am I the only one that thinks that Marvel treated the Avengers better because they own the movie franchise?
AvsX was a waste of talent; so many good writers and artists for such a dissapointing event; at least Siege was shorter. At least Cyclops was right; I'm eagerly waiting for those T-shirts.

Deebo305 said...

Not surprised how AVX ended, literally called it on this same site months ago. But glad to see Cyke keep his conviction in the end but Cap is such a deluded ass, he literally provoked every motion in this entire event. He just as guilty, if not more so

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was ironic that Cap was okay with Wanda having gotten rid of millions of mutants, while not in control of herself, and all pissy with Scott for essentially having the same thing happen to him. I'm also glad Cyke didn't back down, as stated earlier.

maybetoby said...

I agree with most of you on Avengers vs X-Men, it was a big waste. And Cap's idea of "helping" mutants is to hunt them down? Magnet wasn't even possessed, and switched sides to stop Cyclops. So why is he wanted?

maybetoby said...

We also know White Phoenix is a GREAT thing. To just get rid of that so thoughtlessly is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

@Maybetoby, Presumably because he's still freaking Magneto....kind of dangerous. Also because Marvel editorial didn't think much about it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was talking about your comment on Wanda. Also...I..was...having a bad week.... Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Okay, while I totally agree with the fact that "feeling guilty" isn't any kind of punishment for nearly exterminating all mutants, you can't say that Cyclops doesn't deserve being made a pariah and getting locked up. Besides killing Prof X (and whether or not Cap knew him is beside the point in that little murder), Cyclops and the Phoenix Five killed a ton of people. There was all the arms-destroying and water-giving, which was good, but was followed by months of hunting down Avengers (to the point of destroying cities and countries, if they "harbored" them), then X-Men, then people in general.

Also, they likely left behind a world gearing for a bigger arms race than before - let's face it, most countries are probably rebuilding weapons and stockpiling more than before because 1) no nation wants to be without tanks and guns; and 2) having the tanks and guns taken away so easily just builds fear to have better tanks and guns to stop it happening again. That they kind of thumbed their noses at United Nations isn't going to be helping the reputation of mutants either.

Like Scarlet Witch, whether or not they were in complete control of their actions is not the point, in regards to consequences.

Cap and the Avengers certainly got some things wrong (obviously) and Cap wasn't at his best in the interview with Cyclops, but letting Cyclops go about thinking that as long as the mutants were back then it was all worth it ("counting it as a win" according to Cap) isn't the right way to go. Cyclops was being just as self-righteous because the only thing he seemed to feel sorry about was Prof X, everything else was okay as long as the mutants were restored.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that got long. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the reviewer's opinion about Avengers Vs. X-Men. All in all it was pretty lackluster and biased towards the Avengers ever since the beginning (thanks to the Avengers movie franchise I guess). Like Civil War it lacked some finesse and nuances to really make it compelling.

The best explanation and fight came from that page of Pixie and Squirrel Girl, I think it made the most sense in the whole event.

That being said, the Uncanny X-Men issue was pretty great and gave a good insight of what was going on inside Scott's head. And that gesture at the end? Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm okay with Scott being in jail and apparently so is he (that Uncanny issue WAS amazing!), but then why is Scarlet Witch still running around for essentially doing much more damage?

pendrake said...

I have to agree that AvX was rather poorly done. It reads more like propaganda (for the Avengers) than an actual crossover crisis/event.

That Cyclops was willing (& morally strong enough) to accept the responsibility & punishment for his actions should have been more of the ending moral. If played to that point, then I might have accepted AvX's story better.

However, that the readers are supposed to accept Captain America's clap-trap diatribe(s) & the Avengers' hypocrisy as the "moral high-ground" is just chalky cube-shaped pill that many (as evidenced by reactions here & elsewhere) cannot swallow.

I feel sorry with Cyclops.

But I pity Cap.

"Sympathy is a compliment. Pity is an insult."

- Socrates

maybetoby said...

So the Phoenix Five are to be held accountable for everything they did, yet Everyone still hasn't been held accountable for the multiple crimes he's committed while being controlled (The Twelve, Enemy of the Stated).

Shamus said...

What happened to good artists? A lot of this looks sketchy and scratchy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, on the issue of certain people being let off the hook while others are jailed/demonized:

no punishment < some punishment < equal punishment

Yeah some characters seem immune to consequences for their actions but that doesn't make the people who are being punished any less deserving.

(Kinda spoilery)
Though, honestly, Wanda's just kind of grating now with Uncanny Avengers 1.

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