Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cover of the Week - Justice League and Birds of Prey

And to close out your Sunday, we offer you our Covers of the Week.  This time around, you can find an iconic cover of one of the world's greatest freedom forces and some feminine avian predators.  Hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions.

Ken's Cover of the Week - Justice League #13 Variant by Alex Garner

Ken: This is the type of cover Justice League should have more of. You see a clear image of the villain, one of the heroes is fighting her to show this is a Wonder Woman centric issue, and the coloring and general idea of the cover is a fight still in progress. Compare that to the regular cover, where it continues the long proud tradition of the villain standing over a bunch of defeated heroes for what seems the 50th time in recent years. This is what the flagship DC book should be producing more of.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Birds of Prey #13 by Ben Oliver

Grant: I absolutely adore Ben Oliver's work, and I still bemoan the fact that he isn't working on any monthly books at the moment.  In the meanwhile, I'll have to make do with his cover work, and thankfully he's just as good at covers as he is interiors.  This image is a beautiful look at many of the women that currently make up the Birds of Prey, with an excellent sense of composition and placement.  I could rave on and on, but I'll leave you to consider the cover on your own.

Runner-Ups:  Untold Tales of the Punisher MAX #5, Marvel Zombies Halloween #1, Hawkeye #3

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Christian said...

Shame that the BOP cover never actually made it onto the shipped issue

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