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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/17/12

Hello hello, and welcome to another big edition of Moments of the Week! Today sees another sampler as Marvel NOW! Point One arrives, Uncanny X-Men's second series comes to an end, and Justice League introduces us to the DCnU Cheetah. We also have villainous reveals in Daredevil and possibly the best issue of the year in Hawkeye, so let's hit the jump to see what's what!

AVX: Consequences #2

Logan really didn't like that, and gets ready to kill Scott, but Scott never fights back.

One thing the main AVX series lacked was a serious talk about the divisons between the heroes, and this goes a long way to giving Scott some pathos that has been missing. He can only say he's sorry for what happened so many times, and knowing he's in a lose/lose situation, and Kieron Gillen does a good job of not having Logan come across as judgmental as previous issues.

Batwoman #13

Only JH Williams can make a splash page that interesting when it's all words and darkness, and just blow you away with the second splash, that is some excellent coloring there.

Daredevil #19

Matt has figured out who the villain is, have you? It's not as out of left field as it might have been an issue ago...

New name, expanded powers. Interesting costume to say the least.

Hawkeye #3
Tell me if you've heard this before, bros. You see this lady driving a classic 1970 Dodge Challenger, and you offer to buy it from her, and in the process sleep with her even though you're still dating Spider-Woman. And then those Eastern European bros from the first issue kidnap the girl because she stole the car from them. A normal day, right bros?

In terms of trying to be a good legacy hero, Clint is failing big time. Cue the 60's car chase scenes, but with arrows!

Many more awesome scenes later, Kate and a bro come to a standoff....

This is not hyperbole, this is one of the best single issues of the year, and probably Matt Fraction's best issue ever written, Casanova included. Buy this book.

Justice League #13

Cheetah's origin gives her almost a Harvey Dent take, where Barbara was a close friend to Diana but ultimately gets possessed and changed. While Diana is recovering from Cheetah getting the best of her, that kiss from last issue is discussed.

No real tension here, as DC have said this is going to be a big thing in coming months, even future Booster Gold reaffirmed this. Meanwhile the League goes to look for Cheetah, with surprising results.


Marvel NOW! Point One

Nova's story simply shows the new Nova, Sam, standing up to one of Richard's old foes. Not much to really go by in this story, a quick fight and not much insight into Sam like that AVX Infinite story.

Now this is interesting. Loki tries to recruit Miss America to the new Young Avengers squad, using Wiccan's potential power set as Scarlet Witch's son as bait. And that's a pretty snazzy leaflet, Loki certainly knows how to capture your attention.

Scott Lang reminisces about his time with his daughter, before Doom killed her in a "what the heck" manner in Children's Crusade. His beginning of revenge involves hitching a ride inside Johnny Storm and his date to an art gallery...

Take that. self-portrait!

Ultimate Spider-Man #16

Miles wanted to join the Ultimates, but Hydra attacks at the same time. What better way to show your qualifications while also riding a rocket!

Everytime Thor or other gods slap people who aren't expecting it, it's always a good panel.

Uncanny X-Men #20

Thanks to the rules of magic, Magik rids Colossus of the Cyttorak curse, leaving Peter angry at his sister for her cruel way to teach him a lesson, and now Juggernaut-free and able to join Cable's X-Force team.

Even when completely destroyed, Sinister always exists. Poor Kate though, she was an interesting human interacting with the X-Men. So now we have a reason for Cyclops to want to escape from prison.

Wonder Woman #13

Zola is naturally still upset about what Hera started, but Diana heads to Libya to find her half-sister, and runs across a lost little girl...

That's a bad way for sister's to start off meeting one another, but really cool deflection scene.

X-O Manowar #6
Alexander may be half Vine, but his connection to humanity makes him give Aric the armor to try and stop the invasion. One pesky Ninjak is in the way though.

Much like Bloodshot last week, it's an enemy of my enemy is my friend situation, as Alexander even calls for Ninjak to help out Aric to try and stop the Vine invasion.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you said it with that Hawkeye issue. Amazing.

Medicina said...

That Batwoman issue looks amazing!

pendrake said...

1. Hawkeye... I love Kate Bishop. She has the right mix of sass and defiant attitude that anyone who is Hawkeye should have, especially since she can apply that attitude to Hawkeye-Clint himself. I really hope we do not lose Hawkeye-Kate with the ReBoot, or give her some other hero-name (because her being Hawkeye fits so well).

2. Justice League... I would not be so annoyed with the Superman+Diana angle if they did not preemptively doom the whole thing so far in advance.

3. Marvel NOW!... As I mentioned above, I am hoping that Hawkeye-Kate will keep her hero-name as well as survive the ReBoot (past it too, not just be kill-fodder for the "big names"). I do like the Loki angle for (re-)forming the Young Avengers team, too.

maybetoby said...

Marvel needs to make up their mind about Daimon Hellstrom. First he's evil in Venom, now he's good again in New Avengers?

Avengers Assemble concluded their Thanos story, with a quick nod to the Cancerverse no less. Looks like Bendis finally remembered that was a thing that happened. Still no explanation as to how Quill or Thanos escaped.

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