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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/24/12

It's a big week of changes for many of the comics in today's edition of Moments of the Week. FF brings Hickman's entire Fantastic Four run to an end, Journey Into Mystery ends Gillen's run that brought with it a lot of buzz, Superman quits his job, and babies fight in the street over a teddy bear in A-Babies vs. X-Babies. If that's not enough, we have the reveal of Wingman in Batman Inc. and cupcakes fight to the death in Bravest Warriors, so hit the jump to find all this and more!

A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1
Hope doesn't start this battle, but rather Cyclops takes Bucky Bear from Captain America. Or maybe Capatain America lost him and Cyclops found him. Either way, the sides rally, and the rumble in the neighborhood begins!
Count the cameos, and say hello to Power Pack in the back there, issue artist Gurihiru drew many of their adventures in recent years. More fighting!

In the end baby Phoenix puts an end to the fighting by just destroying the street.

And with that hundreds of action figures cried out in pain. A book that is fun for all, give it a shot.

Amazing Spider-Man #696

So while the Hobgoblins are fighting, Max helps Peter break free and escape with an ancient key the Kingpin wanted. Surely they can get away, right?

Only superheroes are supposed to fight but come to an uneasy alliance, the world is upside down!

Avengers #32
The Avengers got a distress signal from somewhere in the area where Thor sent Wasp into another dimension during Secret Invasion, and it turns out it was somewhere in the Microverse. Half the team volunteers to see if it really is Jan.

Last we saw Jan she was in Incredible Hercules in the afterlife casino trying to get back into the living world, but I guess she hit the jackpot and just found herself in a smaller world. On top of bringing back Jan, Bendis also seems to be making Wonder Man recover from his mental breakdown and near take down of the Avengers months back.

AVX: Consequences #3

Cyclops was willing to die to achieve his martyr status, but he wasn't going to let the assassins kill Jake or any other future mutants.

Despite Wolverine always trying to steal his wife from him, and despite the Schism, Cyclops still believes in the Jean Grey School, it was just impractical when there were no more mutants. Now that we have mutants, the school serves its purpose. Cyclops continues to get the proper characterization that was missing in the main series.

Batman Inc. #4

The Inc. squad arrives to help Matches/Batman from the League of Assassins, but they run into a bit of a problem. Time for Wingman and  Redbird to help out:

Enemies defeated, Talia still won't relent from destroying Gotham, and the identity of Wingman is revealed.

Jason cheated using a mask on top of a helmet. What Damian has yet to realize is that the only way to stop Talia, Bruce has to give Damian back to his mother, even though he gave up everything to be with his father.

Bravest Warriors #1

Chris, Wallow, Danny and Beth, they are the Bravest Warriors, helping the galaxy out with planetary problems. But in the downtime? They make cupcakes that fight each other to the death and talk about movies and trailers. This is simply a really funny book, you don't need to know about Adventure Time or anything else to enjoy it.

FF #23

Future Franklin has fun with his younger self and Leech in the closet dreamworld, and having a big goodbye adventure. On top of that he shares a story with his uncles from a future that doesn't exist anymore:

Poor Ben. Finally, Franklin says goodbye to his parents, as he explains why he has to leave:

And that wraps up Hickman's complete Fantastic Four run, easily one of the best ever. I can't wait for his Avengers run to start.

Flash #13

That sure didn't look like a fake arm, ouch. While Trickster deals unsuccessfully with Grodd, the Rogues and Flash team up to take out some Gorillas:

Journey Into Mystery #645

In order to save the world from Mephisto after defeating Sutur, Loki must don the crown, but in the process he puts Ikol, the embodiment of Old Loki's self, in possession of Kid Loki's body. After making his goodbyes, Kid Loki makes his decision.

Kid Loki laughs because he did change Loki's perception for the better, and for Ikol to do anything else won't be allowed by either the Marvel Universe or the reader themselves. So the trickster tricks himself:

He's angry at us for liking his other self better. And who knows, maybe a part of Kid Loki is in there with old Loki as well.

Superman #13

The event that made news, Clark Kent quits working for the Daily Planet. And while the issue doesn't say what he's going to be doing, Scott Lobdell has mentioned Clark and Cat Grant will become bloggers, starting a website similar to the Drudge Report or Huffington Post.

Ultimates #17
Modi, Thor's son he placed in the World Tree, has returned and cause the chaos across the country, instigating SHIELD to fight Hydra in Wyoming. On top of using the War Machines against SHIELD, he's also made Thor be under his control. What does President Cap have to say about that?

Ultimate Cap is a cool guy, but he really made himself an easy target doing that. Captured by Modi, Cap finds out what Modi wanted at Project Pegasus:

Interesting take on the Ultimate Infinity Gems, or at least one of them. Maybe the others are also a part of Asgard, or they are the creations of other pantheons in the Ultimate Universe?

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