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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/05/12

Welcome back to another edition of Moments of the Week! This week saw the launch of Jonathan Hickman's run on Avengers, All-New X-Men shows what's in store for Cyclops' team, Hellboy takes a trip to hell, and Amazing Spider-Man gets geared up for the big 7-0-0. Much more after the jump, so let's get started!

All New X-Men #3

Taking place a few days before the events of All-New X-Men #1, Cyclops and Magneto break Emma out of custody, but find out she also is having problems with her powers. And on top of that the Emma/Scott relatioship seems to be over for the time being. In fairness to Cyclops, he wasn't as crazy as Emma was during the whole Phoenix thing.

Terrible motivational talk, Magneto. I'm also surprised to see Cyclops be so.....90's with his powers being on the fritz, all that self doubt  should have left years ago. The group heads out to Texas to find a new mutant, but run into the time displaced X-Men:

The battle of old vs. young will begin, two Cyclops enter, one Cyclops leaves!

Amazing Spider-Man #699
Doc Ock's mind is currently in Peter's body, and vice versa, but the two have access to the other's memories. Memories that include bleaching your brain upon the revelation that Aunt May really liked Otto. How did Ock get inside Peter's mind? Cue the splash page:

Doing what he can in a dying body, Peter rounds up some villains for a breakout, looking to get back to his body:
The revelation of a Superior Spider-Man is just three weeks away.

Atomic Robo: Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #5

The Japanese imperialists are defeated, but a few of the She-Devils are lost int he fight, along with their ship. Back in the US it is reported that Robo's protoype plane crashed into a tanker so as to avoid fear of high tech Japanese nationalists still at sea after the war.

Well said. For all you trade waiters it's one of the better Robo stories, give it a shot.

Avengers #1
We begin on Mars, where some new beings are terraforming the planet to hold life, and also fired two spore pods at the earth, killing millions. When the Avengers arrive at Mars they find themselves outclassed:

Cap, much like Cyclops in Giant-Sized X-Men #1, is the sole survivor of the fight and is out of commission for three days. When he gets back on his feet, the roll call begins:

Here we go, 13 Avengers on tap, three of them captains. Opena sure can draw those pretty pictures.

Deadpool #3

Zombie Presidents are still on the loose, while Ben Franklin was intimate with Clea (really?), and Necromancer's origin is revealed:

Seems like SHIELD as more explaining to do. While Strange finds out this revelation, Deadpool is shown the crushing ability of a Smart Car.

Detective Comics #15
Clayface, brainwashed by Poison Ivy, is too much for regular Batman. After retreating for a bit, he finds out tht Ivy is controlling him with a rare South American flower. So with a quick wardrobe change, the Bat reemerges:

That costume has to have been from one of the different Batman toys from the past, it just looks so similar. Maybe it wasn't Heribicide Batman, but it was something like Deep Sea Batman or Volcano Batman.

Earth 2 #7

Grundy is defeated, Mr. 8 is now part of the World Army command, and Commander Khan knows somethings being hidden. So with the help of the Sandmen they break into one of Sloan's hidden safehouses and find good old Earth One, Mr. Terrific. And Dodd's team seems to be a Rainbow Six of operatives, from Greece to Mexico.


Hawkeye #5

So last we met, Hawkeye was trying to get back a tape that showed him killing the world's most wanted man, and Kate was posing as Madam Masque to buy the tape back. Well, it all went south and Maria Hill had to come save Clint. Pullido does a very good job filling in for Aja.

The Hawkeyes missed the mark on that one, huh? But about that tape....

So Hawkeye never killed anyone. He's killed a bunch of Skrulls and tried to kill Norman Osborn, but was just trying to flush out a mole in SHIELD.

Hellboy In Hell #1
So Hellboy is on the outskirts of hell, but runs into an old friend from The Wild Hunt:

Eligos got kicked out of the higher (lower?) parts of hell after their previous fight, and sure is looking for some payback. After coming across a marionette retelling of a Christmas Carol, Hellboy is off to another place in hell, but it's no big thing:

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Anonymous said...

So glad this site is back!

Anonymous said...

You've returned! Yes!

AGIrwin said...

YAY! Glad to have you guys back. Love the moments, and definitely looking forward to more atomic robo (just got the 'real science adventures tpb today)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the site back, really think it is great :)

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