Friday, October 12, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/10/2012

Welcome everyone to your usual does of Moments of the Week, only it's NOW! On tap for today we have the beginning of Uncanny Avengers, Fantastic Four ends (again), Batman shows the long teased return of Joker's face, and the Jean Grey School has a dance that brings out the worst in people in Wolverine & the X-Men. All this and.....Hypno Hustler after the jump!

Avenging Spider-Man #13

Hypnotizing people can only work if they haven't made it to the big screen yet! So Deadpool snaps out of the hypnotizing because only one of his personalities was brainwashed, and the two pull the old costume switcheroo:

Slight spelling error, the stuff that Wade always spews is pus, unless Wade is actually oozing cancer cats, which is even worse. You can't have a costume switch without seeing faces (Wade said he didn't look but he had a little camera on the back of Spidey's outfit), so it's hypno time for the most horrifying memory erase today:

Would Tim Curry be proud? I think this leaps over the time Deadpool dressed up in Marvel Girl's costume by a few yards.

AvX: Consequences #1

So here we are, picking up the pieces after Avengers vs, X-Men. Cyclops becomes the whipping boy for learning how to subdue powers for the inevitable mutant prisoners that will populate prisons in the coming months. Meanwhile, Captain America and Wolverine still have to deal with the other members of Cyclops' team:

Wolverine is still angry about what Cyclops did, but he still decides to show up at the prison:

They haven't said how many people probably died when Cyclops went Dark Phoenix, outside of Xavier, but I'm pretty sure Cyclops' kill count is well, well below how many people Wolverine has killed over the years.


Batman #13
 Literally in the bed! Incredibly creepy but at the same time, Joker would do that.

The Joker is making his return to Gotham after one year a big event, replicating all the things he did when he first appeared. Protecting the mayor reveals the newest Joker toxin:

While Batman goes to ACE Chemicals to find Harley masquerading as Joker, Alfred is left alone to see Joker's new look:

Here's the offical reveal of Joker's face, strapped back on. What say you, fellow readers, does this look pay off for the hype surrounding it?

Batgirl #13
Despite this issue being labeled as a prologue to Death of the Family, and even having a fancy die-cut cover, this is the only page that connects to the Joker in any way, where Barbara's mother looks to be getting the Killing Joke treatment as well.

Bloodshot #4

This is a moment that really sticks with me, and has more emotional weight than other comics. Last issue we saw Bloodshot be sent in to wipe out an entire R&D city three years ago, thinking he was killing zombies but was really killing innocent people. Here we see why Pulse hates him so much, and how messed up she is treated by Project Rising Spirit, being sent into a kill zone as a kid and having to do the dirty work that she should never do. That one panel where she starts counting to ten as she runs into the firefight, and can't even hold the gun correctly, it's more disturbing than any of the more violent scenes I've seen this week, or recently for that matter. Flash forward to the present, where Bloodshot was just shot in the head:

Sometimes meta commentary works really well. By issue's end Bloodshot, Pulse, and Kara the EMT team up and are ready to go get some answers.

Fantastic Four #611
Last we saw Doom, he had an Infinity Gauntlet and was surrounded by his multiverse counterparts. That's boring, so he went and created his own universe.

I feel bad for the guy, he can't even win in his own world. Future Valeria, Reed and his father work to free him from his world, where the infinity gems were given to three scientists, and three magicians. One of the scientists sent a dragon after him:

How cool is that? Only Blackbolt could do better.

Ah Doom, your go to excuse. So the series ends yet again, but on a great high note. Hickman's run will truly go down as one of the best runs of any series, getting better and better every month.

Green Lantern Corps #13

The Guardians are putting their plan in motion to screw over Guy and John. After setting up John with an obvious ambush, they hit Guy and his crew of Lanterns with the Third Army:

There's a lot more gore in Vandor dying and becoming assimilated, which makes little sense compared to how assimilation happened in the Green Lantern Annual.

Marvel Universe vs. Avengers #1

The third installment of Jonathan Maberry's cannibal apocalypse story, this time told from the perspective of Hawkeye as the heroes and villains try to save Manhattan.

Where Punisher's tale took place after, and Wolverine's before, Clint's tale takes place in the middle, where he finds out everyone is infected, and how the heroes make one last stand after Wolverine's last battle with Hulk protecting the scientists. Help arrives in the most Latverian of places.

Doom's law: the more dire the situation, the greater arrogance you can have in proclaiming a solution. If you've haven't picked up the other two minis (I highly recommend them), you can easily jump in with this mini.

Scarlet Spider #10

Flash lost control for a bit because the symbiote thought Kaine was Peter, and Kaine hates anything relating to the man. After posturing and some unpleasant words, the two hop into the Microverse to stop Carnage, and run into a long forgotten property:

The Micronauts appearing in Scarlet Spider, never saw it coming. Bug should be in Guardians of the Galaxy at the moment in Avengers Assemble, so maybe this is a different one?

Uncanny Avengers #1

The Summers Brothers get together and talk for the first time in a long time (this takes place in a SHIELD facility, so Cyclops must go to the private prison afterwards). I don't quite understand Alex's rationale for saying Cyclops did this for himself, he's always shown he'd do anything to protect mutantkind. Specious argument, Alex.

The most deserved punch in recent comics history, condescending Avengers do not make friends that way. Also, when did Wanda accept responsibility for her actions? She fixed Rictor's power, then hid behind the Avengers and Doom to protect her from the X-Men. Hopefully this is not Rick Remender's way of putting the whole event in the past.

That really is Xavier's brain, I cropped out the more visceral part of the page with Xavier's head fully opened like a blooming flower. Pretty unpleasant stuff to see, but right up the Red Skull's alley.

Wolverine & the X-Men #18

DJ Lockheed beats out Broo in a tux, sorry. But Idie shows she causes Schisms and breaks innocent mutant hearts, and this makes Broo check out the church she's been visiting recently.

 Who was behind warping Idie's faith? The Hellfire Kids of course.

No, Broo, pretty much any other mutant but you! I'm pretty sure he's not dead, as Marvel would have made a bigger deal about this, so keep hope alive!

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Naymlap said...

Man, Cassaday can sure draw. Cyclops looks pretty creepy in his jail cell like that.
So yeah, Broo's death was a real gut punch, especially seeing how he got his heart broken. If it weren't for all the cuts to the climax of AvX, this would have been one of my favorite issues of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Anonymous said...

I love how crass and uptight Kaine is ALL THE TIME! Minimum Carnage is fairly mediocre, but Scarlet Spider has been one of the funnest reads I've had in a while!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else just hate crossovers? (I just feel like this is something I wanted to say in the last Moments of the Week.)

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see that Captain America was the one to suggest that they have Scott come in. It felt more in line with his ideals than some of his actions in AvX - the idea of atonement through work and reintegration and helping fix things (as he did previously, though not always successfully, with Bucky, Iron Man, himself a couple of times). And it's the necessity of that kind of attitude which I hope will be shown more in the after AvX interaction.

Wanda's still striking too much of a self-righteous tone. Yeah, she feels guilty and all but surely she understands that people are going to be angry at her. Claiming that she wasn't going to be a martyr anymore was particularly ugh. Which doesn't mean that I think Rogue was right in just picking a fight. If Scott's allowed to grieve, and he outright killed Xavier, then Wanda is too, even if she caused the conflict.

Also, I am just loving Avenging Spiderman. It's a nice bit of levity and pretty clever still.

maybetoby said...

I was glad to see the Doctor Doom/Infinity Gauntlet subplot resolved. I was afraid it would be left hanging for the next creative team.

I love that Scarlet Spider and Venom are teaming up instead of having Spider-Man in the mix.

Love Joker's new look, sadly it was already spoiled a while back.

Uncanny Avengers was interesting, wonder how Red Skull is back. And way to go taking care of Xavier's body, X-Men!

Transformers had a big week too, with the continuing adventers of Orion Pax (formerly known as Optimus Prime).

sdelmonte said...

Seriously, they're replacing Cap's classic costume with the version from the Avengers movie, only not? I didn't like it there, I like it less here.

Anonymous said...

Wanda did take responsibility for her actions and worked to make it better.

It is all in the past.

Anonymous said...

Wolverine never killed innocent civilians or put the world at risk. So Scott did beat Logan's body count.

maybetoby said...

Yes he did, he did all of that the many times he was brainwashed and/or mind-controlled.

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