Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cover of the Week - Space Punisher and Conan the Barbarian

While the reviews graced the site early in the day, our  Covers of the Week are doing the opposite.  But here they are nonetheless, and this week we have an intergalactic distributor of penance and a pirate queen adrift in a sea of ice and snow.  Hit the jump to check these out, along with our honourable mentions!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Space Punisher #4 by Mark Texeira

Ken: He might actually pull the trigger, so buy this comic! The painted look the cover has, on top of the general classic sci-fi look the Punisher has in a space rogue getup makes you wonder what really is going on in this book. Either that or Frank is dressing up early for Halloween.  In terms of a Punisher checklist you have Frank's angry face, the iconic white skull, and Frank pointing a gun at someone, in this case billions of people, it's a good novel choice.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Conan the Barbarian #9 by Massimo Carnevale

Grant: While the interior art on Dark Horse's Conan books has been a little up in the air, the book's covers have been consistently excellent.  This cover, featuring Bêlit snowblind and surrounded by hungry wolves, is no exception to that tendency.  There's a simple beauty here with Bêlit's dark clothing and hair set against the stark winter background that I simply cannot resist.

Runner-Ups:  Batman #13, Hoax Hunters #4, Point of Impact #1

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